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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Association of Small Shareholders' charge against Unai Emery

The last press conference of Unai Emery has not gone unnoticed by anyone. His words and the manner in which said Friday morning, have raised much controversy in both the media and social networks. The Association of Small Shareholders of Valencia Football Club has refused to stand aside and decided to express their point of view, issuing an official statement which openly charged against Valencia coach understand why are some unfortunate statements. Following is the statement in full:

From the Association of Small Shareholders Valencia CF S.A.D

After the press conference statements made by the Valencia CF Entrador S.A.D. Mr. Emery, we have to answer to the nonsense that has made against Valencia CF fans S.A.D. He questioned the ability of the Valencian supporters to their colors and their involvement in the team.

Mr. Emery, you are in the biggest club in the world to our liking. We do not know if you know it. A hobby that since the club was born March 18, 1919 have been contributing effort and feeling into their colors. In addition, many fans thought first its own assets to make even bigger our Valencia CF S.A.D.

Even some of them thanks to the club owns the land where today the team plays. All this we believe that you have never been clear.

In addition, each fan, Mr. Emery, puts his hand. The first feeling, the latter an important part of the economy of renewing club passes, buying tickets, merchandising, etc ... And not long ago some of the fans spent more than 20 million buying shares.

We do this by a feeling that is born within us. Feeling that you have shown not understand.

This is the difference between you, Mr. Emery, the entity charged Valencia, as the players and the president of Valencia CF S.A.D. and we, subscribers and shareholders, who pay only. He says that you and President "are screwed." How will the fans according to you? ¿Baliando and clapping for joy?

We invest our heritage so that people like you live very well. That's the difference between you and many shareholders whose efforts raise the club daily.

Do not pamper from APAVCF who doubts the partner, shareholder and fan club. Not that we have to say what to do or say. How dare you say that pelemos by Valencia CF and when we give everything for him?

The fans at the Mestalla exposes his feelings at all times. But remember you must have done something wrong when he has never engaged with the crowd, which you have conveyed that "half and half."

Mr. Emery in his statements raise the question whether we realize it or not. See if we are so aware that we put up with four years.

Everything has an end. The subscriber has already woken up and says "I no longer sell the donkey lame and blind is a thoroughbred" in reference to their team play. We're tired of mediocre in all areas of the club, although some of us want to believe otherwise.

Mediocrity is not success, and we deny this. This club only want people who is prepared to withstand the demands and pressures of our hobby. Always in search of success, that in these four years have never gone out of his hand.

Amunt Valencia!

Board of Directors of the Association of Small Shareholders Valencia CF S.A.D.

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