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Saturday, March 24, 2012


It happened in the last five (5) days of the era Koeman, Boro had to demonstrate that with title or without title we need and what we needed at that time was a person familiar with the inner Valencia. -
We do not want a poet of nonsense words and over charging at fans, this time Unai have dug your own grave or did you have proven that you can not but, if so, grab your bags, grab your pronunciations and your tactics, you the get in your ass and go the way you came. -
The association of small shareholders makes it very clear, you've never been "feeling" with the fans, you have not won anything in 4 years (although it is true that in the Europa League I pointed out to us not as a grab maximum penalty Nikolas Zigic in the Calderon), but you're lucky nor the countless experiments you have done. -
You had, for me, the best squad in history with three full internationals and players like Hugo Viana, Manuel Fernandes who have succeeded outside Mestalla positive would not? , You've ousted the, you've sunk and the fans have humiliated and you have left. -
You're a good guy and a very good coach for Almeria, but for a VCF has shown for four (4) years or seasons that were doing a MASTER, not serving a large club for many surveys you do or think some who are valid for our Club. -
I'm not going to's take less, you have it clear, I deserve all the respect in the world and I wish you to succeed wherever you go, but do not love you anymore in my feeling. -
Now we'll see if Pochettino works because it is a hard worker who takes a good team with many economic problems, but their profile does not see it very suitable, with Rafael Benitez and left us play well, but this happens once every hundred or one thousand, we need a figure with experience and a couple of eggs to turn to excite. -
Names are many, very few men. -

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