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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The crowd calls for end of cycle

Being third, pass an examination before bottom club can be easy. Zaragoza, mortally wounded in the league, came to Mestalla after Valencia gave a feast in Bilbao. There, in the Cathedral, Unai Emery loosened its grip to cope with greater optimism the final stretch of the season. Buried many ghosts who accompanied him a few weeks ago. And after dealing with a red and white dress Miura's visit Zaragoza idóndea seemed to return to his public-white: the relentless football thermometer.

After three games (Sevilla, PSV Eindhoven and Majorca) in the Valencia went to the locker room whistled for Mestalla, Emery hablabla in advance of "reconciliation." Pact sounded proposition: give respite to the team until the end of course and they were the fans themselves who put Valencia note 2011-12. But no. There was no need to wait until May. Ruled Mestalla yesterday, after watching the bottom side that had won only four games all season and played short-handed, took the Mestalla storming victory against all odds.

The fire broke out at the goal by Apoño in the second half. For unexpected, came as a slab on Mestalla, which does not seem willing to forgive or another of the now famous 'pájaras of his players'. The Valencia lay ahead fourteen minutes to go around the issue and reassure minimally to his parish, but back from two goals is a matter of character. And the black and whites did not. After both zaragocista, the many opportunities available to the Valencia, the value of three points, could only discouragement and whistles. But arriving at minute 85, Mestalla exploded.

The audience began to leave the arena as he raised his black and white handkerchiefs in protest. On stage, Manuel Llorente up the look of television, perhaps frightened that was coming. There were more beeps, more anger in a backlash of Zaragoza where he played heel Lafita before wasting a great chance to score. It sounded a challenge, but the fans did not take it with soccer, but with Emery. And with Llorente.

The president of Valencia especially irritates you wind music and handkerchiefs directed toward the box. That's what I got after the game. Emery greeted Jimenez and went quickly to changing rooms. Llorente bear the anger in silence, standing, staring seeking new explanation for the blunder of his men. And not find it.

It would have been another game not been for the statements of the Basque coach yesterday. The ambiguity of Emery in response to whether it is possible that your cycle in Valencia has ended speculation sparked all kinds of touching the storm arriving. "Maybe so ... can not, "he said, leaving open the possibility of leaving at the end of the season. Recall that the decision as Braulio Vazquez said sports director, at the gates of Mestalla is bilateral. If the renewal offer Valencia Emery, Basque could accept or reject.

Neither party appears at this time for the work to address the issue. "We are at a key moment of the season and all that is diverting attention is detrimental to the team," he admitted himself Unai Emery. Mestalla yesterday welcomed the team and coach willingly, with the intention of looking over the green to the whole melt Bielsa who got only a week ago. The good start of the black and whites, the both of Pablo Hernandez and the feeling that the Zaragoza fit a win, the fans enough to tuck the Valencian and obviate Emery judge's words about its continuity.

The expulsion of Pablo Alvarez became even larger the pool of oil, but the penalty goal of Apoño transformed the landscape. Not immediately, although the rest. The tie left a bittersweet feeling, though Valencia had numerical superiority and victory seemed only a matter of time. Thus, there were twenty-shy players whistles when they headed the tunnel. The big fight was for the braid-the Madrid Del Cerro Grande and his assistants.

Braulio, as usual, shared seat with the director of marketing and communication of Valencia, Damià Vidagany. They saw the game the same way they did in the previous Unai. Going to be rough, hardened, complicated, told the technician. Even the box came the anger over the penalty that drew Dealbert, Lanzaro's hand inside the box in the second half ... As manager, enchufadísimo, you could the demons with the performance of college.

Much more restrained and relaxed tone, minutes before he ripped the match against Zaragoza, Braulio had Gallego to explain the position of club around the figure of the coach: "There is no greater way to endorse the four Unai years he has been with us. We could have renovated last year for two seasons and now may not continue with us, "he said. As in the past, endorsed the message of the technician. At this time, with the decisive Champions Square game (mainly economic level) nobody can afford distractions, "Unai is very focused on the days we have left to finish the championship. Talk about your renewal now makes no sense. "

Manuel Llorente, insisted Braulio has not yet made a decision on the future of Emery. "If the question is whether Unai will be next year, the answer is I do not know. The decision is taken by either party. Valencia have followed a course of action with Unai in the last two years (wait for end of season to renew for one season) and this will do the same, "said Braulio Vazquez. Mestalla yesterday called for the end of cycle, tired of staying on the road and suffer defeats absurd.

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