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Friday, March 23, 2012

'Fight for Valencia, stay united'

Valencia coach Unai Emery has asked the fans "to take the team to back him up and in the field" and acknowledged that in recent home games, which have suffered adverse outcomes, "the fault of the team at eighty percent and the other twenty is to be found. " "The fans are angry, but you know how I'm doing, how is the president? We have to give, we know. I give them confidence to the players, all of the supermarket, but I also need confidence," stated coach .

The Basque coach, who has continued his analysis of recent games, in which the fans whistling over the team, acknowledged that "need" to the fans, and has admitted that Wednesday fans "had just upset," but asked that "sometimes take a step forward."

"What will the coach? For it is the coach. Or the president. Or the players. But this will be the feeling, the essence, the fans. Fight for Valencia, be united," he claimed Emery.

Valencia coach explained that the team "failed against Zaragoza," but also "has done many things right" and emphasized that "if the player hears many whistles, it costs."

"Sometimes someone says a player: This is not a kick in a boat, and the player hears. It is the worst insult to a player and if you listen to know that there are many doubts. But I say to him: Do not hear, you're the fucking boss, "he revealed.

"The players I say we win on Saturday. Are people, laugh, cry, ... On Wednesday we knew we had failed, were hurt, as it should be. After the game against Mallorca heard some laughter and said" but this what is it? "he continued.

"I come when people say to me when I lost the Valencia did not have dinner. A hobby costs you money to see us. The other day the team does not succeed, people get nervous and there are players who say it is difficult to the fans when he gets a game are twisted with bitterness toward the team, "he added.

Valencia coach recalled that the team remains third in the league, and was convinced that if we played this place in the last day, "the fans would be mobilized."

"The third, which is the maximum because we can not fight against Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the day you play to win to achieve this, the crowd moves. We have lost the advantage we had, we are concerned, but all teams are ups and downs, "he stated.

Asked if the fans would accept a fifth season with him at the helm, replied that "now is not worth that question today and it all depends on what you do now. On the work of this now and then builds the future. "

"I will not never against my bosses, the fans, but I have to ask. My responsibility is to think about tomorrow's match, if not, would not be here. Players were identified who were and are no longer lie" recognized.

"We all have an expiration date, but I will not fail in my moments, although I have bad days and yesterday I spent a day fucking, myself," he underlined.

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