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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A hat trick in the selection Valencia 50 years later

Valencia striker Roberto Soldado has achieved the three goals he scored against Venezuela on Wednesday for a player to repeat Mestalla club a "hat trick" in a debut with the Spanish team last fifty years following the precedent in this record.

The Valencian Vicente Guillot Aldaia was the last player before Soldier Valencia scored three goals in a match with the Spanish national team jersey.

Soldier, returning to the selection five years after his debut with the national team in 2007 when in the ranks of Osasuna, his holstered while first team jersey as a player for Valencia.

Besides scoring three goals, Roberto Soldado had the opportunity to achieve a fourth goal, but failed on a penalty kick in a game that was only on the pitch during the second half.

Meanwhile, Vicente Guillot scored three goals on his debut for Spain in a qualifying match for Euro 1964 against Romania.

The match was played at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium on November 1, 1962 and Guillot scored the first, fourth and fifth goal of Spain in minutes 7, 27 and 70 of the party.

Since then only two Valencian had marked the day of his debut with Spain. They were Oscar Ruben Valdez, who did so in a friendly against Uruguay in 1972, and Fernando Gomez, who scored in a clash against Hungary in 1989 World Cup qualifier in Italy, 90.

With the debut of eighty, the Valencian Soldier who fled to a citation of the Spanish team in a series begun in 1925 with Eduardo Cubells, but not all their debut as if he got to the current nine of Valencia at the meeting Spain won 5-0 against Venezuela.

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