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Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Europe, wins and convinces

Trust, this powerful energy that provides all security, optimism, well-being. Just what I miss most Valencia. Surely, because after a disappointment, re-establish that bond is the most difficult. That is the work in which is immersed Unai Emery. The team has met with a time of prolonged decline in terms of play and personality and in Europe is to take the final step in its reconstruction. The PSV is presented as an excellent opportunity to feel strong again. It's time to win and convince.

The doubts have paralyzed the team and have reduced the time to take the initiative. "We are working to recover that part of the identity of the team in recent games is costing us bring out not long ago and that allowed us to meet the objectives", Unai shed light on his intentions: "We played in front of our fans and we take an important step to resolve the tie. " The technician should know you have a hobby since the defeat against Sevilla and is intended to provide a reconciliation. In his speech might surmise ambition: "We want to be the protagonists of the game, not so much thinking about whether we are able to attack his game, but what we are able to create us in attack." In the words of Unai is seen less equipment intended for the reaction and to take the initiative: "We will not change anything in terms of PSV." A novelty designed to be re-Valencia Valencia.

There are signs for optimism. In training leading up to Stoke, the coaching staff made a special defense, the need to neutralize the action set pieces and the ancient English game. Now, against an opponent much richer technically, the priority has been to sharpen the attack to ensure greater maximum brightness in the onslaught of the team. In this sense, the victory was incomplete Los Cármenes for precisely the creative shortcomings. Unai Emery did not end entirely satisfied and it has made clear: "In Granada recovered important aspects of the game, especially at the defensive, to be more solid and compact, good pressure to work ... This game we have to serve to finish to complete this improvement, creating situations that we are again available as the safe handling of the ball, that individual things go well or go back to feel strong at home. "

The creative capacity of the troubling symptoms has left Valencia in recent clashes and Emery walks by mixing the ingredients that allow you to optimize resources, "because there are players large enough to create game, attend and complete." The coach intends to use the defensive security shown at the Granada as a vehicle to regain that trust is essential to generate and develop football automation. The coach does not excuse the low Banega and Channels, "We've lost players giving that personal touch to your computer, but those have also shown that they can do well." The solution may be to give "balance" of Jonas football and the expected explosion of Parejo. Emery himself that he hinted that the midfielder could be Coslada initial game against the Dutch team and recalled the good match at the Mestalla did against Stoke.
The VCF is back to one of those games that make a career. Unai outlined his priorities: "Winning, keeping a clean sheet and make an attractive game." The first happened at the Granada, now it comply with the second. So simple and so difficult.

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