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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Parejo has its revalidation Dutch

Dani Parejo is currently leading the Mestalla turf. The Spaniard points to the ownership after the public vote of confidence yesterday gave Emery and above all, the good feelings he gave in the match against Stoke City. The midfielder turned in midfield against an English side that gave many spaces. Tonight will be different. PSV will not let you think. It will be the true test of a Parejo tested yesterday behind closed doors in the double pivot with Albelda, but would not rule coupling play to counteract the touch football of the Dutch. Wherever, it is your revalidation.

This was hinted that Emery commenting Coslada "has many possibilities," and recalled that he made a good match at the Mestalla against Stoke City, and that in the low Banega you need. The midfielder was featured in the press conference today after the crash, and being asked whether that could be interpreted that way it will be, Parejo said with a laugh that "ever had to go outside, always get a player with the technical '. The player, on the other hand, would not I comment on the coach's decision not to have had much to him: "I just think about helping the team, both in terms of football and personally, and I hope I get that opportunity and seize it. " Regarding the party gave: "It is lucky to be in the final round and the team is with great enthusiasm and desire to do well."

He made his debut against Genk playing in front of the midfielders and repeated position on Zaragoza, Madrid, Real Sociedad and Levante. As a midfielder, has been a partner with Albelda twice-against Mallorca and Cadiz, and once with Topal recently against Stoke City. Another change in the team could come in the back four in defense. Dealbert could regain its status in Europe after their two qualifiers against Stoke. Yesterday tested with Rami.

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