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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


For neophytes in my stories, saying that psychoanalysis is a science of Psychohistory invented or created by Isaac Asimov and summarized in kas remove all phrases and words that do not serve crap and manifest, waive or say clearly that is what worth or what is said is, that fucking fuck happens or happens. -
We have a great coach who with the best template Valencia.CF history and the facts I refer (David Villa, David Silva and Juan Mata) or were not until the third of Spain Unai did you hear that this was perfect template
Champions League and coughing to the two largest in Spain, although mobsters, but large, though corrupt, but large, although malacostumbrados and weeping, but great ......
The merit of Unai is that after selling the three musketeers, followed thirdly because we are the first in Spain after the pair of shit that has created Villar and company and so we are happy ..... a few .....
And now amending political whore that something is missing, that the mentality in the second part is weak, in four years has been the same, complaining that the fans, something normal, if for the second round of Unai the team would be in decline or near him because of what we experience is the fucking shit mattress points scored in the first round which is when 14 or 15 players chosen by the coach are not busted ..... period.
WANT TO SEE the fuck up?
Nothing, if you will not see it, make you the fan or the fan club of Steve Wonder and pudriros that we have the best coach in the world, but I who am an asshole but NEVER bastard son of a bitch I tell you that we have the best student Coaches but not the best, the other day a friend of Mallorca told me he wanted to sign Clement, by God I thought, this is even crazier than me, I want to sign Luis Aragones or balls .......
Joaquin Caparros shit ... I like Apple ....
But the day that pigs fly, I want to Rafael Benitez and second Mauricio Pellegrino, because I want a Champions League members ....... I can no longer continue because I need more, I feel like when Spain won the World Cup in South Africa, I want to tell the fucking world we are the best of Planet Earth and we can not achieve Unai. -

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