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Saturday, April 28, 2012


I do not usually argue the titles of the post, but this is left over .... four years, no title, four years, Miguel Brito late again, four years, we drew only a few times against the two powerful, four years wasting the pride we get to apodarnos Pirates of the Mediterranean and now we or the sole of the boots of captain Hook. -

There are no men to fight and to leave the skin, the other day we failed to score goals and that is football?, GOALS and play something, not running after the ball, I felt helpless and I went and fucked one more night out of the Final. -

It gives me as a coach or come nobody comes, I do not care, I see almost all of our kids T-shirts Real Madrid or Barcelona, I see the disappointment we filled every weekend and hopes that tomorrow .... play in Malaga and then luckily we have two home games in San Sebastian and the Royal Society to pray to win at home this week and are mathematically but not saved because we play or the Europa League as I said two posts ago. -

WHAT WE'RE UP TO THE BALLS OF THESE LAST FOUR YEARS, and not only is on Unai, mind, goes for everyone. -

Michael volta a ser tarde para a prática e dá ao clube já impossível

Google sempre ajuda, mas trai. Quando você digita na busca universal tão simples quanto duas palavras e Miguel Brito, o resultado não pode ser mais flagrante. Três dos quatro sugestões iniciais Google associar o nome deste jogador para termos completamente alheios a sua profissão, 'arma', 'lesão', 'fumaça' e 'festa'. Com isto dito tudo.
Então ontem quando cheguei 45 minutos atrasado ao treinamento, Michael é colocado um entalhe em sua longa história de indisciplina. É de registro e inclui todos os tipos de formas: noite da luta em clubes que acabam em confusão delegacia de polícia com armas gatinhos não recomendável; cigarrilhas para manter os ataques de rotina sobre idosos ...
mas nada, nada dá mais prazer a este bom jogador profissional e louca para manter deitado na cama enquanto seu parceiro trabalha.
Michael não é afetada pela corrida final europeia fora (as províncias Punto Radio informou que depois que o jogador teve um jantar em um restaurante italiano com os outros ao invés de no Mestalla), que é um treino antes de um jogo do campeonato ou para ser
vir mais oportuna do que nunca porque o presidente fez a foto oficial com toda a força.
Aos 32 anos, não vai mudar, e muito menos com quatro dias para terminar a temporada e final de um contrato no caso de Miguel e Valência lá desde 2005. O lado vai sair este verão para um clube que já tenha jogado a toalha com ele. Não agora, mas há muito tempo.
Ele queria acabar logo e houve a assumir um rosto clube aquisição e de alto risco, que é de extradeportivo.
O pior foram as flutuações experimentadas na relação tempestuosa entre jogador e empresa treinador. Emery saiu da equipe na temporada passada (arquivo incluído) e até mesmo forçado a treinar sozinho. Penitência durou oito jogos.
Então ele começou.
Nesta temporada, parecia ser a exceção, mas ... tem duas manchas. Embora seja o maior bem pago em multas, o clube não vai reprimir. "Não é tão pouco ...", disse ontem, em um tom oficial pausado, conscientes de que a guerra está perdida. Pelo menos no próximo ano não vai sair na Declaração de coisa Ninot que aconteceu nesses fracassos. A nuance é que a sua Ninot saiu com uma bebida mistura na mão.

Llorente Cantabrian supports the clinic and talk to Emery

Valencia president expressed his support for Sergio Canales clinic Levante Rehabilitation Centre, where the player went for the MRI confirmed the serious injury. Llorente spoke to the Spaniard and gave him confidence and optimism to overcome the delicate moment. The Valencia president is concerned about the injury and that was the main reason for their visit to the sports city of Paterna, where Unai Emery spoke of the situation of Channels. In addition, Llorente, who met with the players, the coach told the team must get up emotionally after the drubbing in the semifinals of the Champions League and focus on overcoming League match against Malaga. The president influenced the importance of this match is key for Valencia is classified as a third party for the next edition of the Champions.

Channels, six months out

Sergio Canales will be another six months out after at least confirmed the morning of Friday the ruptured cruciate ligament in his right knee, the same which was operated on October 28. The doctor himself Candel, Chief Medical Officer of Valencia, has confirmed the diagnosis after the trauma report that has been made to the player.
Channels will be operated in Madrid next week. Since then the countdown to see him play will be at least six months, if all goes as in the first intervention. Jorge Candel, head of the Valencia Health Services, explained the details of the injury after reviewing the evidence before it made the player to determine the diagnosis: "There is a re-rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee operated right for six months. We have confirmed on MRI. This is a period at least equal time, or six months, although that depends on the involvement that we will do. I'm in touch with doctors to see Real Madrid
we do and make decisions quickly. We will determine which technique to use, but it would be reasonable to employ the same (with an artificial plasty). "

"I am in contact with Real Madrid doctors to see what we do and make decisions as soon as possible"
Valencia's doctor has ruled out precipitation has occurred in the return of football to the parties and that there has been an overload of minutes, so it would not change anything about the process that was followed with the player: "In no case the periods, the techniques employed, rehabilitation systems have been strict, we would not have changed anything. Reincorporamos the player to a month and peak training and parties has been coming gradually. This is football high intensity,
maximum intensity and aggression and the risks are there, we knew we could re-break and unfortunately has been. "
Canales has arrived early in the morning Levante Rehabilitation Centre, near the sports city of Paterson, to undergo various tests to determine the extent of his injury. The player had to be removed on a stretcher from the field of play during the game against Atletico, after noticing a crack in his right knee.
Canales had feared the worst for very recent early season injury.
It was 57 minutes and a poor support when trying to dribble into the area ended with him on the floor. Shortly after leaving the medical center has addressed Channels Sports City. In the meantime has had time to address all their fans via twitter profile: "Once again, thank you all for your support. I am always surprised all the love received. To keep fighting."

Bernat Alcácer and return to the branch before Llagostera

Salvation goes through Catalonia. The subsidiary is facing a more complicated outputs against an opponent who fight to end in promotion. The great run of Zaragoza B, the hands will also play today against Badalona, agree not to distract. "This year it takes 50 points and that's what we have to get. We assume that the Zaragoza B will win and we can not make mistakes, "said the coach.

In sports, Alcacer and Bernat's new in the list after not being any Manacor to go to the first team mentioned. Both will hold. Portu down cause penalty, while still injured Armiche and Eldin. The goal Cristiano has also traveled.

A decade without leaving empty the Rose Garden

The morning visit Valencia to Malaga in the field of the Rose Garden, one of the most auspicious of First Division, where he has not lost since the 2000-2001 season and he won the League the following year.

Since that defeat, Valencia has played seven games of the First Division in Malaga, with a record of five wins and two draws.

The series began with a 0-2 League in 2001-2002 and then joined a 2-2 draw with Valencia in the league and 2003-2004, which was again champion, won 1-6, in the strongest result from those obtained by the team in Malaga during their history.

Following a 0-2 and a goalless draw two years gave way to military nonconfrontational Malaga in the second division. In the last three seasons, Valencia won 0-2, 0-1 and 1-3 in his last posting. In these seven shocks, the visiting team has scored sixteen goals and local four.

The Malaga-Valencia opened last League 2010-2011, August 28, 2010. Malaga played with Arnau, Gamez, Wellington, Ivan Gonzalez, Manu Torres, Quincy, Sandro Silva, Fernando (Apoño), Eliseu (Juanmi), Seba Fernandez (Edinho) and Rondon.

The Valencia opened the League Caesar, Miguel, David Navarro, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu (Jordi Alba), Joaquin, Albelda, Banega, Mata (Tino Costa), Vicente (Pablo Hernandez) and Aduriz.

This player made the 0-1 and Fernandez equalized just before halftime. Two goals from Joaquin Malaga player today in the second time (minutes 70 and 73) were won by Valencia.

The story of the thirty-Valencia Málaga Andalusian resolved field with eight wins local victories and thirteen nine draws visitors, with thirty goals for Malaga and 41 for Valencia.

The VCF played in the Euroleague twice but half admitted

Valencia has played this season nearly double games in Europe last season, but has raised only half, with an income of 11.2 million euros compared to twenty-four of last season.

Last season Valencia played eight games, all of the Champions League, while this year, has played fourteen, six in the first continental tournament and eight in the Europa League.

Between the two competitions, European tournaments this season left 11.2 million in the coffers of the club, which could have been increased by two million more if the team had agreed to the final of the Europa League or three if he had won.

These revenues account for just under half of the twenty million that Valencia saw in the previous year, which exceeded the group stage of the Champions League and fell in the second round against Schalke 04.

In the current edition of the Champions League, Valencia raised 9.6 million in fixed income concepts marked by UEFA and the amounts allocated based on the draws and the wins the team, which finished third in their group and was relegated to the Europa League.

In this competition has played four rounds, of which exceeded three, which has meant an income of 1.6 million, which together with the 9.6 of the Champions League round raising 11.2 million this season.

These amounts corresponding Valencia added the concept of market share established by UEFA and the revenue for television.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


As they appear in Rojadirecta placing the go.

Mestalla score the first goal for Atlético

Players of Valencia CF Mestalla will this afternoon and will be welcomed with a reception for those who do not forget: Curva Nord and Gol Gran high concentrations have been prepared to bring a "human tide" to clothe the team. "We have to convey to the players the spirit is needed in such an important game," says PacoRausell, president of Gol Great and one of the great promoters of the initiative. The concentration was convened at 18:30 pm in Hobby Square, next to Mestalla, "is a concentration not only of the Curve Nord, but the whole Valencianism. We want you to everyone when they get the players only see a human blanket "continues Paco.
From the bus window, the template of Valencia CF will not only hundreds of people gathered and cheering, thousands of souls united by the same illusion. Also, see a 20 meter banner in which you can read 'Let's go', and that once inside the Mestalla will be hung at the bottom of Gol Gran.
On arrival at the Avenue of Sweden will also be deployed in the Senyera Benetússer Penya, a true icon of this tie against Atletico Madrid.
Once inside the coliseum Valencia, begins the 'plan B', known as "The Grandmother's Recipe '. A pretty basic code that is often seen in stadiums in the UK and here in Spain, at the Reyno de Navarra. "In Pamplona and get 20,000 fans to the stadium is a pressure cooker, if we are 50.000 we have to get too," says Rausell.
The code is simple and intent, everything from getting Mestalla and perform: Atletico Madrid when in possession of the ball, puff monumental recovery when Valencia's spectacular ovation to push the team to comeback.
From the Great Goal Curve and is expected to Mestalla help the team achieve the goal: "Let us not forget that the players have feelings and emotions affect them even if they are focused on the game," says Paco. To 'catch' the rest of Mestalla in the early stages of the match and Jamus Gol Great songs performed from one fund to another, hoping the rest of the fans to come together and catching this great atmosphere.
Mestalla and 'player number 12' will be vital in today's game.
Furthermore, social networks Gol Gran has released a video entitled 'return to be champions' with intent to convey the message to the match winner.
Typhus the "orgull»The Agrupació of Penyes has prepared a typhus with the slogan 'Orgull' and have also hired a couple of musicians with 'i tabalet dolçaina' songs will be added to the Mestalla. Late yesterday afternoon it had shipped more than 44,000 locations. Mestalla is about to burst: score the first goal.

Delinquent clubs may be expelled from the competition for the debts with the IRS

Professional clubs may be expelled from the competition (First and Second Division) if they violate the protocol to reduce and control the debt with the IRS yesterday sealed between the Government and the League of Professional Football. The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, José Ignacio Wert, was blunt about the need "urgent" to end a problem that has doubled in less than a decade and also to tarnish the image of Spanish football , also complicates future. "The debt will pay soccer football. Will not forgive a single euro, "said the minister, while Secretary of State for Sport, Michael Cardinal, assured that the compromise reached between the Administration and employers of clubs" will be fulfilled no matter what. "
The Treasury debt amounted football to 752 million euros, of which 673 are professional clubs, with Atletico Madrid at the head (155 million), according to the agreement signed after the 2014-2015 season 35% of revenues from television rights of the clubs will be immobilized and not be charged until you confirm being aware of the tax payment.
The Sports Council also could disable or remove their leaders from the pools income if the league does not fulfill its obligation to carry out the economic control of clubs.
"It is a serious commitment, solvent with the Ministry, the CSD and the country itself," said the president of the Professional Football League, Jose Luis Astiazaran, noting that the Spanish professional football "also wants to be exemplary in the management" . The aim is to progressively reduce the arrears with the IRS until it disappears in 2020, and as government representatives no concessions unless the agreement does not affect the liens that currently support and some clubs, such as Deportivo.

Emery gives clues to Atletico Madrid

Valencia CF coach will not give any clue to coach Atletico Madrid and has called for the 23 players he has available for tonight's match in Mestalla with the mattress team in the second leg of the semifinals of the Euroleague . Just stay out of the list Argentine Ever Banega, long-term injured after the accident that had to be 'hit' by your own car, and Angel Dealbert, which has a swelling in the right rectus femoris. Furthermore, as is customary in European matches, Emery has three goalkeepers.

Goalkeepers: Guaita, Alves and Cristiano Pereira

Defenders: Miguel Barragan, Bruno, Ricardo Costa, Victor Ruiz, Rami, Mathieu, Jordi Alba

Midfielders: Albelda, Maduro, Tino Costa, Topal, Parejo, Pablo Hernandez, Feghouli, Piatti and Channels

Forwards: Jonas, Aduriz and Soldier

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another thorough cleaning

Another big change. That's what's in the template Valencia next season. The next contract ending June 30 5 players, plus David Albelda has already been renewed.
Of those five players, who are Christian Pereira, Miguel, Bruno, Dealbert and Maduro, none will expand its relationship with all Valencia. That is the situation today.
Although some of these players if they have received offers to continue, the fact is that these deals have been almost an invitation not to continue.
In this perspective are ripe and Dealbert. The Dutch received an offer last week to renew to the floor and has good deals to leave the club. Its status as player "free" makes him very appealing to many clubs. Among his preference is to go and play in the Bundesliga. There options Stuttgart and Schalke 04 will attract a lot.
The logic is not renewed.
Meanwhile, the central Benlloch, sat down with the Valencia club last December. At that time the organization moved him to renew an offer far below the claims that he expected.
He was offered a single season and charging slightly less than it already charges now he is one of the lowest paid in the template.
Dealbert not answered and the club plans to move tab.
In fact the technical secretariat seeks a center to complete the list of defenses for the next temporada.Él has offers from clubs like First Betis and one that can climb like Deportivo La Coruna.
At the other extreme are the other three different players just contract.
On the one hand, the Portuguese right-back Miguel Brito, has not even received the call from the club to sit down and negotiate a possible continuity.
In fact club sources making sure that your cycle is over and the entity that will continue next season.
The Luso has been featured in numerous acts of indiscipline and that has made the club where persons who are looking forward to the June 30, to once and for all-white club severs.
If history makes it difficult for any elite team bet on it.
Then there's Bruno Saltor. The Catalan side has had a downward trend in the club. In its first year gave a very good performance with the band alternating Miguel. However, in these last two seasons the level has been disappointing.
It has always been one of the most controversial players in the stands and if cycle is finished in Valencia since Christmas.
Finally not follow from June the young Portuguese goalkeeper Cristiano Pereira. The goalkeeper who came to be the third goalkeeper of the first team and play with the reserves has been injured all year.
Also, when was it did not convince technicians so you do not renew.
Those five starts over the hypothetical transfer of a player will make the club again next year have a template that will change their pieces by 25 percent. If it is joined by the coach, Unai Emery, will not continue as a tenant of the Valencia bench, it is understood that the club next season will be black and white face completely renovated.

Banners of mind in Paterna

The crowd is turning to the second leg of the semifinals of the Euroleague against Atletico Madrid. Valencia must overcome this Thursday at the Mestalla 4-2 of Calderón against Atlético Madrid fans are responding to carry on wings to the players and enable a comeback that would take them to the end of Bucharest.

On Wednesday, a sign that said: "We grew up loving your shield. It is hard to fail at something, but worse is not to try" has been given to players on arrival at the Sports City Paterna. Fans will fill Mestalla on Thursday and his breath waiting for the miracle possible.

Mestalla, first sellout of the season

I had not looked like a demonstration in the city of Valencia. Valencia needs to go back to re-contest a European final after eight years and will not be alone. Quite the contrary. Much later hang the poster Mestalla no tickets. The atmosphere of the big European nights is back for Valencia. Players no longer have an excuse not to bite out looking for the comeback. The Valencianism craves Bucharest.
Clearly the bullish sentiment has permeated the swollen black and white. At press time had withdrawn more than 42,000 entries. This figure makes it quite clear that the extent of not charging the partners has been a success. The social mass Valencia, despite the unfavorable outcome of the way, has turned to the crash.
In this sense, the result and good image shown with Betis proved crucial for mobilization.
The big nights Mestalla not be understood without a typhus. Of course tomorrow will not miss. Under the slogan 'Orgull' (pride), more than 20,000 cards covering the first two rings of the historic stadium with the colors black and whites Valencia (the word pride in black and the rest of the stadium in white).
The club members and the club will not skimp on resources to carry on wings to a computer is still time to sign a recall campaign.
The animation is not going to be only one typhus. Several clubs have called a rally in morning, from 18.30, on the square of the fans to sponsor the best possible welcome to the team.
They want to feel your breath and from the bus.
Farewell to the whistles?
The win against Betis (with the great eruption of Channels) has changed the atmosphere of Mestalla. After the ridiculous in the first leg at the Calderon, the atmosphere became stifling in Valencia and so did the fans know the team with the whistles that provided the early shock. Anger which then became cheers after victory and undoubtedly a European final banish forever.


It is a saying that we are nothing, last night my friend Jose Luis came home from work at the Beach Concierge farnals Population of a heart attack and will prevent you see tomorrow your dear beloved Valencia, I know where're you will see it and get your strength will make and we win in the final of the Europa League. -
It is also a saying that when someone dies is told that a good person he was, I'll tell you as it was my friend, was smiling, was friendly, always wore a smile on his face (although a few owners will give up the ass ), now the whole farm will be screwed because there always will be the person in your office helping more older and doing favors everywhere, today, my friend Jose Luis will no longer be helpful in your job today and there will be no although it is hot, a cold will travel fucking each corridor and each piece of the farm, everyone is crying his death. -
It was not a public person to give it a minute or thousand minutes of homage, it was just a fucking uncle who always smiled because he wanted the happy life, Valencia was a pro, football and it felt lived with enthusiasm, is a great loss to the feeling that unites us to Valencian, one morning I ask you to go to the field to encourage dEATH ye might have a positive thought for the death of my friend and you to know that Jose Luis will be there, cheering at the Mestalla , crying and feeling because I know that will like this. -
Jose Luis (Mac Giver for friends) tomorrow and win the European Championship League in these humble pages at you, dear friend. -

Emery polished defense

The defense is very important. Unai Emery is aware that the equipment should not conceding goals to keep their options to be in the final of Bucharest. Valencia wants to close ranks and start their victory from the defensive line. Exercises and outlet pressure ball from behind, leaning on the central and defensive pivots. In the last two home matches Valencia have managed four goals against the Lightning and against Alkmaar, and only conceded a bit, that's the line that looks for the Basque coach to get the comeback and qualify for the final in the Euroleague.

The coach divided by lines into the template, two teams that was on one side with Bruno and Barragan on the right, Mathieu on the left, while Victor Ruiz and Rami were the central couple, accompanied by Albelda and Topal in midfield. On the other hand, the coach chose Michael and Jordi Alba on the flanks, with Ricardo Costa and Dealbert in the center, and Tino Costa and Maduro ahead. Two options for working with intensity, although a smooth ride for the template, which was charged with legs slightly for the full training on Monday and Sunday encuenro. It is also important players recover physically so that tomorrow be a hundred percent.

On the other hand, the technical strategy also worked with the team's offensive players. Centers from the sidelines, with Pablo Hernandez and Pablo Piatti in one of the teams, to Soldier and Jonas, as great references, while in the other test were Feghouli and channels responsible for putting the balls Aduriz, aided by an Equal midfielder. The comeback did not go through conceding goals, but also to achieve two goals at the Mestalla.

Intérêts déclarés France Football »dans Debuchy VCF

Le FC Valence veut acquérir les services du côté droit de Lille Mathieu Debuchy, telle que publiée aujourd'hui dans le magazine "France Football". L'international de 26 ans peut donc suivre les étapes de centrale Adil Rami, qui l'an dernier a quitté Lille pour ancrer à Valence. C'est un joueur qui aime le secrétariat technique du VCF, qui s'est poursuivie, mais aussi un coût économiquement difficile à.

Cependant, le club espagnol, troisième dans la ligue, n'est pas le seul à s'intéresser à l'embauche de la défense.

Toujours selon le magazine, l'anglais et Newcastle Paris Saint-Germain, lui aussi, suivre les traces de Debuchy, sous contrat à Lille jusqu'en 2015.

"France Football" publie également le Valencia est fixé à Romain Hamouma, milieu de terrain de Caen de 25 ans et sous contrat jusqu'en 2013, qui a également suivi Udinense, Newcastle et Everton.

We will allow ourselves to move the soul'

Vicente Guaita, Valencia goalkeeper said that they will be left primarily in the field to try to overcome this Thursday at the Mestalla side that fit the 4-2 first-leg of the Europa League semi-final against Atletico Madrid and reach of this form the final.

"We know it will be difficult because we did not expect to have the result we now have, but we are likely to happen, and we have 90 minutes to let us pass to the soul and reach the final," the goal, after attending the opening of the exhibition 'Els nostres Idols: Puchades', in honor of Antonio Puchades.

Two days to contest the party, the club has reportedly already sold over 42,000 tickets, which is expected to overflow Mestalla to try to get the comeback.

"We already have many looking forward to Thursday. We know that we will have many people in the stands, which will support us from the first minute to the last and together we will try to reach a pass because the end is the most beautiful and hopefully we're in because we have it there, "he said.

The Valencia player recognized during the ceremony that Puchades Antonio is one of the most important players of the club's history.

"We see the curriculum has been Puchades in Valencia and is very nice. Hopefully tomorrow I can get half of what he has achieved and especially with all the fans expect to spend and give it a joy to everyone," he said.

Wir werden uns erlauben, die Seele zu bewegen"

Vicente Guaita, sagte Valencias Torhüter, dass sie in erster Linie wird im Feld gelassen werden, um zu versuchen zu überwinden, an diesem Donnerstag im Mestalla Seite, die die 4-2 im Hinspiel der Europa League Halbfinale gegen Atletico Madrid passen und Reichweite dieses bilden das Finale.

"Wir wissen, es wird schwierig sein, weil wir nicht erwarten, um das Ergebnis haben wir jetzt haben, aber wir sind wahrscheinlich geschehen, und wir haben 90 Minuten, um uns an die Seele gehen und das Finale zu erreichen," das Ziel, nach dem Besuch der Eröffnung der Ausstellung "Els nostres Idols: Puchades ', zu Ehren von Antonio Puchades.

Zwei Tage, die Partei zu bestreiten, hat der Club angeblich bereits über 42.000 Tickets, die zum Überlaufen Mestalla erwartet wird, zu versuchen, das Comeback bekommen verkauft.

"Wir haben bereits viele freuen uns auf Donnerstag. Wir wissen, dass wir viele Leute auf den Tribünen, die uns von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute unterstützen und gemeinsam werden wir versuchen, einen Pass zu erreichen haben, weil das Ende ist der schönste und hoffentlich werden wir in denn wir haben es da bist ", sagte er.

Der Valencia-Spieler erkannt, dass während der Zeremonie Puchades Antonio einer der wichtigsten Spieler der Vereinsgeschichte ist.

"Wir sehen das Curriculum wurde Puchades in Valencia und ist sehr schön. Hoffentlich kann ich morgen bekommen Hälfte dessen, was er erreicht hat und vor allem mit all den Fans zu verbringen und ihm eine Freude für alle erwarten", sagte er.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ein Immobilienmakler Schiedsrichter das VCF-Athletic

Damir Skomina, Slowenisch Stiftskirche Donnerstag verantwortlich für die Leitung der zweiten Etappe des Halbfinale der Liga der Europa vor Valencia und Atletico Madrid im Mestalla, ist ein Immobilienmakler und Reiseveranstalter mit guten Präzedenzfälle für spanische Klubs.

Da es ein internationaler Schiedsrichter wurde im Jahr 2003 hat dazu geführt, sechs Mal für die spanische Mannschaften mit einem Rekord von drei Siegen, zwei Unentschieden und einer Niederlage, von Villarreal an der OB Odense (1-0) erlitt in der vorherigen Phase dieser Auflage der Champions League.

Skomina, für die nächsten wichtigsten internationalen Veranstaltungen, EM 2012 und WM 2014 gewählt, hat noch nie Atletico Madrid führte, aber wenn es mit Valencia fiel für drei Spielzeiten.

Damals wurde alles von Valencia Dynamo Kiew in der Ko-Phase des UEFA-Pokals 2008-2009 nach dem Ziehen zwei Ukrainer im Mestalla, nachdem sie auf einem Bein gebunden eliminiert.

Geboren in Koper (Slowenien) vor 35 Jahren, im Rest der Duelle mit dem Sieg der spanischen pfiff Mallorca (4-2) an den Apoel Nikosia im Jahr 2003, die Auslosung Osasuna (0:0) gegen Heerenveen im Jahr 2006, die Villarreal Sieg (1-2) gegen Mlada Boleslav im Jahr 2007 und dem Sieg von Real Madrid gegen Olympique Lyon (3:0) in der zweiten Runde der Champions League 2009-2010.

Unter Skomina Hobbys sind der Strand, Fußball und Filme, auch spricht drei Sprachen, Englisch und Italienisch neben Slowenisch.

Jonas: 'Vamos lutar para chegar nas finais'

Gonçalves Jonas, atacante brasileiro do Valencia, disse hoje em conferência de imprensa que a segunda etapa das semifinais da Liga Europeia, que disputam quinta-feira no Mestalla contra o Atlético de Madrid, é o mais importante da temporada e otimista para superar um lado 4-2 na primeira mão.

"Temos que jogar cem por cento e dar o meu melhor, é o maior jogo da temporada. Temos 90 minutos para dois gols, temos que ter paz, não podemos sair como loucos e deixam para trás buracos para eles que nós
fazer gol. deve ser muito equilibrado ", disse ele.

O internacional do Brasil disse que "temos lutado muito para chegar aqui," e que "somos muito fortes em casa com os nossos fãs", depois das surras últimos que assinaram no Mestalla, tanto na Europa e na liga.

"Após o jogo lá e eu disse que estávamos vivos, o segundo gol nos deu a vida e vamos lutar até o fim. Nós podemos, nós temos qualidade na nossa equipe e vamos lutar para chegar à final que seria muito importante para todos",

Jonas disse que ser marcado como chave para a manter uma folha limpa.
"Se o primeiro gol, estamos muito perto de passar", previu.

Atlético de Madrid disse que é "uma equipe de alta qualidade do ambiente para a frente" e insistiu que "temos de tomar cuidado com esses jogadores e peças, eles são muito bons. Nós jogamos como estamos fazendo aqui em casa e
alcançar dois golos de diferença seria muito importante para o primeiro gol. "

A porta da frente tem visto nos últimos jogos do Valência, que dizem ser "eficaz" na frente do gol e manter o foco durante todo o jogo.

"No vestiário estamos felizes, a vitória na Liga, contra o Betis, também nos deu confiança. Estou certo de que podemos ir. Não podemos jogar como fizemos lá atrás", disse ele.

The VCF-Osasuna postponed will be played on Wednesday May 2

The Athletic-Real Madrid match, for Week 20 Premier League delayed by a players' strike that delayed the start of the league will be played on Wednesday 2 May at 22.00 hours and will be the party of interest for transmission open television.

The Football League (LFP) today confirmed the schedule of that day, in which the Barcelona-Malaga will play the same day at 20.00 hours and three meetings will be advanced to Tuesday, May 1: Getafe-Racing (24:00 ), Granada-Espanyol (18.00) and Sporting-Villarreal (20.00h).

The ratio of hours provided today by the League is as follows:
- 20 th day First Division (Liga BBVA)
. Tuesday, May 1
Getafe-Racing 12:00
18:00 Granada-Espanyol
20:00 Sporting-Villarreal

. Wednesday, May 2
18:00 Atletico Madrid, Real Sociedad
Barcelona-Malaga 20:00
Mallorca-Ray Vallecano 20:00
Zaragoza-Lift 20:00
Sevilla-Betis 20:00
Osasuna 22:00 Valencia
22:00 Real Madrid Athletic Club

- 37 th day Second Division (League Two)
. Friday, May 4
21:00 Alcoyano-Córdoba

. Saturday, May 5
Cartagena-Numancia 16:00
18:00 Guadalajara Girona
18:00 Alcorcón-Murcia
Sabadell, Celta 18:00
18:00 Barcelona 'B'-Elche
Hercules 18:00 Almeria
18:00 Villarreal 'B'-Las Palmas
Huesca-Xerez 18:00

. Sunday, May 6
Recreativo 12:00 Nàstic
20:00 Sports-Valladolid.