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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Act of faith and football ...

Repeat after me: "Let's eliminate the AZ, we are removing the AZ." It's about autosugestionarse or rather all be convinced. Right now that football and feelings seem to give more, it requires a leap of faith. It is essential to put aside the sadness, doubt and negativity to believe again without conditions, at least 90 minutes. The issue affects all believers, the faithful of other religions and even those who have become atheists. But to be in the semifinals tonight at the Mestalla should occur significant event: the spiritual rebirth of Valencia football.
The slogan from the locker room is a step forward. "The players have the illusion of doing something good and what is left can be very beautiful," Channel devoted a few days ago. A glimmer of hope is needed. Gone are the promises. The staff seems ready to quench the thirst for happiness in Mestalla. AZ 2-1 to lift a can not become an issue for this team chimeric. It's time to make a great match.
This is required by the creed black and white.
The heart has reasons that reason does not understand. However, the act of believing also requires reflection and in this field, science occupies a large space. How to speak of facts to the fans, when they themselves have found that this computer is a broken tree? The answer, so obvious and so complex, Unai Emery offered in the last press conference: "We balance efficiency in attack and in defense." As a principle is not bad.
This night is all organized according to the improvement of overall means.
Logically, the key is in addition to gain, maintain a clean sheet. Mestalla has to stop being a loophole, but that this depends on a number of waivers which may Unai Emery is unwilling to comply. There is no backup because the stakes are high. Skip to semifinals is not just a matter of prestige or 'pasta', because eliminating the 700,000 euros AZ means entering also the short-term future of Valencia will become clear tonight. After a dreadful performance serial, credit Unai can blow up.
Alkmaar losing to the events may precipitate or conversely, a comeback that would inject much-needed dose of self-esteem.
Rating the game from a positive perspective should think arguments Valencia football has more than enough to eliminate the Dutch. Mestalla is vetoed territory for clubs tulips, however, Alkmaar do not need to win and Gertjan Verbeek knows what he is scratching a draw at the Mestalla.
It was in the Champions League 2000/01 as an assistant to Foppe de Haan in Heerenveen.The AZ is aware that tonight may initiate a witch hunt. The alkmaarders come with the lesson learned, ready to seize his enemy's doubts. Verbeek's team knows where you can get their hands on the black and whites and has the record straight. That can be a definite advantage. Organized, competitive and with a distinct personality, AZ players promise not to be dismantled as quickly as did the PSV. Also, arrive with two 'reinforcements' important center Good Viergever and sharp Beerens. The VCF need a cool head and the trigger ready. Typically, to get right, but ...
Probable teams:Valencia: Diego Alves, Barragan, Rami, Victor Ruiz, Mathieu, Topal, Parejo, Feghouli, Jonas, Jordi Alba and Soldier.

AZ Alkmaar: Esteban Alvarado, Marcellis, Moisander, Viergever, Poulsen, Maher, Martens, Elm, Holman, Gudmundsson and Altidore.

Referee: Pavel Kralovec (RCH)Stadium: MestallaTime: 21:05

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