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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Channels: "You can trace it because there equipment"

Sergio Canales, Valencia midfielder said that they are able to overcome the 4-2 against the facing around the Europa League semi-final against Atletico Madrid because there is quality in the team to do so.
"It will be very important both score goals and leave a clean sheet. Going to be a difficult game and it will cost but you have to go out with all the enthusiasm of the world," he said.
The Cantabrian player acknowledged that Atletico Madrid are favorites in the tie "because it has the result," but noted that despite the way the Valencia "became one of his worst games and Atletico one of the best", its
team "remains alive in the playoff."
"Our goal is to end and for that we know we play a tough game and put everything we have. The team is looking forward, hope and strength," said the player, adding that if things are done as before
Betis, "will be easier", referring to 4-0 Betis endorsed him.
Canales said the importance which will have a massive support in the stands of Mestalla to try to come back and qualify for the final.
"On the go, they had a spectacular environment that helped them face the result. In games like an environment hostile to them a bit and that helps us is always good. One must believe in this team because we are third in the league
and we are in the semifinals, "he said.
The midfielder, who returned to action on Sunday as his first start since recovering from the injury that kept him six months away from the pitch, said he felt good physically.
"It was important to return to play first after so many months. I ran pretty well, although I have enough to improve to reach the top, but from here I think I will go further," he said.
The player would not comment on the conversation I had with Unai Emery on Friday, which informed them that they would not continue at the club next season and simply noted that this is an internal matter.
"Now the most important thing is to unite and throw all in the same direction," he said.
After reappearing in this final stretch of the season, Canales admitted that he would hope to be called to play for the London Olympic Games this summer.
"It's always exciting and go with the team, but my goal right now is on Thursday and when the season ends we'll see. I've always said that it is very difficult as playing, so if you ultimately do not go, wish you all the luck the world, "he said.

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