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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Las Palmas awaiting the call to negotiate Valencia Viera

Until we finish the league, no nothing. Neither players nor the future coach (with many offerings). Valencia wants to act with caution, and although that will certainly be difficult, at least the intention is not to torpedo named what little competition remains. For months will know that Guardado at Deportivo and Valencia to dress for months also various means of Las Palmas reported that Jonathan Viera has closed a contract with Valencia for the next five seasons.
Neither one nor the other case wanted to rule Valencia, a sign that there are sufficient grounds to ensure that all is well bound.
At least that is true because with Jonathan Viera saved from itself UD Las Palmas insists-that's the version given-that Valencia has not yet contacted them to negotiate the transfer.
At 22, the playmaker, also develops from the right-is considered a player with a very interesting progression of time that has already taken him to wear the shirt of the Spanish Under-21. It has, and that's the key contract with the club until 2013 canary.
It is because this season the last for which Las Palmas can get some money by way of transfer.
However, Las Palmas has repeatedly insisted on the contract prorrogarle and improve you Viera but he has always resisted, a sign that their future may be linked to the Mestalla club. Moreover, even the Granada came to bid for a few months he said he was willing to reach 3 billion euros, but the player himself was that, even stating that he wanted to play in the Primera, threw fret
Yesterday, from the UD Las Palmas took for granted that Viera has one foot in Valencia but insisted again and again that no progress was made between the clubs. Moreover, until it has been contemplating that Viera could sign for Valencia lowering the canary club until it reached its demands under two million euros, but receiving as consideration at the same player next season on loan.

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