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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mestalla score the first goal for Atlético

Players of Valencia CF Mestalla will this afternoon and will be welcomed with a reception for those who do not forget: Curva Nord and Gol Gran high concentrations have been prepared to bring a "human tide" to clothe the team. "We have to convey to the players the spirit is needed in such an important game," says PacoRausell, president of Gol Great and one of the great promoters of the initiative. The concentration was convened at 18:30 pm in Hobby Square, next to Mestalla, "is a concentration not only of the Curve Nord, but the whole Valencianism. We want you to everyone when they get the players only see a human blanket "continues Paco.
From the bus window, the template of Valencia CF will not only hundreds of people gathered and cheering, thousands of souls united by the same illusion. Also, see a 20 meter banner in which you can read 'Let's go', and that once inside the Mestalla will be hung at the bottom of Gol Gran.
On arrival at the Avenue of Sweden will also be deployed in the Senyera Benetússer Penya, a true icon of this tie against Atletico Madrid.
Once inside the coliseum Valencia, begins the 'plan B', known as "The Grandmother's Recipe '. A pretty basic code that is often seen in stadiums in the UK and here in Spain, at the Reyno de Navarra. "In Pamplona and get 20,000 fans to the stadium is a pressure cooker, if we are 50.000 we have to get too," says Rausell.
The code is simple and intent, everything from getting Mestalla and perform: Atletico Madrid when in possession of the ball, puff monumental recovery when Valencia's spectacular ovation to push the team to comeback.
From the Great Goal Curve and is expected to Mestalla help the team achieve the goal: "Let us not forget that the players have feelings and emotions affect them even if they are focused on the game," says Paco. To 'catch' the rest of Mestalla in the early stages of the match and Jamus Gol Great songs performed from one fund to another, hoping the rest of the fans to come together and catching this great atmosphere.
Mestalla and 'player number 12' will be vital in today's game.
Furthermore, social networks Gol Gran has released a video entitled 'return to be champions' with intent to convey the message to the match winner.
Typhus the "orgull»The Agrupació of Penyes has prepared a typhus with the slogan 'Orgull' and have also hired a couple of musicians with 'i tabalet dolçaina' songs will be added to the Mestalla. Late yesterday afternoon it had shipped more than 44,000 locations. Mestalla is about to burst: score the first goal.

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