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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The VCF played in the Euroleague twice but half admitted

Valencia has played this season nearly double games in Europe last season, but has raised only half, with an income of 11.2 million euros compared to twenty-four of last season.

Last season Valencia played eight games, all of the Champions League, while this year, has played fourteen, six in the first continental tournament and eight in the Europa League.

Between the two competitions, European tournaments this season left 11.2 million in the coffers of the club, which could have been increased by two million more if the team had agreed to the final of the Europa League or three if he had won.

These revenues account for just under half of the twenty million that Valencia saw in the previous year, which exceeded the group stage of the Champions League and fell in the second round against Schalke 04.

In the current edition of the Champions League, Valencia raised 9.6 million in fixed income concepts marked by UEFA and the amounts allocated based on the draws and the wins the team, which finished third in their group and was relegated to the Europa League.

In this competition has played four rounds, of which exceeded three, which has meant an income of 1.6 million, which together with the 9.6 of the Champions League round raising 11.2 million this season.

These amounts corresponding Valencia added the concept of market share established by UEFA and the revenue for television.

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