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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We will allow ourselves to move the soul'

Vicente Guaita, Valencia goalkeeper said that they will be left primarily in the field to try to overcome this Thursday at the Mestalla side that fit the 4-2 first-leg of the Europa League semi-final against Atletico Madrid and reach of this form the final.

"We know it will be difficult because we did not expect to have the result we now have, but we are likely to happen, and we have 90 minutes to let us pass to the soul and reach the final," the goal, after attending the opening of the exhibition 'Els nostres Idols: Puchades', in honor of Antonio Puchades.

Two days to contest the party, the club has reportedly already sold over 42,000 tickets, which is expected to overflow Mestalla to try to get the comeback.

"We already have many looking forward to Thursday. We know that we will have many people in the stands, which will support us from the first minute to the last and together we will try to reach a pass because the end is the most beautiful and hopefully we're in because we have it there, "he said.

The Valencia player recognized during the ceremony that Puchades Antonio is one of the most important players of the club's history.

"We see the curriculum has been Puchades in Valencia and is very nice. Hopefully tomorrow I can get half of what he has achieved and especially with all the fans expect to spend and give it a joy to everyone," he said.

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