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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ray expects to John Bernat

Rayo Vallecano Valencia has requested the transfer of the squad for a season John Bernat. The information disclosed by Superdeporte in its Wednesday edition, reached Vallecas and spread like wildfire among the press that is currently rayista. Miñambres Felipe, manager, was recognized in the pages of this newspaper talks with the VCF and the agents have to Bernat next season. Yesterday, before the barrage of questions from local media, the Ray readmitted interest and even transmitted between clubs that positions are close, so we only subtract the approval of Mauricio Pellegrino for the operation to be carried out.
Yes, the Lightning will have to await the verdict of Pellegrino. And they will do. For the Ray Bernat is an excellent choice with which to strengthen the left flank. The Argentine coach wants to see his orders to Bernat and Paco Alcácer before the club can arrange a transfer to a First. That is the version that offers both the VCF as the agents of John, 'InterStarDeporte'. Up to 9 or July 10 Valencia did not start working in the Sports City.
Therefore, the set of Vallecas must wait, in principle, until the end of July.
In the Valencia look favorably on the choice of an assignment for Bernat, provided the end considering that Argentine coach with the men's competition as Andres Guardado, Pablo Piatti and Sofiane Feghouli will be difficult to give Valencia the minutes required for progression continues. In the Ray Vallecano, meanwhile, are delighted with the opportunity to strengthen a player's football hunger projection and Bernat.
Of course, there is no hurry in the womb of a team which prepares Felipe Miñambres with full powers, and he still has to hire a replacement for Sandoval on the bench.
Philosophy fits rayistaIn addition, the squad's salary would not be a problem for a club in deep water in the economic field. For example, the Lightning last season had three transferred to Atletico Atletico that had to pay a high percentage of your chips, especially in the case of the Brazilian striker. Bernat fits perfectly in the philosophy of a whole which is renewed every season assignments or free agents, something that will be repeated this season.The bottom line in making the decision by the VCF will Bernat progression, player, despite only ten games they gave Emery, has 'brides' of First. Ray not only has an interest in their conditions, so have Betis and Espanyol.

Carcedo: 'We make the most of Saved'

The, so far, coach Juan Carlos Valencia Carcedo admitted at a press conference in Houston that the club Valencia was "very interested" in open market in the U.S. and his first tour of this country had been positive.

Valencia, who dispute this Thursday, a charity exhibition game with the Houston Dynamo, first traveled to Portland, where he faced the local team of Major League Soccer USA (MLS), the Timbers, who won 1-0. "We are delighted to come here, because, well, everything is open in the U.S. market in Houston in this case, see a little what is the 'soccer', as here and progresses slowly, it is interesting for all
teams in Europe and in this case for Valencia, "said Carcedo, who took over the team following the departure of Unai Emery to coach Spartak Moscow.

Carcedo said that in football as in any other sport you always have the need to win at all sites and look good.
"Obviously we represent a big club in Spain and we have an obligation to do well and win," said Carcedo.

The coach of Valencia used the word "surprised" when assessed the level of play he has seen in the MLS. "The truth is that we were surprised because we believe that a good level for the little time it takes to practice here, and we have seen a couple of games that have a good level, there are good teams and now they are coming more foreign players
are providing a higher level, "said Carcedo.

Valencia coach said he was also surprised by the street children, people would ask things of football and other leagues are informed of what's happening in Europe and also eager to know more.

Carcedo said he did not know the new area of ​​Houston Dynamo, which opened on 12 May and is the first in the history of American sport that is sponsored and named after a Spanish company, such as bank
BBVA and its U.S. subsidiary Compass.

The arrival of Mexican striker Andres Guardado Valencia has also led to the Spanish team begins to be popular among fans of the neighboring country, they have it as one of its great figures in the national team. "Everybody in Europe knows and here too, I think that is a world class player at that Valencia has long been pursuing. Now is the team you think will give many days of glory because
is a great player and hopefully get the best performance, "said Carcedo that next season will not be at the Mestalla club, but that values ​​CF Valencxia arrival of the Mexican.

As for what they expected with the arrival of Guardado, Carcedo said to be a more complete team and that could be better covered all positions in the face to be competitive in the different tournaments that they participate will be playing next season, including the League of
Champions of Europe.

Emery's departure a few days to reach Portland, Carcedo said the team was fine, had not affected because it was something that had already been spoken. "Now we have to do is be able to make a good game on Thursday, setting a good spectator sport and a victory to the followers of Valencia," said Carcedo.

The Valencia CF already have dates for the season

Already there are official dates for the preseason to make the orders Valencia Mauricio Pellegrino. The preseason will begin on 9 or 10 July and the other commitments he had purchased the club have moved forward as the league will begin on August 18: a party in Costa Rica on July 22 in Puerto Rico on 25 and stay in Shanghai 1 to 4 August.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Naples Uruguayan Walter Gargano, interests the VCF

The possible departure of Mehmet Topal and Tino Costa del Valencia, makes the rumors of possible signings for the line of the Valencia midfield have multiplied. The last player is the player rubbing Napoli Uruguayan international Walter Gargano. The 27 years it has become the star of the Neapolitan club in the last three seasons, which has yielded to a very high level, proclaiming Cup champion Italy a little over a week.

The player, who love the Bundesliga, has attracted interest from several teams like Inter Milan in Italy and in Spain Málaga CF. The interest of Valencia player has been announced by the newspaper "Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno". However, the player, whose contract with Napoli until June 2015, is very difficult to exit, which would not be viable for less than 11 million euros.

Javi Marquez alternative for midfield

One of the names and sounds will sound this summer for Valencia CF player is españolista Javi Marquez, who has been followed closely by Braulio Vázauez in recent seasons. A long-standing concern that, despite everything, never became a signing for Valencia CF. Now, the newspaper deportigo "Sport", the scenario might have changed. The 26 years could be one of the alternatives to fill the position of defensive midfielder in the black and white team for a possible departure of Mehmet Topal.

The economic situation of the Valencia players forced to seek quality but low cost, and alternatives are too expensive, so that the signing of the Catalan player might be right for Valencian coffers, since the transfer of midfielder could range between 2 , 5 and 3 million euros. The situation sports of football, not just account for Espanyol coach Mauricio Pochettino, and has already announced his departure, approach Javi Marquez Valencia.

Request the dissolution of the Valencia CF Foundation

The platform Valencia Nou request to the Protectorate of the dissolution and liquidation Valencia Foundation Valencia CF, to consider "impossible" to put into practice in order "to" and "for" he who purchased the shares in the last enlargement capital of the entity.

As announced today in a statement, Valencia Nou also request to the Audit Office to audit the foundation is bound by law to determine the true and actual value of the shares of that entity owns.

The application of "extinction, dissolution and liquidation" Valencia CF Foundation's request, according to Valencia Nou, getting no "reasoned response" to the request already made to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting to explain whether it was feasible the plan agreed with Bankia to give economic viability to the club.

Valencia CF Foundation three years ago obtained a loan of 75 million euros granted by Bancaja and endorsed by the Government, which were used for acquisition of shares in the capital increase involving the club and the annual subscription of interests that are around five million euros.

Valencia Nou remember that once gave up the dispute he had with the entity, in order not to hinder the success of the financial and social Bankia was announced in late 2011 and he requested information.

Also, on the request of the audit to the Audit Office, Valencia Nou notes that the extinction of Valencia CF Foundation involves the public sale of shares and that this action also seeks to know "if the actions of their employers, is set to legality. "

The Valencia CF visit the George Ranch Historical Park

The president, Manuel Llorente, a representation of the first team and other employees of Valencia CF visited on Tuesday May 29 the George Ranch Historical Park. The park, whose length exceeds 500 acres, was founded in 1830 and hosts as shown in the historical origins of traditional farms and their way of life. Valencia CF, who were greeted with the typical ranch, began the long journey on a train where they could spot the native landscape, with large acres of land, which serve for the cultivation of corn, among other uses.

The expedition was learned nineteenth century farmhouse, which became the main residence. This house belonged to Jones, the first pioneer family to settle on the ranch when it was still part of Mexico with the environment surrounded by farm animals including chickens, pigs or horses.

Later the delegation did the same with a display of a rodeo where cowboys showed their skills with the cows. During the tour, the players were the focus of attention of other visitors to the George Ranch Historical Park, which recorded an annual influx of tourists and the inhabitants of different localities that surround Houston to be a stunning reflection of the life of a part of the American population over the past two centuries.

The Valencianism reaches the Moon

The orbit of the Mestalla club expands beyond our planet. The Valencia and has a history of thousands of miles from Earth. Not everyone can boast that the shirt of your team can be on the moon someday. And the visit to the city of Houston is serving the black and white set to expand the club's brand beyond the borders of our planet. Without going any further, the visit of the Spanish consulate staff of the American city, the President, Manuel Llorente, gave the famous astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria a shirt of Valencia CF.

In a visit to the Spanish consulate in Houston the players were greeted by the consul, Christopher Valdes, with the maximum Valencia president also wanted to have a detail for their hospitality, and has presented with a souvenir flag of Valencia CF.

The First Division calls John Bernat

Where John Bernat will play next season? For the answer word Mauricio Pellegrino will be key. The new coach € conscious retail participation during the last year with Unai Emery € wants to see it in situ before the club decides on the future of left-winger, who signed in August 2011 a professional contract until June 2015. What is clear is that the 19 years will continue their progression in the elite, in La Liga. That's the plan marked by the VCF and their representatives: Well under the command of 'Skinny', either in one of the first teams, such as the Ray Vallecano interested in having him on loan.
Superdeporte yesterday was in contact with the athletic director of vallecanos Philip Miñambres, which confirmed that he had asked to Valencia by the circumstances which could given. "Yes, yes, we asked Bernat? He is a player we like, but let's wait a bit.
We are also awaiting the arrival of a new coach, "said the former player of CD Tenerife, and now chief sports as Rayo Vallecano.
The group now focuses Madrid to close the arrival of a replacement for Jose Ramon Sandoval on the bench. Candidate number one is Anquela, Mr. Alcorcon. However, this does not change too much Ray plans, where Philip is the strong man in sports planning.
Bernat is a player who, apart from liking a lot, falls squarely within the philosophy of team Vallecas: reinforced with young and hungry players that do not involve a large outlay, due to economic limitations.
But sources admit that the VCF are not the only locals who are very aware of Bernat to reinforce the left by an assignment. Has been told this newspaper, also Real Betis and Espanyol have followed closely the player and shuffled his name among the list of alternatives to strengthen the left's campaign 2012/2013. Since last summer made an excellent season with Valencia, € Bernat performances despite being with dropper € have not gone unnoticed, especially for such medium-low of the League which aims to achieve its objectives,
relying on transfers of young talent from the big teams.
As for the future of players like John Bernat and Paco Alcacer, Valencia will not take any decision to have the opinion in the field of Pellegrino. The intention of management is to produce a template sports € short of 21 or 22 players with experience in the category € and the rest with youth projection, such as Bernat. However, Braulio Vazquez is aware that the signing of a player like Andres Guardado and Pablo Piatti continued growth may slow a child's football which has a blind faith in its possibilities. Therefore, the athletic director seriously contemplated the transfer of a season? And not without first girlfriends.

Türkiye'de Topal için ilerleme verilen

Mehmet Topal Valencia CF bağlı Türkiye'yi terk yanında olabilir. Bazı Türk medyası o Fenerbahçe, hizmetlerini devralacak yedi milyon transferi bir miktar ödemek olacak kulüp ile bir anlaşmaya varmak çok yakın olduğunu söylüyorlar.Televizyon LigTV Pazartesi gece kulüpleri arasındaki geçici anlaşmayı duyurmak için ilk oldu.

Oyuncu operasyonu Türk konsantrasyonu gelen meyvelerini geldiğini isteğini ifade edebilirdi. Her durumda, Mestalla kurumdan ortamda ilgi olduğunu biliyoruz ancak oyuncunun imzalamak için resmi bir öneri aldıktan doğruladı değil.

Topal o masada Fenerbahçe teklif ile Türkiye'ye dönüş görmeye olumlu bakmayan ima, ülkesinin özlüyor söylemişti.Uluslararası bir oyuncu yaklaşık dört milyon Avro olduğunu ve gerçeği iki sezon hiçbir takımın tartışmasız olmayı başarmış bir operasyonda, 2010 yılında Valencia CF katıldı.

Albelda, 'Soldier should be in the Red'

The captain of Valencia, Unai Emery, regretted that his partner Roberto Soldado has not entered into the list of twenty players to contest the upcoming European Championship with Spain because it considers has sufficient merit for it.

This was said at the press conference after the friendly match played Valencia on Thursday to the Houston Dynamo, in ending his U.S. tour. "I have not talked to Robert because everything has happened when we were already here, but I think it is a nice situation for him because he had a great season," he added.

"My personal opinion is that it should be, but it is important to respect the coach who chooses the players he considers appropriate and has decided to hold a block with few changes," he continued.

Regarding the said meeting tomorrow is likely to accuse the climate and country, who do not know, but the important thing is that the club get open markets and approaches to a number of supporters who are very interested from the United States in the League Spanish.

In this sense, Juan Carlos Carcedo, coach of Valencia and lead the team following the departure of Unai Emery in the middle of the tour, said the level of soccer in America has grown a lot. "There are good teams, good players and some foreign players who bring their level of football in this country. Also know much other leagues and are close to European football," he said.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alba's agent wants to close the renewal before Euro

With Manuel Llorente in the U.S., nothing can be done. But when the president of Valencia again later this week, the tasks to be solved in addition to introductions (Pellegrino and players) is that of happy Jordi Alba contract. One day after Valencia was confirmed by Del Bosque as one of those chosen to participate in the Euro from its representative team, expressing what would be the ideal situation to close once and for all an issue that has been said almost all .
"They, in reference to the position of the club defend their interests and we naturally ours. The best for all parties would be able to announce that we have reached full agreement before the Euro began. Although I know that Jordi Alba has very clear ideas and I think it will be fully focused on the selection, it is inevitable to think that anyone would like to fix it to avoid any time may suffer a distraction.
When you have your future in the air is not entirely comfortable, "says Jose Manuel Tárraga.
A Emery betrayed by his subconscious before his departure the assumption that Jordi Alba had already done with FC Barcelona. In this regard, for several months, almost since the beginning of the negotiations, it has been suggested even from the media Barcelona Jordi Alba had closed the club. Tárraga is categorical about it.
"There are no offers on the table."
Valencia, in the back, works with the hypothesis that Jordi Alba salaries from below Mathieu-end change of scenery. The young international-holder and for Del Bosque-yes it is a one year contract as black and white and a picture in front that could be similar to the case of Juan Mata and his escape clause to allow him to carry out a transfer.
For now, though the relationship with Valencia as indicated Tárraga "is extraordinary," are issues such as image rights and other issues of economic nature that have come to confuse the process of upgrading and renewal of contract until 2016.
By the way, the agent Valencia, whose firm also represents Guaita and Bernat-want to leave a clear message: "No player we represent will never anything that might harm at some point to Valencia.
No one will force anything strange. "
Valencia have reiterated in recent days has come not a single proposal or Barca or any other club, Jordi Alba.
Still, we know the interest of Braulio Vazquez Siqueira (Granada), Brazil's 26 years that does not occupy space alien for having an EU passport, and have been added Jose Angel (Roma) and Jose Manuel Casado (Ray).
If an international Joao Pereira and can be paid at the end a total of 4.2 million, some of the previous disbursement would be far superior. First, in any form, should be done with Alba box and would become stronger clubs.

2012-2013 Premier League start the weekend of 18/19 August and ends on June 1

2012-2013 Premier League start the weekend of 18 and 19 August, according to the agreement reached on Tuesday by the boards of First and Second Division Football League (LFP) and end on Saturday June 1 the top flight.
In this just sets a day on Wednesday (day 37, the May 29, 2013), except that no Spanish team in the final of the Champions League, scheduled for Saturday 25th May at Wembley.
In such a case would be contested on Sunday 26 May.
The first season finale will be on Saturday June 1, 2013, in compliance with the deadlines set by FIFA for the release of players to the Spanish national team for participation in the Confederations Cup, which takes place from 15 to 30 of
same month in Brazil.
The schedule provides for the final of the Cup be played on Wednesday May 8, 2013.
In the event that the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) reject this date for the final of the cup-bearer, has been referred to delay it to Saturday 18 May.
This change would affect the dispute in 36 days and 39 First Second, which would then be played on 19 May.
In this case, the Cup finalists will play their home games these days of League on Wednesday, 8 this month.
Because Atletico Madrid will face Chelsea in the UEFA Super Cup on Friday August 31 at the Louis II stadium in Monaco, his party will play third day on Monday September 3.
In the Second Division, the first phase of the championship also begin the weekend of 18/19 August and end on Sunday June 9.
Then the playoffs will be held for promotion, scheduled for Wednesday 12, Tuesday 16, Wednesday 19 and Sunday 23.
In this category, as in preceding seasons, will not stop competing in the official FIFA dates on the international calendar, and there will be no time to play on Wednesday.

Guardado started his new career

Mexico's Andres Guardado, a new player of Valencia CF after completing his contract with Deportivo, has undertaken to focus your trip selection.

Filed with the permission of the technicians did not participate in the second day of celebration of the ascent with his teammates, which coincided with the official announcement of his move to Valencia, but he did attend the private dinner last night at the template-white,
of which has been part since 2007.

Having shared table and tablecloth with those who have been co-costume in the last five seasons, Guardado has now crossed the Atlantic to participate in two friendlies for his country, Mexico, Bosnia, on Thursday in Chicago and Brazil
-Mexico, on Sunday in Dallas.
Valencia CF has made official the agreement with the Mexican international footballer Andres Guardado to joining the club from June 30, 2012.
The agreement with the player has signed for the next four seasons.
Andres Guardado (Guadalajara, Mexico, September 28, 1986) has expressed his vision this new stage at the Mestalla: "It is a very important challenge in my career, excites me a lot. It's something I've dreamed of since little I really wanted to play the Champions League. With my signing for Valencia CF have fulfilled my dream. As a child I saw on television the Spanish League, Champions € and always dreamed of one day get to play it. Now the Valencia CF will give me the opportunity to fulfill my dream and I will give everything I have within me to not disappoint. Here I will have a greater demand, there are great player, very competitive and that will make you have to pay
more and more. course will help me improve as a player, which will help performance and the selection of my country. "
In relation to your future colleagues costume, the new player of Valencia CF has stated: "Coming to a team like Valencia CF, with a staff so complete, with big international players like Rami, Albelda, Alba, Jonah, Soldier € makes you have to give 100% at all times. It is an extra motivation, because in order to play more minutes we will have to be on top always, both in training and in games. That certainly is the best for the team, since you have such good competition makes you better as a group and individually. also personally very proud to share the locker room with great players. For I am proud that Valencia CF have bet for me. It is one of great teams not only in Spain but in Europe and any player would like to play for this great institution. "

Monday, May 28, 2012

Valencia CF Topal beklenen hareketler

Hafta sonu boyunca Türk basınının Tino Costa olasılığı üzerinde kuvvetle ısrar etti ve, her şeyden önce, Mehmet Topal imminently Fenerbahçe güçlendirmek için Valencia bırakın. Günlük oyuncu zaten İstanbul kulübü ile anlaşmaya vardı ve yaklaşık 14 milyon avroluk yakın transferleri çıkarmak olurdu 'Vatan' ya da 'Sabah' yayınladı dün gibi. Mestalla kurumdan teklifler varlığı bile "bugün", böyle bir ölçüde reddediyorum. Ancak, kendilerini iki orta saha Osmanlıların ilgi farkında olan kulüp ofisleri çıkışında geçen Çarşamba yöneticisi, Braulio Vazquez tarafından tanındı.
Bir kez sağ yan Joao Pereira öncelikli imzalanması kapalı, Valencia şimdi olaylar için beklediğini her iki oyuncunun çıkış çökelti olabilir. Şimdilik, Costa ve Topal hem de gelecek sezon için gelecek planları içinde oda var. Tarafından sunulan miktarlarda ya Valencia ve oyuncular hem de ikna Ancak, satış gerçekleşecek.
Hafta boyunca başından son hücumu Fenerbahçe başlatması bekleniyor.
Türkiye'de spor gazeteleri bu oyuncu dün yayımlanan ve İstanbul kulübü, eski Galatasaray klasik rakip tarafından sunulan katılacaktır. Hatta 'Sabah' Türk topraklarında dönmek arzusu tanımak onun birkaç ifadeleri tarafından verilmektedir. "Ben Türkiye'nin ve Fenerbahçe önerisi çok çekici hayatıma devam etmek istiyorum, ülkem özlüyorum."
Mehmet Bulgaristan yarın karşı karşıya Türk, Avusturya'da bu gün yoğunlaşmıştır.
Ayrıca, apart, Fenerbahçe, Lille Tino Costa talipleri arasında zemin kazanıyor. Montpellier ve Lille: İki Fransız kulüpleri ajan, Ruben Munoz, ülkelerine iade niyeti iletilir edilmiştir. Ancak, Valencia komşu ülkeden daha güçlü faiz yüksek bir ekonomik potansiyeli Montpellier ile LOSC Lille kulübü geldiğini biliyoruz.
Oyuncu, bu arada, Fransa dönüş seçeneği karşıladı.

Olgun, Rodger linse görüştüHedwiges Maduro kesin olarak geleceği aydınlatmak için bu gün Haziran başlamadan önce bir süre verilmiştir. Hollandaca olarak ortaya SUPER, iki yıl için yaptığı sözleşme yenilemek için zemine bir teklifi vardır. Ancak, VCF bu dekante olması için Spartak Moskova bir yıl ve daha yüksek bir maaş vermektedir çünkü '3 'zor olacağını farkında. Maduro menajeri Rodger linse ile dün öğleden sonra toplantı yapıldı, o daha fazla zaman kaçırmak istemiyor. Hollanda'nın en büyük olasılıkla Emery takımın teklifi seçerek sona bildirdi.

Getafe is joined to the Athletic Aduriz

Aritz Aduriz can become one of the protagonists of Valencia transfer market this summer. The known interest of Athletic Bilbao take over its services, has joined Getafe CF team has already shown interest in the player in previous seasons. Two seasons ago, when the ram still belonged to RCD Mallorca, Madrid equiopo already tried his move, offering three million euros for him, but the player was eventually signed for Valencia CF, who paid four million for him.

Aduriz, who is 31, has a contract with Valencia until June 2013, ie one more season, so that Valencia could consider the offers that came with the player, as it would be the last chance to turn a profit by leaving the team. The truth is that Getafe looking forward, because, in the words of coach himself Mallard, Luis Garcia, "Miku is whether or not, would be nice to sign another striker."

The case is complex Aduriz as Braulio Vazquez highly values ​​the involvement of the player with the club, its professionalism and its high performance as spares. The decision looks like it could now be left to Mauricio Pellegrino, new coach black and white.

On the other hand, Athletic follows the events with great interest, since the team has clearly needs to complement and reinforce their attack, and within the limitations offered by its transfer market, Aduriz is clearly a player appealing for the Basques. Josu Urrutia, president of the club from Bilbao, and declared that he is willing to pay more than 3.5 million euros for him. Valencia awaits.

Alba, the stronger value of the Stock Exchange of Valencia

It shows the Ibex 35, the Nasdaq or the Dow Jones. However, football has its own bag with their indices, values, fluctuations and other details. Yes that match each other in the economic crisis hits them equally. However, with the difference that, in the case of the players, its real value depends almost entirely on themselves. The yield offered on the pitch which will revalue or to take them to depreciate in a market that has been devalued over time and that only a privileged few, the top economic power, can access to buy the best.
Valencia is no exception and within its workforce there are movements of all kinds, in all directions, with a resultant positive or negative end. Jordi Alba is the value to rise. The most traded. Witness his evolution on the pitch, the growth that has catapulted into the tournament. But if anyone doubts this, also endorse the studies. Catalan has achieved this leading position on merit. With his effort. In just three years its market value has increased from two to ten million euros. That is, eight million revaluation.
It is the player of the team that achieved the largest upward progression.
This situation results in two directions. One of them, which makes him an object of desire of the best European clubs. The other affects the Valencia.
It is the next player with which you are able to make money by following the path that opened in recent times Albiol, Marchena, Villa, Silva and Mata.
The oscillations that occur and the market price of the players are set based on the valuations that makes Transfermarkt-German website specializing in the football market, between the year of signing the player and the current time.
We estimated different aspects, including the future prospects and prestige.
Behind Jordi Alba appears as the second most appreciated Valencia Pablo Hernandez. Perhaps surprisingly to some, we must take into account that the final assessment for the years in the workforce and its progression. Do not stay alone with his performance last season, very irregular. The value of Paul in 2008, year of first assessment, was five million euros, of which happened to the twelve current.
Seven of revaluation.
Vicente Guaita is the third of the fastest growing players in Valencia: 6.9 million euros. Follow Roberto Soldado and Jonas, both with six million revaluation. Of Feghouli and Mathieu amounts to four million each, and from there the numbers are falling, always upward. Two and a half million to Tino Costa, two for Rami in a single season at the Mestalla, a million Topal, although not done with the ownership and could even leave the club ...
Antonio Barragan has appreciated by 900,000 euros and Portuguese Ricardo Costa at 700,000.
Only two players in the Valencia maintain respect to the initial assessment.
This is the goalkeeper Cristiano Pereira (500,000 euros) and Angel Dealbert, two million.
On the negative side are a total of ten players. Most of them are obviously the less time they have participated throughout the season, for different reasons. Michael Brito is the player who has lost more value, due to injuries sustained and acts of indiscipline have cost to stay out of a number of calls. Ending contract also has meant that not count on him for anything in the final stretch of the season comes to an end.
Five and a half million euro has depreciated Portuguese.
The case of Diego Alves is downward, similar to Paul Hernandez. The Brazilian goalkeeper has dropped their valuation of five million euros in the year leading up to the Valencia. The fact you missed the title has had its influence. Aduriz and Bruno have depreciated in four million each, and Banega three.
Your flash has affected him, not to mention the serious injury that has suffered this year.
Dani Parejo is another of the players that have lost value (two million in one year) because of their ostracism and lack of adaptation. Depreciation of Albelda, perhaps in his penultimate season as black and white, is 1.5 million euros, leaving three others whose evolution has been declining in all cases in a million. The number of mature results from four years, one of Piatti, while Canales has been valued since the beginning of 2012 until the end of the season, where the promising footballer Cantabrian reinjured.

Adil Rami but marque le retour de la France

Adil Rami se présente sous la forme pour le tournoi. Le défenseur central du FC Valence a marqué le retour contre l'Islande à la fin les Français ont gagné un jeu qui le rendait très difficile avec les deux premiers buts contre.

Il était de 88 minutes lorsque Rami vient de derrière pour finir le fond du filet la balle du point de penalty. À seulement 10 minutes avant il était sur ​​le point de composer à partir de l'extérieur de la zone avec une chaussure qui ne frappe pas la défense avait été le premier dans son compte privé. L'échange international était très sûr en matière de défense et osé pour aider dans l'attaque à plusieurs reprises.

The VCF has hired an entire staff in the last three years

Valencia has hired an entire staff in the last three years, leading its president, Manuel Llorente, the head of a club on Thursday announced its latest recruitment of Portuguese player Joao Pereira.

With this signing, twenty-two players at this time have reached the Mestalla, which had announced a week before the hiring of Jonathan Viera, from the UD Las Palmas, in the Spanish second division.

Moreover, Valencia is waiting to officially confirm the hiring of Mexican player Andres Guardado, which now belongs to Deportivo Coruna and after return to First Team Galician has confirmed his move to Valencia together.

The last three years have been marked by economic difficulties and efforts to reduce the debts of the club.

This situation forced the Valencia players to transfer important of its workforce, including highlighted the progress of the Barcelona David Villa, David Silva and Juan Mata Manchester City to Chelsea.

In contrast, in the chapter of signings, three years ago, ahead of the 2009-2001 campaign, arrived at Valencia defenders Jeremy Mathieu and Bruno Saltor and goalkeeper Miguel Angel Moya, who was not sustained and was loaned to Getafe

A mid-season was considered necessary to strengthen the team and turned to winter to hiring the Argentinian Alejandro 'Chori' Dominguez, who soon after followed the same steps as Moya and is currently being transferred to River Plate.

The 2010-2011 season was marked by a greater number of transfers and up to eight new players were added to the discipline of Valencia.

Came forward Roberto Soldado, Jonas Gonçalves Aritz Aduriz and to supply the absence of David Villa and Nicola Zigic.
So did the defenses Marius Stankevicius, on loan, and Ricardo Costa and midfielders Memet Topal, Tino Costa and Sophiane Feghouli.

In the last campaign were eight other players who signed for Valencia: the goalkeeper Cristiano Pereira, who has not yet debuted with the first team in official competition, and Diego Alves, defenders Antonio Barragan, Victor Ruiz and Adil Rami, and the
midfielders Pablo Piatti, Daniel Parejo and Sergio Canales.

Therefore, the only players that remain today in the discipline Valencia and played competitive matches before Llorente's arrival to the presidency of the club are the Dutchman Hedwiges Maduro, David Albelda, Pablo Hernandez and goalkeeper Miguel Vicente Brito Guaita.

Ricardo Costa, João Pereira guia para

Quando Valência e Sporting de Lisboa no meio da tarde anunciou oficialmente quinta-feira passada que o acordo por João Pereira usar o elástico branco três temporadas, mais um opcional, algumas horas antes, o lateral já havia confessado o Ricardo Costa notícias. Assim, tornou-se um privilegiado e falou de capitão para capitão, embora tivesse desde a noite de segunda-feira, aproveitando as pausas que deram Paulo Bento para introduzir gradualmente o que será sua nova rotina como um jogador de Valência. Onde mora? Qual é a ligação com Lisboa? Que área da cidade que você recomendaria para procurar uma casa? Uma questão após outra que fizeram o grande cicerone Ricardo João Pereira, para ser apresentado após a participação no Campeonato Europeu, que irá realizar, como no amistoso de ontem contra a Macedônia. SUPER conversou com Ricardo Costa a partir do acampamento em Portugal, e desde o início, garante que a transferência do lado direito é um sucesso em todos os sentidos, tanto desportiva e economicamente.
"Eu estava oficializada a assinatura de João Pereira, a quem você conhece na perfeição.
Que valor tem a sua assinatura?"É um jogador muito bom, com grande qualidade técnica e realizará a seleção de Portugal no Euro. Valencia vai dar muita presença ofensiva, também defende bem, tem sempre uma atitude positiva e agora deve se ajustar à equipe e métodos de treinador novo, para preencher uma lacuna no lado direito, após as saídas de Michael e Bruno, correndo Barragan para o trabalho de partida.-Você é um privilegiado, porque tinha informações de primeira mão, como você comunicou a transferência?-Desde que soube que existia próximas negociações, ele sabe que eu sou um dos capitães e conversar. Primeiro, eles concordaram com ele e estava aguardando a chegada dos clubes a concordar e tudo estava fechado. Ele assinou a ser em Lisboa ea partir desse momento começamos a conversar sobre a cidade de Valência. (Risos)-Uma das críticas tem sido ausente do FCR atual tem sido a necessidade de mais jogadores com personalidade na equipe, e João responde a esse perfil.Falando por mim, não é mais necessário, o João é um de 28 anos com personalidade e é uma referência em Portugal, tem agora um trabalho a fazer em Valência e mostrar o que ele fez com o Sporting.- Você já se perguntou muitas coisas? O que desperta mais curiosidade?A verdade é que já falamos um pouco de tudo, do que um companheiro vai ter no seu computador, sobre a cidade, como são as pessoas que trabalham no clube e ele ainda não sabe ...- Você está fazendo você guiar o que será a sua nova experiência?- (Risos). É verdade que nós conversamos muito e até agora só tem que pensar em Euro Paulo Bento lembra, que quando você me perguntar o que é pouco tempo no clube, se as aeronaves direta, como ela se encaixa a família, onde você pode viver ...- Alguém me pergunto por que não vir antes do campeonato Português, já que tem 28 anos?O problema é que o primeiro estava no Benfica e, em seguida, assinou pelo Sporting, são dois grandes clubes em Portugal ea verdade é que a proposta não vir agora é um momento de maturidade para ele e é muito experiente.- Pode revelar todos os segredos dele ou anedota?-Ele é muito quieto, não falar muito fora do campo e tem muito claro o que fazer.- Houve alguma parabéns especiais ou?"É uma grande assinatura, fechou em muito bom estado em termos econômicos, porque eles gastaram muito dinheiro e é um grande jogador.