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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012-2013 Premier League start the weekend of 18/19 August and ends on June 1

2012-2013 Premier League start the weekend of 18 and 19 August, according to the agreement reached on Tuesday by the boards of First and Second Division Football League (LFP) and end on Saturday June 1 the top flight.
In this just sets a day on Wednesday (day 37, the May 29, 2013), except that no Spanish team in the final of the Champions League, scheduled for Saturday 25th May at Wembley.
In such a case would be contested on Sunday 26 May.
The first season finale will be on Saturday June 1, 2013, in compliance with the deadlines set by FIFA for the release of players to the Spanish national team for participation in the Confederations Cup, which takes place from 15 to 30 of
same month in Brazil.
The schedule provides for the final of the Cup be played on Wednesday May 8, 2013.
In the event that the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) reject this date for the final of the cup-bearer, has been referred to delay it to Saturday 18 May.
This change would affect the dispute in 36 days and 39 First Second, which would then be played on 19 May.
In this case, the Cup finalists will play their home games these days of League on Wednesday, 8 this month.
Because Atletico Madrid will face Chelsea in the UEFA Super Cup on Friday August 31 at the Louis II stadium in Monaco, his party will play third day on Monday September 3.
In the Second Division, the first phase of the championship also begin the weekend of 18/19 August and end on Sunday June 9.
Then the playoffs will be held for promotion, scheduled for Wednesday 12, Tuesday 16, Wednesday 19 and Sunday 23.
In this category, as in preceding seasons, will not stop competing in the official FIFA dates on the international calendar, and there will be no time to play on Wednesday.

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