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Monday, May 28, 2012

Alba, the stronger value of the Stock Exchange of Valencia

It shows the Ibex 35, the Nasdaq or the Dow Jones. However, football has its own bag with their indices, values, fluctuations and other details. Yes that match each other in the economic crisis hits them equally. However, with the difference that, in the case of the players, its real value depends almost entirely on themselves. The yield offered on the pitch which will revalue or to take them to depreciate in a market that has been devalued over time and that only a privileged few, the top economic power, can access to buy the best.
Valencia is no exception and within its workforce there are movements of all kinds, in all directions, with a resultant positive or negative end. Jordi Alba is the value to rise. The most traded. Witness his evolution on the pitch, the growth that has catapulted into the tournament. But if anyone doubts this, also endorse the studies. Catalan has achieved this leading position on merit. With his effort. In just three years its market value has increased from two to ten million euros. That is, eight million revaluation.
It is the player of the team that achieved the largest upward progression.
This situation results in two directions. One of them, which makes him an object of desire of the best European clubs. The other affects the Valencia.
It is the next player with which you are able to make money by following the path that opened in recent times Albiol, Marchena, Villa, Silva and Mata.
The oscillations that occur and the market price of the players are set based on the valuations that makes Transfermarkt-German website specializing in the football market, between the year of signing the player and the current time.
We estimated different aspects, including the future prospects and prestige.
Behind Jordi Alba appears as the second most appreciated Valencia Pablo Hernandez. Perhaps surprisingly to some, we must take into account that the final assessment for the years in the workforce and its progression. Do not stay alone with his performance last season, very irregular. The value of Paul in 2008, year of first assessment, was five million euros, of which happened to the twelve current.
Seven of revaluation.
Vicente Guaita is the third of the fastest growing players in Valencia: 6.9 million euros. Follow Roberto Soldado and Jonas, both with six million revaluation. Of Feghouli and Mathieu amounts to four million each, and from there the numbers are falling, always upward. Two and a half million to Tino Costa, two for Rami in a single season at the Mestalla, a million Topal, although not done with the ownership and could even leave the club ...
Antonio Barragan has appreciated by 900,000 euros and Portuguese Ricardo Costa at 700,000.
Only two players in the Valencia maintain respect to the initial assessment.
This is the goalkeeper Cristiano Pereira (500,000 euros) and Angel Dealbert, two million.
On the negative side are a total of ten players. Most of them are obviously the less time they have participated throughout the season, for different reasons. Michael Brito is the player who has lost more value, due to injuries sustained and acts of indiscipline have cost to stay out of a number of calls. Ending contract also has meant that not count on him for anything in the final stretch of the season comes to an end.
Five and a half million euro has depreciated Portuguese.
The case of Diego Alves is downward, similar to Paul Hernandez. The Brazilian goalkeeper has dropped their valuation of five million euros in the year leading up to the Valencia. The fact you missed the title has had its influence. Aduriz and Bruno have depreciated in four million each, and Banega three.
Your flash has affected him, not to mention the serious injury that has suffered this year.
Dani Parejo is another of the players that have lost value (two million in one year) because of their ostracism and lack of adaptation. Depreciation of Albelda, perhaps in his penultimate season as black and white, is 1.5 million euros, leaving three others whose evolution has been declining in all cases in a million. The number of mature results from four years, one of Piatti, while Canales has been valued since the beginning of 2012 until the end of the season, where the promising footballer Cantabrian reinjured.

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