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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alba's agent wants to close the renewal before Euro

With Manuel Llorente in the U.S., nothing can be done. But when the president of Valencia again later this week, the tasks to be solved in addition to introductions (Pellegrino and players) is that of happy Jordi Alba contract. One day after Valencia was confirmed by Del Bosque as one of those chosen to participate in the Euro from its representative team, expressing what would be the ideal situation to close once and for all an issue that has been said almost all .
"They, in reference to the position of the club defend their interests and we naturally ours. The best for all parties would be able to announce that we have reached full agreement before the Euro began. Although I know that Jordi Alba has very clear ideas and I think it will be fully focused on the selection, it is inevitable to think that anyone would like to fix it to avoid any time may suffer a distraction.
When you have your future in the air is not entirely comfortable, "says Jose Manuel Tárraga.
A Emery betrayed by his subconscious before his departure the assumption that Jordi Alba had already done with FC Barcelona. In this regard, for several months, almost since the beginning of the negotiations, it has been suggested even from the media Barcelona Jordi Alba had closed the club. Tárraga is categorical about it.
"There are no offers on the table."
Valencia, in the back, works with the hypothesis that Jordi Alba salaries from below Mathieu-end change of scenery. The young international-holder and for Del Bosque-yes it is a one year contract as black and white and a picture in front that could be similar to the case of Juan Mata and his escape clause to allow him to carry out a transfer.
For now, though the relationship with Valencia as indicated Tárraga "is extraordinary," are issues such as image rights and other issues of economic nature that have come to confuse the process of upgrading and renewal of contract until 2016.
By the way, the agent Valencia, whose firm also represents Guaita and Bernat-want to leave a clear message: "No player we represent will never anything that might harm at some point to Valencia.
No one will force anything strange. "
Valencia have reiterated in recent days has come not a single proposal or Barca or any other club, Jordi Alba.
Still, we know the interest of Braulio Vazquez Siqueira (Granada), Brazil's 26 years that does not occupy space alien for having an EU passport, and have been added Jose Angel (Roma) and Jose Manuel Casado (Ray).
If an international Joao Pereira and can be paid at the end a total of 4.2 million, some of the previous disbursement would be far superior. First, in any form, should be done with Alba box and would become stronger clubs.

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