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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Albelda, forced a landing in Ibiza

One of the absent 'involuntary' on the spot where he presented the renewal of Jinko Solar as a sponsor for the next two seasons was Albelda, who was in Ibiza on holiday and hired a plane to go back in time, however, a few minutes that the aircraft took off bound for Valencia one of the engines stopped and the pilot was forced to return to the island, where they were forced to make an emergency landing. Today it is expected that the master is in the training session.
The event was held in L'Umbracle where Manuel Llorente, after the Board ratify the decision taken by Manuel Llorente and Braulio, made official the signing of Mauricio Pellegrino for the next two seasons. The 'Skinny' was incorporated on 1 July as the U.S. tour that will make Valencia from June 21 to July 1 will coach Unai Emery as required by the contract signed. Llorente joked that situation embracing the technical and minutes later to formalize the appointment of Pellegrino as his replacement, and saying that "we want to enjoy Unai until the last day."
Emery is aware that is not "ideal" but not going to put any problem beyond your head begins to be in the Russian league as lead Spartak Moscow the next two seasons.
A Unai he wanted to start an adventure abroad and goes to the Russian league, with the primary mission to storm the throne of Zenit. Having gained the third position with the VCF has become interested in his next team, the club considered 'the people' by the Russians. Emery has had options to continue in the league, but considered to have high wear at Valencia, after they have met every year priority objectives, hence that he was proud to meet until the last day of contract
Why Russia? There is an economic issue, but in two leagues attractive to him as the Bundesliga or Premier, technical market is closed. And you like the adventure because he believes he can win a title there, a football increasingly powerful economically. A Moscow will compete, not to seek a multimillion dollar contract when his coaching career begins.

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