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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alcácer 'Pellegrino knows what he does'

Unai was given 13 minutes with the first team against Real Sociedad, how do you know a player of the quarry?I think it's an award that the coach has confidence in me for the last league match, so the minute I played in Anoeta as everyone who gave me throughout the season I have them to thank.
- Before leaving the lawn you have any routine or think of someone?-Since I missed my father, before games, I thought about it and when I go to the lawn I cross myself for it.
- What is your goal when you play?-Above all enjoy the minutes I give and take every opportunity to continue trusting in me.
-It has been almost all season working with the first team, what have learned in this time next as senior players?-Above all I learned the moves that are companions to play up front, as a Soldier and Aduriz. I learned a lot from them.
-You commented that goes to train with eyes wide open, what quality is what you like about Soldier?-Above all patience and constancy they have to achieve the goal.
- How Adúriz?-It is strong, especially the power that is in the air and on arrival you have.
- What about Jonas?'It's a great quality player and everything comes and has scored many goals this season.
- What other front takes note?-I always liked David Villa, I also fixed Rooney, Higuain, Benzema ... They are great strikers, regardless of the VCF, of course.
- Do you find many differences when working at the lower of the selection or in the youth?He shows much experience and pace of play. For example, when I go to the selection compete with people who have mostly your age and the difference is that, the bulk, the physical, the pace of play ...
-There are technicians who think there are players who can perform better at first than in Segunda B, having more space and no rivals as above it, giving the example of John Bernat.
Can it also happen to you?'That has to tell the coach, I am dedicated to train and play for Valencia with the intention of doing things best.
-As a child attends Valencia Mestalla to see where the subsidiary competition has allowed takes his seat, what is seen with them now?-See me here is a dream come true for me. Since I have long wanted to be part of a great team such as Valencia, because it is the club of my land, and have always wanted to be here.
- Do you have a lot in the stands?Yes, I'm from Valencia and really suffer. Best wishes to the team.
- What memory is left?Well, the last matches in Mestalla have been nice, since the team has won scoring four goals per game, and gave VCF show.
- What is the advice I have given and is always present?-I work every day, because the fruits are collected in the future.
- When he started playing one day be thought that the Valencia player?I never thought it would be player of Valencia CF, but little by little, working every day, things are achieved.
Her representatives, the company Toldrá Consulting, met last week with sports management to assess a possible sale next season, what do you think?'That theme is carried my representatives, I just want to play. Surely the Valencia and my agents make the best decision for me.
-The next coach Mauricio Pellegrino, I was at the lower levels in the Cadet B.
What do you remember those days, for force to settle the match by a landslide?'I had in the Cadet B and as a coach I think it was very good, knows his stuff very well, noting especially when placing players on defense, and is a very serious technical.
- Would you like to talk to your doctor before taking a final decision on whether to stay in the workforce or given out?'Of course, I would like because if I stay it will be my coach.
-In recent years the club has sold their best players for a purely economic issue, does that encourages kids who are in the quarry?-A encourages us and gives us strength when there is a school player in the first team helps us to have more desire and work during the week to get noticed in us.
'Tomorrow Vicente Del Bosque announced a first selection list, would you like there was soldier's name for his excellent season on?-A Roberto I wish him well, going to the Euro and to get out.
-You start to concentrate Sub'19, to play the mini-tournament of Elite European Championship XI.-Now let a few workouts and Sunday will be the final list.
-With the Rojita has always shone.'I've been in two European, one was the Sub'19-champion scored twice in the final, and I came second with sub'17.
- What is off the pitch?-A humble person and I think that nice.
-Talk about humility.-At home I have taught well and I'll end up like that.
- What do you like to do?-Above all, being with friends, is the best thing next to the family and enjoy the day.
Recently-signed autographs in the Sports City when training just what sense do you have?The truth is that I'm surprised people do not know if I have to know yet (laughs).
- You asked many?'No shame.
- What player would have liked to have an autograph?-In many ... (laughs). Especially players like Gaizka Mendieta, the 'louse' Lopez, I would have liked to share a dressing room with them. I saw them play something, but it was very small.
- What was your first shirt-white?I can not remember, but I know that in my house are all of Valencia CF.
- What kind of music-House, Electro ...
- Do you have many friends in football?Yes, I have met quite a few people inside and outside the field that is worth it.
Her first official goal with this shirt ...-I hope it is soon.

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