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Monday, May 14, 2012

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The tables in the Mini left completely open the second round. In a very even match and round, Valencia CF and Sevilla sought to overcome the opponent, but I could respect and both formations were kept behind in search of the goal.
The Honor Division rival faced a well-known and studied in the present campaign.
The Pellicer were defeated by Sevilla in the Champions Cup, competition would end up taking the Andalusians, and new faces have been in a playoff, but this time has been in Cup and two legs.
In a morning marked by a sweltering summer's more typical of May, both teams were measured in a physical encounter more than technique, physics major players were the best in each of the plays. The result, a crash bronco and butler, and competed hard. Both formations are cared much on defense, but our men were more creative in attack. The first occasion came with a shot of Agus who went over the bar. In minute 12, the Valencian had the clearest after a cross from the right wing Leuko and forced head shot Borja Gracia Rico stopping ending.
The Honor Division conducted a tireless black and white, rises on each side, steals some spectacular as that of Gaya in the edge of the area, but did not award the goal.
After the break, the party followed the same script for equality and fighting.
Leuko In the last section, with a shot escaorado and Dani Lucas, with acrobatic shot after a cross from Robert, had options ahead on the scoreboard.
Valencia CF 0: Adrian Lluna, Leuko, Gaya, Agus (Peter, min. 67), Moros, Salva, Robert, Fede (Dani Lucas, min. 58), Juan Delgado (Vincent, min. 79), and Borja Gracia Joselu
(Victor, min. 86).
Sevilla FC 0: Rich, War, Moses, Dani, Branco, Enrique (Garrido, min. 90), Rubio (Jairo, min. 82), Cotan (Beto, min. 82), Juanma, Joachim and Juanje (Mode, min
. 71).
Referee: John Carbonell admonished Hernandez Delgado, Agus, Gaya and Youth coach, Sergio Pellicer, by Valencia CF and Rubio, Henry and Moses, Sevilla FC.
Incidents: Party for the first leg of the knockout stages of the Youth Cup. Mini Stadium Paterna.

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