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Monday, May 14, 2012

Anoeta party to dinner Unai and then the disco

Valencia sacked the season in style in San Sebastian. Unai was the whole expedition, president and employees to dine at one of the best restaurants in Euskadi. The Bokado, belonging to Mikel Arzsak and Santamaria in command of the kitchen became the best place to put an end to the cycle of the technician.

With the lights from the Concha beach in the background, the only witnesses. The guests arrived about midnight and Unai and his staff shared a table with Manuel Llorente. The menu, with various starters, finished with a good lobster main course. In Emery and desserts Llorente tried to run a little speech cut jokes and applause from the players. Good vibes. The meal ended on Sunday at 1.30 but not at night.

The staff went to a nightclub called the marina of San Sebastian. Keep in mind that it was also the farewell of some colleagues, as Bruno, Maduro and Dealbert. And for others with the uncertain future, as Jordi Alba. Yesterday, the sunglasses were allowed. On the flight back the player who was focused all comments Aduriz, since a few hours after he flew with Albelda, Llorente and Damia Vidagany toward China. The difference is that Aritz slept significantly less than David. Even for that there was a smile. Unai Emery, Ochotorena and Mikel Jauregui did not return with the team. Bruno wanted his companions to sign one of the headrest of the plane with the shield.

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