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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Braulio: 'Let's go with patience Viera is very young'

Braulio Vazquez, coordinator of the technical secretariat of Valencia CF, said in a statement provided by the club qualifying season "remarkably high, almost outstanding" after certifying this Saturday's third place in the league championship. "The season marked the highest rate of almost outstanding, because we have two semi-finals of two tournaments and we have KO third. The club's Champions for life and the next year we'll all be seeing it in Monaco group we are with the best in Europe, "he said.

"For the first time in history that Valencia will play the Champions League three consecutive years and must be given the value it deserves, because the year that we will not we will remember all of what we are getting," he added.

Braulio confirmed that Valencia has reached an agreement with Las Palmas to hire Jonathan Vieira. "All the technical secretariat expects a lot from the player because he has talent. He is a player of the street, of which there is, trying things on the field to another, nor would imagine," he said.

"So I'm happy. I know that you people will like it very much. That kid has a gift for football, but let's go with patience because it is very young. But I think that gives us a hint of important quality for the year to come, "said Braulio, who said he will never be shared. "Let us not forget who is young and that is not the same play in Valencia in Las Palmas. Will their adjustment process and I know that the stands will love it. It will not be assigned to any site.

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