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Friday, May 18, 2012

Braulio: "Villas-Boas was the number one candidate"

"Our first option was to Villas-Boas." Braulio Vazquez drops the phrase with all the naturalness of the world. After a short silence is sincere. The manager, in an extensive interview on Radio BRAND, reveals what were the steps to sign coach this season: "Vilas-Boas was the number one candidate, but could not come." So it goes.
Not clear whether the refusal of the Portuguese was for money, its cache was high-or project-by failing to consider Valencia a big team in Europe. Just not signed. Following the refusal of the former Chelsea, opened again the range and in that short list was chosen Mauricio Pellegrino. "If a coach or a player you have to convince him to come to Valencia, and a bad start," says the athletic director to close the topic. With his words, Braulio makes clear that the Argentine was secondary option. Nothing new in the history of the club.
Rafa Benitez himself was the fifth choice after four negative coaches and Unai Emery joined Valencia after giving Marcelino Garcia Toral, among others.
Still, Braulio words resonate. "Villas-Boas was our first choice." With Pellegrino still Argentina's sincerity Braulio raises certain questions. Still, the athletic director is very clear that the commitment to the former player is insurance. When questioned by his lack of experience responding forcefully. "Pellegrino has worked with the best. Bianchi, Van Gaal, Benitez, Cuper ... it gives you more experience than a hundred games as coach in First division." Braulio departe day with 'thin'. "It's a coach who leaves nothing to chance. Has a deep knowledge of the staff and the club. His knowledge is extensive." One of the biggest unknowns of the new coach will be your game system. With no reference, "Presidents of the government also come with no experience and have to run a country," says Braulio, to whom it is difficult to venture how to play the Pellegrino Valencia.
Initially, the idea is to use the 4-2-3-1 with a more offensive game than his mentor, Rafa Benitez, used to use.
Daily contact
Pellegrino was not the first choice, but reality has set in the bench-white. Since his signing was made official contact with the Valencia is daily.
In short, at the end of the month, the Argentine land in Valencia ready to speed up work ahead of the preseason and final preparation of the template.
The new coach has already made clear that there are some important players for the future, but mostly want to see them all in action before making a final decision. Therefore will be crucial first ten days the team will work in Valencia before leaving promotional tour to Puerto Rico and Costa Rica and then to play two games in China.

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