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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carcedo: 'We make the most of Saved'

The, so far, coach Juan Carlos Valencia Carcedo admitted at a press conference in Houston that the club Valencia was "very interested" in open market in the U.S. and his first tour of this country had been positive.

Valencia, who dispute this Thursday, a charity exhibition game with the Houston Dynamo, first traveled to Portland, where he faced the local team of Major League Soccer USA (MLS), the Timbers, who won 1-0. "We are delighted to come here, because, well, everything is open in the U.S. market in Houston in this case, see a little what is the 'soccer', as here and progresses slowly, it is interesting for all
teams in Europe and in this case for Valencia, "said Carcedo, who took over the team following the departure of Unai Emery to coach Spartak Moscow.

Carcedo said that in football as in any other sport you always have the need to win at all sites and look good.
"Obviously we represent a big club in Spain and we have an obligation to do well and win," said Carcedo.

The coach of Valencia used the word "surprised" when assessed the level of play he has seen in the MLS. "The truth is that we were surprised because we believe that a good level for the little time it takes to practice here, and we have seen a couple of games that have a good level, there are good teams and now they are coming more foreign players
are providing a higher level, "said Carcedo.

Valencia coach said he was also surprised by the street children, people would ask things of football and other leagues are informed of what's happening in Europe and also eager to know more.

Carcedo said he did not know the new area of ​​Houston Dynamo, which opened on 12 May and is the first in the history of American sport that is sponsored and named after a Spanish company, such as bank
BBVA and its U.S. subsidiary Compass.

The arrival of Mexican striker Andres Guardado Valencia has also led to the Spanish team begins to be popular among fans of the neighboring country, they have it as one of its great figures in the national team. "Everybody in Europe knows and here too, I think that is a world class player at that Valencia has long been pursuing. Now is the team you think will give many days of glory because
is a great player and hopefully get the best performance, "said Carcedo that next season will not be at the Mestalla club, but that values ​​CF Valencxia arrival of the Mexican.

As for what they expected with the arrival of Guardado, Carcedo said to be a more complete team and that could be better covered all positions in the face to be competitive in the different tournaments that they participate will be playing next season, including the League of
Champions of Europe.

Emery's departure a few days to reach Portland, Carcedo said the team was fine, had not affected because it was something that had already been spoken. "Now we have to do is be able to make a good game on Thursday, setting a good spectator sport and a victory to the followers of Valencia," said Carcedo.

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