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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Di Stefano, on the 25th anniversary of last promotion

Alfredo Di Stefano, who coached Valencia CF for 25 years, will attend the party to be held on Sunday to commemorate both the final climb to the first division of the Valencia team, won the May 30, 1987, as the 89th anniversary of stadium Mestalla.
The current honorary president of Real Madrid was the coach who first returned to Valencia for 25 years after a year in the second division, a goal that took three days before the end of the competition, after beating Recreativo Huelva at the Mestalla (
The 1987 was the second ascent to the first division of the history of Valencia, having achieved the first in 1931, since during the first three years of the history of the League, Valencia played the whole second.
The story of that ascent began with the fall of 1986 in a dismal season the club Valencia, who, however, reacted immediately with a new project led by Arturo Tuzón, with Alfredo di Stefano on the bench, Roberto Gil in the technical secretariat
and an important weight of the quarry on the computer.
Led by Ricardo Arias, managed the ascent Revert, Giner, Bossio, Subirats, Quique, Fernando Arroyo, Sempere, Voro, Jon Garcia Ferrando, Fenoll, Alcaniz, Sixto Muñoz Pérez, Sánchez Torres, Serna, Forestry, Juarez and Cotino
making up a template in which more than half of the players was born in Valencia.
Peter Alcaniz, with ten goals, was the top scorer in a team competition did not start well, but the domino with authority from the middle of the first round.
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of that promotion to the Football Players Association of Valencia CF has organized a party for next Sunday, May 20.
Sunday's game, which will also assist Jesus Paredes, trainer of that team, will face players who made up that template and a combination of the Association, and played at the Mestalla at 12:00.
The game will also serve to commemorate the 89th anniversary of the inauguration of the stadium, which took place on May 20, 1923.

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