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Friday, May 18, 2012

Filed in Valencia, their next destination

Mexico's Andres Guardado, Deportivo midfielder, yesterday traveled to Valencia, which will, in all probability, your next destination, with permission from their coach Jose Luis Oltra.
The coach did not reveal what PAN was Kept in Valencia a couple of days before the game that can give rise to Deportivo, but admitted that he traveled with his approval.

José Luis Oltra
"He told me a topic, I talked to him and gave him permission to travel. I know what went, but I will not say"
"I know he traveled to Valencia. I have granted the permit. She said an issue, I talked to him and gave him permission to travel. I know what went, but I will not say," he said at a news conference Oltra
in the Riazor.
Although at Jerez on Sunday Sport has options to certify his return to mathematically First, Oltra Guardado gave permission because "he understood that nothing happened."
"Jesus went yesterday and this morning came and I had all day to rest and, with the involvement and desire you have, if OK, things will play and contribute," he said.
The Valencia coach said "perhaps this case seems more flashy, but there are more people who have gone somewhere to do things."
Do not go to Mexico
On the other hand, confirmed that midfielder Oltra Aztec attend the call of his selection for friendlies later this month and early June until the Sport is promoted or is required to yield to his national team player since the
Mexico's first two games do not match FIFA dates.
"There are rules that you can not ignore. In the worst case, you have to adhere to it. For now, Sunday is here for sure," said Valencia coach.
He added that Saved "is like all year round, wonderful" and is an "important piece" that "the extent possible, will help to achieve the objective Depor and, until reduced the rise."
"Andrew, if you can, have to be here until the law allows," said the coach of all Coruña.

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