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Friday, May 18, 2012

Five homegrown players will tour the U.S.

Five players from the youth Valencia completed the list of players who will travel to America to play two games of the tour in this country that has provided the Valencia between 21 May and 1 June. This is Gil Carles midfielders and Portugal, the right side Joel and Dalmau and central defender Pardo.
These five players will complete the list of the first team to not to have international players are concentrated or concentrated during the dates of the tour takes place. With the Spanish are Jordi Alba and Roberto Soldado, Ricardo Costa and Cristiano Pereira Rami Portugal and France.
Nor will travel Feghouli Maduro and with commitments to the Netherlands and Algeria, and finally, the homegrown Paco and Juan Alcacer Bernat are concentrated with the Spanish sub'21.
As far as jobs are concerned, is a strong central Pardo, who this season was meant to combine training with the first team to go no further € made the preseason orders Unai Emery € and you can now have a new job opportunity that renewed last summer and he remains confident. Dalmau is a young right-back, who has come this season at Valencia B Barcelona from the quarry and which have high hopes.
Precisely in the same situation is the kid Torrent, Joel, also right side that has not finished making the leap but which still relies for the future because this season has had a good performance.
To make the leapFinally, Portuguese and Gil Carles, who may consider the following players to make the jump to professional football in either second or first division. Portuguese is a midfielder who has already done the preseason with the first team this season has been loaned out to Alcoyano but ultimately stayed in the subsidiary. Carles Gil is probably the most talented player but does not end subsidiary to operate, despite that the technical secretariat of the first team and the branch-white, much depends on him and, somehow, you are going to power the next season although it seems complicated than taking orders for next season Pellegrino.

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