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Monday, May 28, 2012

GUARDADO: 'I'm going to Valencia'

Andres Guardado himself from his own mouth made official what was a secret. The Mexican admitted his move to Valencia on the grass while celebrating the rise of Riazor Deportivo to Primera Division. "Now I go to Valencia, I forget a lot of people of Deportivo. I'm speechless. Five years have been wonderful and I am very grateful to Deportivo because it is the team that gave me the opportunity. I want to thank the support they gave me the family, my girlfriend at all ... ". With those words began to take leave of sportsmanship Guardado and welcome to what will be his new hobby, Valencia. "I do not want to talk about goodbyes. I want to enjoy the moment without thinking about the future, but I'm very pleased with this year. I enjoyed very much. We work to this day, for this purpose, all year and I am very grateful. You can not describe with words, now enjoy and then see what happens, "he said on the lawn of Riazor.
The Mexicans wanted to ensure the rise of Deportivo to Primera to publicly comment on his future and that's what he did. He spoke first in the field for ninety minutes € closes the season with 11 goals and 12 assists and finally was able to shout from the rooftops that his career is now going through Mestalla. "Now I'm going." The Mexican could not contain her excitement. For the future that awaits him in the city of Valencia and by this he was living with his club has been in the past five seasons. For them also had word of gratitude. "I am very grateful to Deportivo." He repeated over and over again. So no wonder that Andrew would go crazy in celebration. First, it was a blue and white scarf on her head. Then took one of the team flags. And all with a camera around his neck and a white undershirt. Where was the blue and white? The Mexican was aware that he was living his last night as a player for Depor. So wanted to immortalize those moments with your digital camera. Photographs and videos.
Everything worth.
The future depends on Valencia, but the most immediate by selection of Mexico. "I'm not going with the team until we have the rise and celebrate in style with the people," Guardado said the end of the game against Nastic de Tarragona. The Mexican has come and now I will join in the coming days to the concentration of the 'Tri'. Mexico plays against Bosnia-Herzegovina on 31 May against Brazil on June 3. Your journey 'home' with the selection is what precipitated the last week his whirlwind trip to Valencia. The player has gone home and sought medical checks and returned to La Coruna to train. If you return it will be to introduce himself.

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