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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Las Palmas took 'his best' by Jonathan Viera

Miguel Angel Ramirez, president of the Union Deportiva Las Palmas, said today at the club's official station UdRadio yellow, they got "everything that could", 2.5 million euros, with the transfer of the player Jonathan Viera Valencia Football Club.

In addition, Ramirez, said that with this operation have been closer "ties" to a top team.

The island's leader has said that the idea that keeps the presiding board of directors with respect to increasing the output of other players from the Athletic Union, is "not selling" next summer, because, among other things, aim "make a competitive team "for the 2012-13 season.

Regarding Juan Manuel Rodriguez, yellow coach, whose contract expires on June 30 this year, pointed out that Ramirez has done a "great job" and specified that "deserves the utmost respect."

"At the end of season does not sit and decide. I have not spoken with any other coach," has been certified.

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