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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Next year I will not be in Valencia

Angel Dealbert said goodbye in front of the Royal Society of Valencia, the club where he has spent the last three years. The Castellon said after the game in Anoeta that "next year will not be here" even though the entity headed by Manuel Llorente had offered the possibility of renewing. The player has finally rejected the offer valued the club and other teams have offered him a longer contract. Dealbert has offers from Spanish clubs like Real Betis or Deportivo, but also some abroad that may interest you. The Benlloch not been decided yet but has already taken the step of responding with a negative-white club though, as acknowledged yesterday after last dress shirt Valencia, "wherever you go the VCF will always be in my heart, I All the best and can win many titles. "The defense ended which was his last match in Valencia although he felt some discomfort in the leg straight up the right.

Bruno Saltor
"I do not know where I'll be next year yet, but things look good." "In Valencia took me many experiences but mostly I get people that are of great humanity and are the most important thing for me."

"Well, I have a contract and if the club wishes of course be there." "We had chances, I have had many, but have not wanted to come and it's a shame because we wanted to finish with a win."

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