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Monday, May 21, 2012

Siqueira bid for Valencia

The race to sign Guilherme Siqueira officially begin next week. The Valencia opened the bidding with an initial offer to Granada by the Brazilian player, who yesterday went to his native Florianopolis vacation feeling that their future is increasingly far from the entity that has made known to the world, and which is greatly appreciated.
Other teams also put their offers on the table soon and then, more than ever, the trite and familiar phrase of "the best for the club and the player" will become apparent. Most stakeholders, along with Valencia, are Atletico and Benfica, although several scouts from clubs in the Premier will have the first option on its priorities, if the mighty Manchester United.
Martin Ferguson, brother of Sir Alex, visited at the time the New Los Cármenes in the match against Sevilla, to see him live in a future replacement for the Red Devils of Patrice Evra, who has turned 31.
Barcelona also had included him among its elected on a list to reinforce the left, but the only possible move by Jordi Alba frustrates the operation.
Each passing day seems the list is reduced to three suitors: Valencia, Benfica and Atletico Madrid, who searches the Brazilian Antonio Lopez's replacement. However, the presence in the club mattress Luis Filipe, who both agreed Siqueira Figueirense and in the lower echelons of the selection canarinha could complicate this possibility, since it aims to ensure Siqueira minutes.
The would at Valencia, who loves him as a substitute Jordi Alba, and traded as confirmed by an oversight Unai Emery at a press conference, and Benfica, who sees in Brazil an excellent opportunity to strengthen his left side.
Siqueira has a contract with Granada until 2015 and a termination clause of 15 million euros. Quique Pina do not plan to sell for less than 10 kilos plus a series of incentives, which include a percentage in case of a transfer by a much larger and achievements of the player. Also consider the possibility of including in the amount of the transaction to a potential player. And that Benfica has a small advantage, because the leader wants at all costs granadinista acquire the rights to Carlos Martins, whom he has one season left on his contract with the Lisbon club, and who already have to pay about 3 million
their transfer.
Relations with Benfica are excellent and, besides Martins, Portugal selected to compete in the Eurocup this season have been transferred to Atletico Julius Caesar and Franco Jara, in addition to the transfer of Hassan Yebda and Ribeiro, both also from the agency Lusa. But Valencia and Atletico have the asset of the left-hander will not leave Atletico in Spanish football.

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