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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Soldier: 'At the end could not be'

Roberto Soldado, Valencia CF striker was disappointed after being left off the final list of Vicente Del Bosque for Euro 2012, and admitted that "are now screwed" but all he wants is that his "fellow champions are other time. "
After hearing the news at 12.25 am, have an hour to digest in your room and eat concentration with the team, Soldier showed his state of mind in your personal twitter.
"In the end could not fucking ser.Son moments but all I want is that my colleagues are champions again. They deserve the best," he wrote.
"I also thank all the messages of encouragement. Now necessary. Thank you," he added.

The international trained before knowing the final listThe 21 international Spanish team, and without David De Gea and Francisco Alarcón 'Isco' who returned to Madrid to join the sub'21, but with the first session in the group of Fernando Torres and Juan Mata, exercised before know the final list of Vicente Del Bosque.
After beating Serbia in the first of three friendlies played before coming to Spain Euro 2012, the coaching staff prepared a gentle session for players who played more minutes, and more intense for the rest, with an intense finish
auction with two goals.
Only the group completed the first fifteen minutes of working time, which stretched and released in the heating legs Juanfran Torres, Bruno Soriano, Raul Albiol, Santi Cazorla and Jesus Navas.
Were the most played against Serbia.
Neither player loaded with minutes all season, as Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso, basic pieces in the Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho and David Silva, Manchester City, completed the entire workout.
Forest measured the efforts and half of the session were removed to stretch on the grass.
In a difficult day for players discarded from the final list for the Euro, the morning began with Sergio Ramos puts music in the locker room. Before jumping to the lawn rang a South African World Cup song and a lot of flamenco.
One of the songs of his friend Jose Merce.
A few minutes of talk of the coach in the midfield with players in a circle listening, closed with applause for all to Roberto Soldado birthday this Sunday.
His day soured later when he met who is not among those chosen to compete in Euro 2012.
Del Bosque has given his players the first afternoon off since the beginning of the concentration and tomorrow, a new morning workout, the Spanish international will not return to exercise.

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