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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Soldier: 'Now I'll give it all'

You've taken the first step, now missing the final. Vicente del Bosque made his name last, but Roberto Soldado come prepared to stay. The '9 'is quoted on Monday at 12 pm in Town Football players with 20 more, with an initial list to play two friendlies in Switzerland, against Serbia on 26 and 30 to Korea South. For some of those invited will be just one more game because they know they will be in Euro in Poland and Ukraine, but the black and white front will be empty as it always does because he plays it. The coach wants to see in day to day Soldier, Negredo and Adrian Lopez, since two of them will join the citation of Fernando Llorente and 'Niño' Torres and David Villa is not discarded but has few options to be among the 23 chosen for their long process of inactivity, and it will not play any game before the final list of the next 27.
"I'll have to make painful decisions," repeated over and over again to coach their employees. It is easy to dismiss a player who has always fulfilled and the public that you said you're going to wait, as is the case of Guaje, but that decision is no more.
Forest considered a versatile player who besides being the benchmark in attack can start from the left wing, and with him on the list would be complete with three forwards: Fernando Llorente, Torres and a 'third'.
The Athletic striker is fixed, the 'Child' is back to show signs of life in recent games with Chelsea and has some virtues on the pitch than those of other alternatives that handles Vicente, and exploiting their power with spaces the counter-free and finished off the FC Barcelona in the semifinals of the Champions, 'and immediately afterwards are Soldado, Negredo and Adrian Lopez. The latter has a guaranteed place in the Olympic Games in London, but his excellent late-season has led him to his first call with the Absolute, though his name and takes a few months in the bedroom, where he took a step forward based Soldier of goals, he returned to the Red for the friendly against Venezuela on February 29. And made the most, with three goals in 45 minutes. A few months after Del Bosque calls back to Valencia, which will compete with Negredo, for a place. His late season have been very different, as the Sevilla has scored seven goals in their last eight league matches, which he has improved his numbers so far, reaching 14 goals. Soldier, however, scored just one goal since April, but keep in mind he has played several games without being one hundred percent for some discomfort in the area of ​​the vertical which is now fully recovered.
And so the coach is going to value this week from scratch.
About David Villa, Del Bosque is stated as follows: "We know your day to day, the recovery process that takes, is a unique process and take the final decision on May 27. We are evaluating much effort and desire to be here. "
If finally the tip of the FC Barcelona does not enter the final call, the idea that barrunta Salamanca coach is to take three points and cover the absence with another midfielder.
Delighted with Jordi AlbaThe other player in the VCF in the first list of Vicente del Bosque is Jordi Alba, who is accompanied by Ignacio Monreal in the left lateral position. Technicians are delighted with the performance of the Catalan player, and even have in mind to act in defense with three defenders back and giving Jordi entire left wing. In black and white team has alternated his position, a situation may also occur with the Red and both can cause instead of including right-Arbeloa other side is fixed, and Sergio Ramos in central defense part-cite two left-handed, and that's where I would have more options Monreal.Soldier and Jordi will be on Monday in Madrid, and the striker will be empty for a place among the 23 chosen for the tournament. The first step has already given, and now need the following.

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