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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tino Costa insists on going

Tino Costa postponed the decision on his future by the end of the course, and that his intention was to have a greater role and a few months after his closest communicate this possibility as SUPER published on February 4, Argentina reaffirms its opinion and for that reason, the Sports Management will have to rescue the creative media reports coming out just in case. And one name that stands out is that of Borja Valero, which became interested Braulio Vazquez and two seasons ago, but the option was to prevail over Tino, who was active in Montpellier. Today, the priority is to sign a right back, and then addressed the issue of outputs, each will be replaced, but there will be no casualties reinforcements. In the first conversations I had with Braulio 'Flaco' Pellegrino, the technician has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the workforce, but neither the coach nor Braulio have spoken to the player because they just finished the championship.
The roadmap will continue this summer Manuel Llorente is clear: if there is a written proposal will not waste time on assumptions. And although in the winter market, the VCF went to Lille for the sole purpose of negotiating its sale-purchase or transfer. Braulio listened to them but never wanted to open a negotiation with the French club, emplazándole to talk at the end of the course. Rudi Garcia has always had in his mind the signing of the '24 'black and white, and tried before the VCF fichara and now wants to charge. His case, like the output Debuchy-one candidate who has Braulio to strengthen the position of right-lateral, not going to address in depth until the Lille had defined its position in the 'Ligue 1', as until last Sunday had a mathematical chance of winning the tournament, but after falling against Montpellier and the triumph of PSG are not going to move from third place.
Of course, the moment the only thing that is clear is that Argentine midfielder wants to be more character, and it can not be in Valencia will be at another club.
If Tino finally change of pace, the 'Skinny' Pellegrino count as offensive midfielders to fixed Banega, Channels and Dani Parejo, with the peculiarity that two of them are injured, hence the need to reinforce that position. And one of the players who most pleasing is Borja Valero. A few weeks ago, Brad took one conversation with Julio Prieto-agent-Lass Bangoura to keep it informed in detail of future movements Borja, provided that its future was far from Villarreal. And there it was all as the 'Yellow Submarine' has been struggling to try to salvation and the excellent relations between the leaders of the two entities that respect is made up and only provides for incorporation if placed Villarreal who on the market. Never the reverse. A Borja already tried signing in the January Atletico Madrid, but they closed the doors, and now you have in mind because Diego is returning to the Bundesliga.
Malaga also has pointed to his name in red.And Tino, that after the attempt made by the Lille through Valencia refused to go to China, be aware that in France is a highly sought player. According to Canal Plus France said a few weeks ago, Lille was evaluating an offer of six million euros for the Argentine midfielder, and Montpellier also could get him back. Interestingly he played for club champions can claim if you add a point on Sunday, provided that the PSG win because otherwise we would not need. Two seasons ago the VCF paid 6.5 million euros for him and now have no asking price because it still has not talked to Pellegrino. Tino has played an important role in the team, excelling in the actions of strategy, as the main executor. Of course, he wants to play more and therefore reaffirms the idea of ​​a change.

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