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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Valencia CF gets tough with Jordi Alba

Valencia CF and has told agency representatives that Barca Interstardeporte are interested in signing Jordi Alba at the end of this season, but according to club sources, today has not started negotiations with FC Barcelona. Yes, the road map marked by the president is very clear and will not transfer to the footballer left wing if there is a very reasonable offer economically, although Jordi contract ends on 30 June 2013. Manuel Llorente will require the Catalan club to pay an amount commensurate to the role that both the Valencia and with the Red, but now is in favor of waiting to crystallize this offer with an interest.
Today, with the uncertainty of whether Eric Abidal can return to the pitch for a liver transplant, Adriano is the only left side of Barca and Jordi is a priority, but also handle other alternatives, such as the player Gareth Bale Tottenham. In parallel, Valencia and Jordi representatives negotiated an extension of the player contract in which would include an exit clause, but that deal does not happen, according to the parties was signed by not reaching an entente with the image rights, as the player claims them one hundred percent, and in recent weeks there has been no progress. Manuel Llorente is aware that Jordi is one of the main values ​​of Valencia and will not provide any facility to departure, though, if the FC Barcelona wants to sign him and the player clears the operation, as happened with Juan Mata
, who wanted to consider the offer from Chelsea, seriously appreciate the offer, but never will 'give'.
His current buyout clause is 25 million, but with only a one year contract in force in front, they know they can not demand it, but Valencia CF is going to be hard if the club comes with a formal proposal
writing, a situation that has not yet been given.

Braulio and Unai outline the listIn the Sports City on Wednesday met with Emery Braulio in the body that began to take the expedition will travel on May 21 the United States. The players who are called in with their selections are not going to go and downs will be covered with people from the subsidiary, but will not be a large number. Until next 15 will not know the Red List, where Jordi Alba and Soldier have options to go to the Euro, and a day before the list will be known in Portugal, where Ricardo Costa is expected to be among those invited . Algeria, Brazil and Turkey also play games.

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