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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Valencia CF visit the George Ranch Historical Park

The president, Manuel Llorente, a representation of the first team and other employees of Valencia CF visited on Tuesday May 29 the George Ranch Historical Park. The park, whose length exceeds 500 acres, was founded in 1830 and hosts as shown in the historical origins of traditional farms and their way of life. Valencia CF, who were greeted with the typical ranch, began the long journey on a train where they could spot the native landscape, with large acres of land, which serve for the cultivation of corn, among other uses.

The expedition was learned nineteenth century farmhouse, which became the main residence. This house belonged to Jones, the first pioneer family to settle on the ranch when it was still part of Mexico with the environment surrounded by farm animals including chickens, pigs or horses.

Later the delegation did the same with a display of a rodeo where cowboys showed their skills with the cows. During the tour, the players were the focus of attention of other visitors to the George Ranch Historical Park, which recorded an annual influx of tourists and the inhabitants of different localities that surround Houston to be a stunning reflection of the life of a part of the American population over the past two centuries.

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