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Monday, May 21, 2012

Valencia resists losing Jordi Alba

Valencia does not give Jordi Alba lost. The reason? Sure, obviously, the southpaw has a contract until June 2013, and today, has not received any proposal for him. At least, so said Braulio Vazquez. When asked how far the interest of Barca really the international side black and whites, said: "In Valencia do not know because we have not received any firm offer for the player € not here." In addition, the club raises resume negotiations with the agents of George and formalize a new proposal for renewal.
Both Braulio as well as the director of communications and marketing, Damià Vidagany, wanted to make clear yesterday, so sharp, that Catalan is not sold, in response to the lapse of a few days ago Unai Emery. "In no case is sold or Jordi Barcelona or any other club," he began responding Damià, to instantly add sporting director: "It is what has already answered € not sold.
If it were the case that George did not follow, I can guarantee it will be because there will be many reasons of all kinds to make it happen. "
When the athletic director speaks of "many reasons" to accept a transfer of defender 23, Braulio refers to the fact that Valencia will only hear amounts by Jordi Alba.Los leaders black and whites have a product that can still be seen in greater extent in the window which means the Euro in Poland and Ukraine, which points to the left side Alba Holder Red champions of Europe. A situation that causes discard Manuel Llorente soon revive talks as long as the issue of Catalan to a successful conclusion. In this sense, questioned by the point at which it is negotiating with agents Jordi José and Vicente Fores Tárraga, Vázquez said: "The representatives of Jordi will be evaluating all possible situations that have, including the expansion and improvement of contract
Valencia. "
Tino Costa should "wait"Aside from Alba, Brad mentioned other names. First Tino Costa, whom he met on Friday and has interests lille and Montpellier. "There are teams that might be interested in removing. If you want more is because they see a value. They take the measures to be taken, but for now we must wait for the new coach. We look to continue, but there is no guarantee, either him or any other, "he said. Regarding the signing Jonathan Viera, the leader confirmed that the canary will not travel to the tour. "It is best to arrive free of mind, like everyone, when you play the course starts in early July with the season," Vazquez ended.

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