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Monday, May 21, 2012

Valencia wants an extra channels

A little over 10 months Valencia and Real Madrid have reached an agreement to Sergio Canales played in the city of Valencia. Under a complicated, both organizations were committed to do their part. Real yield to one of its star projects, no minutes to Mourinho, most quoted and the Valencia paid good money for the first season of loan.
From there the contract was another twist. Valencia could buy at the end of the first season for quantities or transferred back to keep it another year. At the end of the second year to June 2013 - will set a transfer price and if I wanted to continue enjoying Valencia Cantabrian had to deal with a number close to 15 million euros with the player's contract with the Mestalla club
and drafted and signed.
But misfortune has struck in the midfield this season. Two consecutive knee injuries have left him almost white. On October 23, tore ligaments in his right knee at the Mestalla in a league match against Athletic.
Six months later, on April 26, the knee will fail again in the Champions League semi-final against Atletico, also at the Mestalla.
Two operations
After passing the first time under the knife at the hands of Dr. Sanz in Madrid for the second operation changed doctors.
Underwent surgery in Barcelona a few weeks ago by Dr. Cugat and will be at least six months before returning low to get under the command of Mauricio Pellegrino.
The fact is that 24 months of assignment that had been agreed with Real Madrid, the good channels to be passed between 12 and 13 in the dry dock. The aim of Valencia is trying to renegotiate the terms of the transfer to Real Madrid and win a year of contractual relationship. Find a formula by which the Spaniard can stay one more season without having to make the payment of the transfer set by the parties in June 2013.
Something like an extra year.
Braulio Vazquez has an excellent relationship with Jose Angel Sanchez, CEO of Real Madrid. During the next few days from the Mestalla club will be a consultation to see which is the willingness of Real Madrid. The club has been laid with the environment of the player to know what would be your opinion also. Canales has given its approval.
He is happy at Valencia and although little known to have participated in the club and the city has great confidence in its growth prospects.
If nothing happens grave before Christmas Channels may again slip into the shirt of Valencia. This time will have to convince Pellegrino, Emery had already given, that is the quality player and imbalance that needs the new Valencia.
A re-start that is not afraid.
If the club wants to Channels an extra year of contract, something similar happens with Roberto Soldado. In the body there is a clear willingness to extend the contract of striker to get them to remove virtually at the Mestalla.
The football players are clear that the second captain of the team does not want to move to the Mestalla.
Soldier is the highest paid football team. In fact, his contract as an example for new signings do not ask more than necessary. With 17 goals, Soldier has been the national top scorer of the season and has earned a call for Vicente del Bosque prelista of the Euro.

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