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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Viera raises great expectations on arrival

Jonathan Viera is already in Valencia. The player from Madrid via AVE, arrived at the station at 2018 Joaquin Sorolla hours on Wednesday, May 16, where he expected the CF Valencia sporting director, Braulio Vazquez, before a huge media attention. Viera on Thursday passed a regular checkup at the clinic Tecma Alzira and later at the medical center Milenium Sanitas.

The player, who has signed his first autograph on his arrival, told the media that "it is a dream to be part of Valencia. Along with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is the best club in Spain. Is Silva look like? That
are big words, I come to work to help this club continue adding more successes. "
Happy and surprised by the reception. Daydreaming. And with modern look. Wearing white T-shirt 'Morato' of 'Rebel punk', jeans, sports and look of a mischievous child, Viera has begun to taste his own dream. A feel for the first time player of Valencia CF. His AVE 05180 departing from Atocha station in Madrid arrives on time. Spot. Your agent Pedro Bravo has been his traveling companion took off very early from Las Palmas. Here in the season, expect Braulio Vazquez. It is the first to receive it. The two embrace and shake hands. You can tell that is not the first time you have seen. Same with SUPER. The canary we recognize the first of the cloud of media ahead. You remember our visit to Vila-real when his signing was not official yet. "Now, now!" He jokes with us. Finally, you can raise the banner 'taronja' of Valencia to the neck and shout from the rooftops that "signing for Valencia is a dream."
Looks like a liberation.
Still have not had the shirt of Valencia CF, has not even stepped on the lawn of Mestalla, but only the media that has raised expectations in its first day is the best indicator of what lies ahead for the next five seasons he has signed of contract. Also the affection you will receive the Valencianism. Just inside the Valencian, Jonathan signed his first autograph from a traveler who accompanied him in his own train without knowing it. They will also be his first statements in your new city. Listening to him talk about his new club and what cerquita the Champions League that has spread illusion. "I come to a spectacular club, I will play the Champions, I come to play in second and I can play the Champions League. Signing for Valencia is a dream for me. "
It seems that if he were, begin to train and play today.
In one of the questions reveals their priority to play in the field. He likes the playmaker, but Jonathan is ready for anything. Play when and where the coach says. "In midfield forward I can play in any position where the coach sees that I pay more, but I more comfortable where I am is a striker or attacking midfielder."

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