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Friday, May 11, 2012

Weathers scare in the Valencia CF's farewell

The Valencia was weathers. The Naquera Tentadero La Paz was the venue chosen by the team to fire season. Emery and his coaching staff, football players, physios, doctors and even held together utilleros third place in the league and took lunch to start saying goodbye to those who do not follow the next season at the club. A fun day, between the private bullring and restaurant precinct, which jeopardized at times when at 11:45 a blistering fire was declared a joint industrial handling and distribution of citrus located in the municipality of Museros, just five miles from where Valencia was coming and ran a family day out. The players were detained a few minutes by the Civil Guard Traffic roundabout entrance to the bullring, near the industrial area of ​​the incident, and could not access the road leading the reciento until they had the approval of the authorities and confirmation no danger. Firefighters, fortunately, had managed to extract the most dangerous chemicals from the company that were really seriously threatening the health of all who were near, though late, the players arrived at the corral.
The day began bullfighting at Valencia in the Sports City. There were players cited from 12:30 noon to go out together in a caravan by the By-pass. This time it was for training. The first to arrive at the corral with his private car was Pablo Hernandez, who came directly from Castelló. At 13:30, after waiting for permission to access the path of the corral after ruling out a possible toxic cloud, came the first group of players. The image impacted. Up to six cars waiting at the door. Some, like Rami chose not to take the car and go as co-pilots. There were also the homegrown Paco and Juan Alcacer Bernat. Minutes later came another large group of technicians, physiotherapists and utilleros. Emery went to Paterson last one in the afternoon to pick up and take Voro and Carcedo Náquera travels. The newcomers were Dealbert and Michael, at 14:30.
After the delay and the shock about the proximity to the fire hazards of Fontestad SA, the team finally gathered around the table.
They were almost all. Only Channels Ever and could not stand by their peers because of their injuries. Neither Emery missed the meeting and his staff, the delegate Voro, doctors, physios and even utilleros who are always on the team every day. Serreta, for example, the first arrived with Paul. After parking and take a look at the bull ring, as did Aduriz, played up strength. Since one of the dining rooms, the Valencian could taste a variety of chopped and paella arroz a banda as a main course. Then came the turn of the brave in the Plaza de Toros of Tentadero of La Paz, although some like Soldier or Mathieu could not risk. Guaita and Paul, with bullfighting tradition, were those who saw them looser. The weathers over the afternoon. Before before. Some players like Albelda, Soldier, or Feghouli Jonas had an act.

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