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Friday, May 18, 2012

What is the third largest Spanish football?

Athletic has more titles in total (32) but Atletico won more league (9) and Valencia, more international tournaments (6)

Valencia are third in the history of the League (3105 points) but Athletic got off and never has more goals (4,368) than its competitors.
As the mattress, more days have been leaders (241)

Athletic held next May 25 in his thirty-sixth Calderon Cup final in search of the twenty-fourth wound.
Atletico and Valencia can not compete with these numbers

Atletico Europa carried his name more times and won more matches but Valencia has more titles

A CIS barometer for the month of May 2007 stated that Valencia was the third team with the most fans in Spain

It is worth looking back to ask a question, of course, has no easy answer, because all three candidates, Athletic, Athletic and Valencia, have arguments to hold on to defend his candidacy for the third overall historic Spanish football. Among other things, because each dominates certain statistics. The crux of the matter is fundamental to determine the time to figure this close contest between three sets without which it would be impossible to understand the evolution of football in our country.

You decide ...
If by titles, winning the Club Atlhetic street, thanks largely to its 23 Cups. To these we must add its eight league titles and one Super Cup in Spain. It is followed by Atletico, who accumulated 24 trophies of officers considered (9 Leagues, 9 Cups, 2 Champions League, 1 Cup Winners Cup, 1 Intercontinental, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Super Cup Spain). Valencia goes to the queue in this initial comparison with 20 titles (6 Leagues, 7 Cups, 1 Cup Winners Cup, two Fairs Cups, 1 UEFA Cup, 2 European Super Cups, 1 Super Cup Spain). However, and here I think we most agree, not worth as much a League Cup that, for instance.
So let's dissect the various competitions to find some light on the subject at hand.
Atletico is not only league team that has won three (9), but is also the most times finished in the top three (29 times), it was second and third eight times in twelve. Then comes the Athletic League with eight and 25 podium appearances in the league (8, 7, 10).
Valencia also closes this section with six league titles, six second places and ten third places, including this season.
Lo and behold, the Valencia is third in the history of the league in terms of points scored, although the difference to Athletic and Atletico is minimal. The whole sum che 3,105 points, 3,073 of Bizkaia and 3,032 of the mattress.
The fact is curious, because the Athletic never set foot in the second division while Valencia was up four times in the six silver categría Atletico.
In number of wins, sends the Athletic with 1,125, by 1,116 and 1,109 Atletico FC. The fact that Valencia have won many more games since these are worth three points explains his supremacy in the historical classification. With respect to goals, no color, for the sum Athletic 4368, by 4,192 and 4,108 Atletico FC.
Finally, the banks of the Manzanares has been 241 days of the League leaders, by 164 and 148 Athletic FC.

Valencia and Athletic Athletic dominates in direct duels League where he won more times and scored more goals
Moving to single field, note that the 'Lions' have won 12 times the Pichichi Trophy and 6 Zamora, while Atletico boast of 10 and 7 Pichichis Zamoras.
As for Valencia, has been given better Zamora (9) that the top scorer (6).
What about direct duels? For the Valencia dominates its rivals. Of 154 duels against Athletic league has won 62 and lost 57. The remaining 35 ended in a draw. The patches managed 254 goals in these encounters by 247 of the Basques. Very similar is his balance with Atletico, which has been measured on 144 occasions, with 55 wins and 51 defeats, in addition to 38 draws. The figures are complemented by the 220 Valencia CF goals by 210 of the mattress. At the junction between the two teams sent Atletico Atletico after 150 battles, thanks to his 64 wins in 59 of the Athletic, along with 27 draws. In goals, yes, equality is high: 235 to 234 for Atletico and Athletic.
Who gives more?
Here we have said that the Athletic sends thanks to its 23 gimped, only surpassed by the 25's club. Of course, in a week one of the two will boast a new trophy KO The Calderón will be the end of the thirty-sixth Basques in their tournament favorite, they have lost 12 finals.
Atletico has 18 finishes, won the half, while Valencia added 16 with seven wins and nine losses.
In direct duels, and following the trend of the League, there is also a great equality. Mattress and 'lions' have been measured on 26 occasions (14 seasons), with 14 wins for the Athletic, 8 for Atletico and four draws. Three times they were in the final with two wins and one Madrid Vizcaya. Best paint for the athletic things when comparative equated with the Valencia, which was measured in 24 games (12 seasons), to 14 wins, 8 losses and two draws. They also faced in two finishes, divided equally. On the latter one, maximum equality between Valencia and Athletic after 12 games (8 seasons), with five wins each and two draws. He also played four finals with two wins apiece.
Yes, and let the data by curious here, not measured in Cup since 1967.
Over the last three titles, Atletico and four continental trophies sum (1 Cup Winners Cup, 2 European Super League and Europe), which must be added the Intercontinental Cup won at the Independent.
However, even up behind Valencia, which accumulates one more title (2 Fairs Cups, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 Cup Winners Cup and 2 European Super Cups).
As for Athletic, has in the Old World the great Achilles heel, as it has not been able to build one despite playing a cup final and a UEFA Europa League.
Atletico also added two Cup Winners' Cup final and lost another European Cup, while Valencia lost two Champions League and one of the Fairs Cup.

Athletic has contributed more players to the Red with 93 players, for 80 and 68 of Atletico Valencia
The domain of Valencia extends the number of games played, but not the holdings, which send the mattress with 39 to 36 of the Valencian and 24 of the 'Lions'. The group has played 276 games che, by 246 and 141 of Atletico Atlhetic.
As for triumphs, new twist and primacy Atletico thanks to 16 wins this season for a total of 135, 133 of Valencia and 65 of the Athletic.
There was little direct duels in Europe, although Atletico can boast of having surpassed Valencia twice in the Champions League and have beaten the 'Lions' at the recent end of the competition.
So far, pending what happens in the next friendly face The Red Euro in Poland and Ukraine, is the Athletic players who contributed most to the national team with 93 players, for 80 and 68 of Atletico
Here we enter a minefield because it is impossible to pinpoint the number of supporters of each of the three teams. According to the Guide MARK of the campaign just ended, Atletico had 48,742 subscribers and 696 clubs, Valencia for 44,000 subscribers and 750 rocks.
As for Athletic, talking about 35,321 members and 380 official clubs.
Official data are scarce but a barometer of the CIS for the month of May 2007 stated that Valencia was the third team with the most fans in Spain. 5.3 percent of the respondents was decanted from the whole milk, followed by the Athletic with a 5.1 and a 4.3 Atletico. However, the data here are not official, the team is Atletico PPV with more shots of our league if we except Barcelona and Madrid.

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