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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

La confiance dans Kevin Gameiro

Si Kevin Gameiro ne tient pas dans le PSG n'est pas parce que le saut Lorient modeste à un club qui aspire à remporter des titres que vous avez été formidable. Avec un changement d'entraîneur qui est arrivé à être le titulaire, montrant quelques enregistrements buteur bonnes pour contester le procès-verbal résiduelles club parisien, mais cela n'a pas signifié que le sport VCF Gestion ne plus lui faire confiance. Il ya quelques semaines retourné à communiquer avec Kevin Gameiro pour voir ce que sa volonté de se vêtir en noir et blanc et leur réponse a été positive: ". Je procède à une évaluation de tout"

L'attaquant gauloise est un joueur qui est tombé en amour avec Braulio Vazquez et est prêt à donner une seconde chance à condition qu'ils remplissent les conditions économiques supportables.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Present and future striker

Neither the soldier nor sold to Valencia will make the transfer slip to Paco Alcácer. Both adorn your resume with a lot of goals, they are always among the best in their categories and both belong to Valencia, the club where they will be many years. With the renewal of the national top scorer of the First Division until 2017, that in the coming days will be made official, and closed in the early season of the pearl of the quarry, to which agreement has been established in 2016, Valencia said the goal for the coming years. Braulio Vazquez is vital to have on your computer to one or two players that will ensure more than 20 goals a season, know that it is not easy and although the FC Barcelona striker has attempted to include the Torrent in the handover of Jordi Alba, the response of both President Manuel Llorente as the player is concise and clear: "NO". What I will do the Valencia instead to discard some of their best players is just the opposite, ie, reinforced with a forward bridge between Soldier and Paco, with full guarantees to cover the departure of Aduriz.
Since July 2005, when he moved to Valencia from Zaragoza's David Villa paying the 12 million that marked his clause, the club has always had a black and white to ensure scoring over 20 goals. What was the Guaje for five seasons and this role is assumed Soldier, which has two at the highest level. At 27 years is in full professional maturity and press hard Paco Alcácer quarry, which will meet August 19.
Fixed at the lower of the Red, in the Valencia lovingly cared each of its steps to create the conditions most suited to their progression, and hence will make the preseason orders Pellegrino before seeing if you start exercising 2012/13 with the first team or a transfer is studied. It may seem counterproductive to be one of the club with big bets that open out, but what is clear to both the Sports Management as the 'Skinny' is not going to give you all the responsibility if there is a problem in respect of injury to Soldier, to this day a permanent fixture.
And for that reason it is tracking the market to sign a striker with enough experience to replace '9 'black and white several consecutive games at the highest level if necessary.The reports made on the current squad occupy the front of the Soldier, Aduriz (with a question because unless I change my mind played at Athletic) and Paco Alcácer, since Jonas is considered a second striker full guarantees. For the complexity, there are doubts that Brazil can only be with reference continuity in attack.
Not going to sign a striker either, hence you are evaluating an effort to make incorporating economic, always according to economic parameters required by the situation of the club. But that position is given much importance.
The intention is to obtain the transfer Braulio left side (whether to include a purchase option), today Dídac Vilà is preferred to use part of that investment in the acquisition of a striker in the terms Directorate of Sports "is reliable." It is an easy target because there is not a blank check, but that Valencia will not precipitate, being aware that it has hit the signing of striker who is between Soldier and Paco Alcácer, present and future of the VCF , two rams that have been the object of desire of the big clubs in Europe but want to stick with the club.

En France ont repris leur place dans le VCF Gameiro

L'objet du désir qui était le Valencia CF à renforcer la saison dernière attaque, Kevin Gameiro, a communiqué à leur environnement le désir de quitter le PSG à l'ancre dans le Valencia CF, qui a donné le slam la recommandation de Laurent Blanc de vous avoir près du visage pour l'amener à l'euro, cependant, n'a finalement pas eu lieu.
Comme indiqué dans le prestigieux journal français «Le Parisien», sa campagne irrégulière à Paris où il a marqué tous les 14 buts en 45 matchs et réclamer le PSG de recruter un attaquant de classe supérieure aurait causé l'intérêt de se rendre à Valence pour répondre à leur dirigeants.
Il est rappelé que les frais d'un jeton Gameiro 280.000 euros bruts par mois, soit environ 3,5 millions de dollars par saison, un chiffre prohibitif pour les coffres de Valence.

Monday, June 18, 2012


I'm really writing these issues and ignorant because I feel like Jordi Alba player Tito is already a thousand years, but it bothers me that a city more ancient than Barcelona bitch (excuse Chus) has to be down long pants .. the Catalans ....... have known better manage their terrirorio that Valencia does not make me doubt it but right now we would be the best in the Kingdom of Spain or the country or as I call ESPAÑAKISTAN ... ...
Shit!!!, Llorente lose pasta but say NO to the FCB, dammit!!! , Make a consultation and free better go next season, but now we must say NO to high, Jordi is ours and we need to win the Orejuda. -

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pellegrino examines the signings with magnifying glass

"With Unai was easier to make a signing." This reflection is heard in the noble Valencia each time you put on the table the name of a footballer the future, and not because the 'Skinny' castling Pellegrino and say "no" to all names posed Braulio Vazquez, but because before giving the green light close look at his entire career to know in detail what the player on and off the pitch that you can have your orders. Without having a blank check for additions, the Sports Management is required to minimize the margin of error in the signings and now they are tracking the market to find a substitute Aritz Aduriz and Jordi Alba. Without the approval of Pellegrino no green light to the signing, but he makes a thousand calls and check the videos that he deems necessary before giving the final ok.
The Sports Management would very much like the attitude of 'Skinny', which has no qualms about making the calls that are considered necessary to find information about the footballer. One example happened to a player who had a knee injury, since the technician spoke with a friend to give him details of how he had recovered and assess other issues. One of the themes contained in the manual of the Argentine coach is that the "football is football 24 hours a day," and then he also put a high commitment to meet the player beyond the particulars given by the Sports Management headed by Braulio.Parallel to the study of possible additions, the president of Valencia's outstanding efforts to be undertaken with the club for the transfer of Jordi Alba. Not considered another option. Yesterday morning waiting for the call Manuel Llorente FC Barcelona and even from within the club ensured that there was no meeting with the Vice President Josep Maria Bertomeu Barca also hinted that negotiations are taking place by telephone or the document exchange. According to the roadmap marked by the two clubs, the weekend before they wanted to go forward in the negotiations that will lead to Jordi Alba to wear at the club, although in no hurry Valencia and appreciating that the player is playing in the Euro. Of course, this situation will not serve to open negotiations with another club, but to scratch something that team president Sandro Rosell. What I do not want is to relay the negotiation but it will be no agreement is an open secret, as with the transfer of Athletic Bilbao Aduriz. The two clubs have agreed an advanced stage but the VCF is saved that letter to negotiate the substitute without disclosing the agreement Aritz.

Holland und Deutschland, mögliche Ziele von Valencia CF

Holland oder Deutschland könnte Ziel für Frühling Training sein. Die Südamerika-Tour, die ursprünglich geplant war, wurde ausgesetzt, und dass darüber hinaus, dass die Parteien nicht geschlossen wurden, bevorzugen Mauricio Pellegrino einen Praktikanten zu ruhiger Arbeit die Grundlage des neuen Valencia. Spieler aus den Ferien zurückkehren, es sei denn internationale, am 9. Juli und der Verein wird Suche nach Alternativen zu den besten Job setzen, wo sie ja auch den Aufenthalt in Asien bestätigt wird, in Shanghai vom 1. zu tun 4. August, und dann das Spiel im Mestalla gegen Tottenham Hotspur, und ein Besuch in Commerzbank-Arena.

ويمشي سوسو الجزائر

سفيان فغولي يبدأ يوم السبت المقبل في شهر عطلة افق على الانضمام الى فالنسيا قبل نابض تدريب. اللاعب الجزائري نفسه واندريس جواردادو، لعبوا مباريات دولية فقط لبلدهم، على إذن من النادي للعودة بعد بضعة أيام من الموعد المحدد لبقية، في 9 تموز. وقد اتخذت الجزائر سوسو عطلة إجازة بعد مرور واحد من نهائيات كأس الامم الافريقية عام 2013. وألقيت الجزائريين أمس من غامبيا في مباراة العودة، ويوم 4 أو 5 يوليو سوف نعرف ما الذي يمكن أن تقوم على منافسه من الحرارة الماضي، في سبتمبر الماضي، قبل النهائي للبطولة في جنوب أفريقيا.اللاعب الجزائري من فالنسيا هو حجر الزاوية في المدرب وحيد الفيلة، لذلك المدرب البوسني تحولت مرة أخرى إلى سوسو ووريورز صانع الالعاب صحراء حامل. سيطرت الجزائر من البداية الى النهاية مع مجموعة مختارة من غامبيا اكثر مرونة بكثير من تلك المحلية، وذلك لطيف والشركة قد حصلت بالفعل بضعة أشهر في المنزل (1-2).عززت مجموعة من فغولي فوزه في سليماني هداف المحتملة، والذي سجل أربعة أهداف مع الجزائر في المباريات الثلاث الأخيرة، مما يجعل من شراكة مثمرة مع لاعبين من الفئة نفسها أو سوسو سوشو صانع الالعاب، بودبوز. استعيض عن سفيان، الذي يذهب إلى باريس لقضاء عطلة بجانب عائلته، من قبل المدرب البوسني 79 دقيقة على وجه التحديد من قبل بودبوز.(4): الجزائر M'Bolhi، مصطفى، مصباح، Medjani، بوقرة، Lacen، Guedioura، القادر، فغولي (بودبوز 80)، سليماني (جبور 82 ') والسوداني (Lemmouchia 70').1: غامبيا ألين (Sanyane 45 ')، Jarjuk (فال 82')، جامع، Danso، Kutabi، Jacine، يانكوبا سيسي، Marreh، سافاج (Sowé71 ')، غاساما، مومودو سيساي.أهداف القادر 1-0، م. 1، 2-0 سليماني، م. 6، 2-1 غاساما، م. 14؛ 3-1 سليماني، م. 48 و 4-1 السوداني، م. 66.الحكم Jdid سليم (تونس). نبهت السوداني.مصطفى Tchaker الملعب (البليدة

The Valencia CF explores the future of Ximo Forner

Catoira Sunday, a member of the Technical Secretariat of Valencia, was met on Thursday with Domingo Sevillano, Forner Ximo agent, to ascertain the situation in all-white squad. Midfielder subtracts another year of linkage with Valencia and want to know the intention of the club about his future, and it moved his representative to Catoira.
Forner was given last season until January, at the Sports Ejido. Once confirmed the disappearance of equipment, Almenara finished the season, also on condition given, Royal Balompédica Linense of the 2nd Division B, with which he played the play-off promotion, which was eliminated by the CD Tenerife in the second round.

Pellegrino wants to see the best Banega

Mauricio Pellegrino wants Banega is the cornerstone of Valencia next season. It was during a conversation held last week in the Sports City as the new coach started to take office in the everyday workplace. Pellegrino met with doctors on the same afternoon it was presented (Tuesday 5 June) and that was when it was reported firsthand the evolution of the two injured, Ever Banega and Sergio Canales, who continue to be treated in Paterna.
He showed special concern for the recovery of the Argentine midfielder, due to the severity of the injury. Doctors are still very cautious with the term, but privately they are optimistic about the evolution of the lesion.
This week, I removed the nails of the operation and the final phase of recovery.
Pellegrino Banega dreams that can regain the form that led him to hold with the selection of Argentina. And you want him to see that the way forward is back to being important in Valencia.
One of the keys to the technician has given its approval to the outputs of Tino Costa and Topal is convinced that Banega and Parejo will be the organizers, not to mention that the club works to sign another midfielder.
Banega suffered a broken tibia and fibula on 19 February after being hit by the wheel of his vehicle, who forgot to put the parking brake in a gas station near the Sports City.
According to the prognosis of Dr. Gastaldi, who first operated on him in the best recovery time would be about 6 months.
However, given that self-injury was not an action game, but a strong impact, it became clear that this time could be extended one or two months.
Banega has received the message of optimism concerning technical, but should not be rushed to the period of recovery.

Dealbert направляется в Россию

Ангел Dealbert пополняют длинный список испанских игроков в зарубежных лигах в ближайшие часы. Судьба центральной Валенсии есть не что иное, чем в России, где он подпишет его новый контракт с Кубани Краснодарского края. Dealbert, которые звучали как возможное усиление Вильярреал, Бетис, Депортиво, среди прочего, будет играть в ближайшие три года в русской премьер-лиги. 
В этом чемпионате Dealbert найдет до четырех испанских. Вместе с бывшим Валенсия в Локомотив Zapater, Сесар Навас и Джонатан Валле, Рубин и Спартак Родри в Москве.Кубань Краснодар станет последним в испанский футболист включить в свои ряды. Шестой в турнире в целом тренировка румынской Дан Петреску сосредоточил свои взгляды на испанском обороны, чтобы поддержать его защиту. Только игроку необходимо оформить соглашение и, если непредвиденные, передача будет официально в ближайшие часы.

Burrito Martinez rings, front Velez Sarsfield

The Valencia striker looks. Valencia coach is Argentinian. And Argentina has become a flurry of offensive player names are intended to make the jump to Europe. The first sound was strongly tipped yesterday Burrito Martinez Velez. 
According to the South American press, the Mestalla club would be willing to put 3 million on the table to gain the services of striker Velez, but from the club denies interest. Still, they are aware that in the next few days several names be listed with Valencia due to the descent of Mauricio Pellegrino on the Argentine market. 
In another development yesterday Chori Dominguez, who still belongs to Valencia again had a brush with the fans of River. His attitude complicates the millionaires club stay in the property. Valencia does not want to return to the entity.

Soldier, until 2017

Valencia will have to Roberto Soldado to 2017. Thus, the Valencia striker turns 32 black and white dress. The club announced the renewal and extension of the player contract and may soon be made a public presentation of the agreement the next few weeks.
For Valencia is a story as important as a transfer, especially considering that the player had reached the siren song of other top clubs as PSG French or Italian Napoli, who had groped the possibility of signing him before the possible way out of his attacker Cavani.
This is a strategic rather than economic, explained yesterday from the club. Soldier was already the highest paid footballer of Valencia, but now their file will be increased significantly in the coming seasons, which will continue setting the salary cap. Negotiations for renewal pulled on 7 May.
Player agents and club members have continued ever since three to four meetings to reach an agreement in principle to extending and improving international striker's contract. In fact, everything was with extreme secrecy. Initially covered this negotiation, arguing that only talked about the future of Paco Alcácer squad, also represented by Toldrá Consulting, to avoid a pressure around Soldier.
But it has come to an agreement quickly. How happy you are at home and stability found sports have served to show total readiness. Manuel Llorente wanted to avoid at all costs that occur in Soldier the same thing happened with Jordi Alba.
The Valencia player contract ends in June 2014 so if you make a good next season, could be exposed to not be tied to the player in the absence of a year to be free. In principle, the negotiations there was talk of extending a single year, but Valencia has compensated for not being able to greatly increase the tab with a year contract extension.
Neither Valencia nor Toldrá Consulting agency would confirm the amount that is fixed the termination clause of the player. From the club dropped that stays the same, but slips the figure of 35 million euros. In any case, to extend the contract with Valencia Soldier had no intention of shielding but only bet on a player who can become a symbol.
Soldier has scored 55 goals in the last two seasons in all competitions and is one of the most effective tips. This year has been the national top scorer.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Castella: 'I hope to see the new Mestalla football at the end of 2014'

Matthew Castella, president of Sports of the Government, said he hopes to watch football in the new Mestalla stadium at the end of 2014, if as has been confirmed from the Valencia CF stadium works resume in the fall.
"If so, and the estimated completion time in twenty-four months is confirmed, it could be," said Castella, who believes that, regardless of field issues or economic, this chance will generate great enthusiasm throughout the Valencia CF, for which see his team in the new field will be a great encouragement.
 "I think the project will have two positive consequences, since the one hand contribute to the modernization of the city with a sustainable project and on the other, will become a tool for the club to generate wealth that can not generate its current stadium, "he said.
This was stated after the last meeting of the Board of the Foundation Valencia CF, in which the club president Manuel Llorente, informed of the current state of progress of works and the recovery plan after two years in the there has been no activity in the field. Castella said the future of the new stadium is channeled by the club, which has worked since the arrival of the current board of directors from different points of view to resume the project.
"I mean both the future of the current Mestalla stadium, as the sports city of Paterson and the club's relationship with the various political groups with which Valencia is in contact these days," he said.
Castella also important for the influence of the stadium as an incentive for the economy as it will work, generate business between suppliers and will be an incentive for many. Similarly, the Deputy Provincial Sports, Miguel Bailach stressed the importance of being informed that Valencia "hands" of the state of affairs and that following the information has become clear a path and a line of action to revive the project regardless of the difficulties that may arise. Speaking to EFE, Bailach Castellá coincided with when the new stadium will be an essential tool for the viability of the club, as both agreed that without it the future of the entity is more complicated. The provincial deputy also said that the revival of the works generate "economic activity and excitement" around a flagship project for the city and for the sport.

We are proud that the VCF is interested in me

Are 18:57. Blades Iago gets the phone. He is enjoying his first holiday. The hero's rise to Celta Vigo in Moaña First rests with his family. He still lives with his parents. He's a home and raised as attending shows call SUPER. Galician striker knows he has made headlines in the city of Valencia in the interest of Valencia in his signing. Meet the cover and, although he can not say, also the interest of his fellow Braulio Vazquez. What can admit is the satisfaction that produces a club like Valencia think of it as a substitute for Aritz Aduriz. Subtract three-year contract with the club of his life. Is the idol of Balaídos and a champion of the city. Recognized to be "happy" in their "home", but that does not mean to feel pride in being one of the names on the list of Valencia. "It is an honor," nodded Iago.

"We are proud that a team like Valencia are interested in me. The Valencia is a great "Iago recognizes. Celtic striker can not conceal the satisfaction he produces a club like Valencia to notice him. The leap from "second division" to "Champions" in very large and exciting. Iago takes the interest of Valencia as a tribute to the work of a season that has become the second leading scorer with 23 points. Champions Valencia and seduce the Moaña, but Iago does not forget his roots. Do not forget to yours. It also has other attractions. First Division debut in the club of his life also would be a dream come true for him. Iago does not hide that the rise of Celta Vigo to La Liga more complicated output. "I have three year contract at Celtic and I am very happy in Vigo because it is my home." Iago does not close the door to anything, but it is clear that if the Valencia or another team will want to hire will have to knock Celta Vigo. "All I can say is that if the Valencia or another team is interested should contact the Celtic", said the CELTINA. He prefers isolation. "Now I'm on vacation after a very nice season and all these issues it is best to talk to my agent."

Iago is one of the alternatives deck Valencia to replace Aduriz, but not the only one. Only one more name from the list of future events with which we are working with the imminent release of Aduriz. Something that does not hide himself Valencia sporting director, Bob. Their reports are favorable playing both midfield and attack reference. What we also know the difficulties of Braulio signing. His departure from Celtic is not easy. Carlos Mouriño, its president, is sending its buyout of ten million. They know all the agents and brokers who ask for it. He considers it to be transferable by the standard bearer of celestial new project. Neither the club at a critical juncture economically and to get rid of the player in search of liquid. Despite all that, the sale of the player is negotiable. Sevilla, another team that has knocked on his door, surveyed the possible signing recently. Conclusions ¿? Its output could reach four million. The VCF has it in mind. It is one of the alternatives.

Holidays for Guardado

The highest-profile signing of Valencia for next season, Andres Guardado, has finally begun their holiday. The Mexican player, will not be in the Olympics with the Aztec, yesterday enjoying a deserved rest at home after a year of football to the brim. In the last 365 days in the calendar of 'The Prince' has only been a month without football, July 2011. In that time, apart from the usual burden of games for Depor, lefty accumulated thousands of miles by air to participate in the 'Tri' stakes in a host of classification, friendly or Gold Cup horse between Mexico City and different U.S. cities.

VCF players at Euro including Rami and Portuguese-Costa and Pereira will join later than July 9, the date set for the start of training camp at Sports City. The exact date of the return is to be determined, depending on how far you come with your selections. In addition, men like Feghouli and the same Guardado, who have been playing qualifying matches for the 2014 World Cup, again a few days too late. In principle, either due in Paterna until the end of the week from 9 to July 15 or the same Monday 16.

Valencia have decided that Guardado has a full month of vacation in order to charge the batteries and disconnect completely after a campaign in which he played 47 official matches, approaching the 4,000 minutes on the pitch. Of course, presumably, that of Jalisco have to take a break from his vacation to be presented in early July. It is the planning of the VCF with Guardado.

Rest, between home and the Caribbean
Once in San Salvador the qualifying match for Brazil 2014, Guardado returned to Guadalajara starting with such rest beside his parents and siblings. Andrew alternate day in the state capital of Jalisco with the stay in the Mexican Caribbean, where it has a house in Puerto Vallarta tourist, take the opportunity to be there with his new girlfriend, who probably accompanied him with his brother Alexander, in his first weeks in Valencia.

Finished the holiday, the Mexican can get immersed in their integration into Valencia. At the express wish of coach and sporting director Pellegrino, Braulio Vazquez, the Mestalla club negotiated with the Mexican Federation that was not in the London Games which start on July 26. Initially, Mexico had him among the three players over 23 years. However, the sports management asserted that the Contest is not covered as a FIFA date and got Guardado is not going to see broken in half his first preseason with the VCF. Circumstance that may be key in adapting to the team, especially when the end was just resting in the last year and a half.

Friendly on August 15
Guardado is not in the list of Olympians who will the federation official Aztec in the coming hours. The names of the major chaperone that have transpired are Salcido, Peralta and Corona. However, in mid-August could generate a problem, if the Federation calls for the player's match day 15 in Mexico City against the United States. Remains to be seen if the Aztecs have the player for a friendly three days ahead of the start of La Liga. Since Valencia is hoped that common sense prevails and Mexico, as it has in the past, players have only local and do not quote the 'Europeans'. However, the VCF will talk to the Federation to remain so and Saving 100% in Valencia.

Valencia CF's tour of South America is in the air

Valencia's tour of South America is in the air. The black and white set has not confirmed their matches against Costa Rica, originally planned for 22 July, nor of Puerto Rico, which would be July 25 and could not dispute this summer. The preseason team, with Mauricio Pellegrino in front, will start on 9 July. For now, the only parties are insured stay in Shanghai from 1 to 4 August and then the official coming-out on August 9 at the Mestalla, against Tottenham Hotspur, and two days later, on August 11, visit the Commerzbank-Arena in the German city of Frankfurt.



Jordi Alba repeats that only thinks of Euro

FC Barcelona closed on Wednesday the engagement of their new coach Tito Vilanova, and the road map the immediate goal is the signing of Jordi Alba.
A week ago President Manuel Llorente-white adjourned the meeting he would keep in Barcelona with Andoni Zubizarreta and Josep Maria Bertomeu due to media coverage that looked about the same, but this does not change the substance of the issue and the next few hours the agreement is to occur.
On this they asked Jordi Alba in the concentration of the Spanish in Gniewino, but the Valencia International stands apart: "I told my agents that did not want anything he had to do with the selection, I'm here focused and very comfortable with the team and eager to play the next game, "he told Four.
Earlier in the official press conference held at the Arena in Gdansk, was asked by the party and especially by the fact already have a yellow card, "Conditioning is clear that always conditions. Two cards that carry the suspension. I left one. Try to be as clean as possible, but we must help the group and if I have to make a card failure, as it will, "he explained.

Pellegrino: 'Silence is very important to me'

It has very clear ideas and he listens but says sometimes prefer not to hear anything. This is the 'Skinny', the man chosen to return to engage the fans that chanted his name after the Champions League final in Milan in 2001. It is a moment that is engraved, now opens in a new facet for which has been prepared since 1999.When the photograph was taken with the league title with her two children on May 23, 2004, did you think he would return to Valencia as a coach?-At that time there, but sometimes, when I went to the bench or out for a while before seeing the country I sat on the bench coach, always looking from there as an aspiration, a desire.- What is the memory that has in mind his time as a player-white?-The first few days, because one comes with a large lens, trying to see everything in every way, placing all their hope and their desire to do well € I remember the first full training to their faces, then was transformed into commonplace, but hey, I could say everything. And there is another thing I remember with great fondness, as was the team's arrival to Valencia after the Champions League final in Milan, at the airport, was the first time the fans sang my name, never had. On arrival everyone was singing my name and was wonderful.-Surprisingly, the moments that are not exactly remember experiences linked to success.-Each one is as it is, sometimes things look or feel things. It goes with what you feel in your body, but in reality both the triumphs and defeats are always part of the package, and when we look past day or time, has no value we thought he had. There's something about the sport that goes beyond winning or losing, fortunately so, what happens is that we realize later.-He said in an interview in The Graphic, which just hang up his boots and received his first offer to be first coach, whence was it?-From Argentina, just fell back, it's true. I had a chance, but he was taking the Level-3 coach and was very tempting, because it was Velez Sarsfield, a team that I feel much, for me is the best club in Argentina. I'm a fan of them, but then I thought it best to continue that process and to this day seven years have passed.- Have you thought in recent months as a professional footballer as a coach? When did that decision?-The enthusiasm for coaching comes from before, because I started studying in 1999, after two years to get here, then in my head and thought he could get to be excited about it or find a profession in the future I would like . I never knew accurately, but now I can say is something I love doing.- As a player and gave feedback to the coaches who have had?-When asked what he thought fit or do you talk to them. That comes a little earlier, when we were children in those processes of teaching you what to say and do, but over time, that changed a bit. Coaches also are changing their style of communication are more open, to receive and give feedback continuously, and at least I thanked him very much. First, because when you have a question to question and clarify it, learn twice.- Will you be well on the bench?-Sure, the learning is constantly evolving. Luckily, I'm not the last week, people of ideas we are changing constantly. The theme is taken out and left the customs and habits that bring our judgments we permanently try to put the arguments on the table without any filter.-Have you had experiences in Argentina, Spain, England and Italy, what football has impacted more than face to his role as coach?-The truth of all, for me there are no better or worse, are different. When you see a game on television, such as a party in Brazil that you can play slow, but after going there and for 40 degrees in the shade, with a humidity of 89 percent. To discuss this give the example of the Club World Cup in Brazil in 2000 were clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Corinthians, the Necaxa € and Manchester lost 1-3 against Basque Range or draw against Necaxa. It's like if you put a team to Mexico to play in Newcastle, raining and four degrees below zero. To speak first have to go to the site, because knowledge of the medium is very important.- Will you be Pellegrino a mixture of all that culture of football?-I have to adapt to the players and they to me, that is to reach a balance where we find performance, where I, from the organization may enhance their individual capacity.- What makes for well preserved and can still call him 'Skinny'?- (Laughter) I do some sport, I do it because it gives me peace of mind. When playing sports, when you're stiff after the towel in the shower, you feel a great happiness. Every so often I still do, I go jogging, I bike, I walk with my wife € anything unusual.- No diet?-No, I'm a good eater, but I try to take care a bit.- Did not play football?-Game recently, when I go to my people, Lions (Argentina), in summer he disputed that a party with my friends €-Sorry to cut him, but his brother Maximilian ensures that they are winning € Can you confirm?- (Laughter) My brother has a team, we take ten years, we are people of 40 against 30, but we can never win.- Where to play?-In the club where everyone in the town grew, we are a town of 8,000 inhabitants, and there are two very nice equipment. Mine is called Club Sarmiento (the other is the Lions Club and B. DAS), we say 'Hell', we are the greatest team of all of Southeast Cordoba. And we have the world's largest trophy-called-Friendship Cup, a trophy that is six feet, a wonderful cup €- In the band we will see him in a suit or a tracksuit as Marcelo Bielsa?'That's not going to be something relevant to me.- Do you like music?Yes ground floor to the radio a lot and turn around because sometimes silence is very important to me.- Is interested in other sports to gather ideas and make plays in strategy or circumstances of the game for his team?'Not really, but I like the spirit that have rugby teams, at least at the amateur level we have many things in football do not have.- Is that what you want to move?-Certainly, everything can move and take the best of all things. It's something I've always admired, I've been asking and looking.- Was that Hector Cuper was rugby training?Yes, but in a more informal. More than training, I mean moving the team spirit.- Do you read?Yes, I like it.- Have you read the book of Emery 'Winning Mentality'?'I have not been up to, but I know that is because I got an abstract.-He always listens with a calm voice, have you ever thrown a fight with someone?Yes, of course, I'm pretty enough renegón and I get cranky. I get angry enough.- Do you get angry?-I have pretty bad mood sometimes and try out playing sports, hitting a scream, slamming €- How has your family back to Valencia?'I get along is not easy for my kids especially, because we went to Valencia for almost five years and the oldest was about seven, now 12 and the head is not the same, but it is a place not known. I hope we can be happy.

Tottenham und Eintracht Frankfurt, Rivalen des VCF

Im Rahmen der Pre-Saison Vorbereitung des Kurses 2012 - 2013, spielte Valencia CF, der Monat August, zwei getrennte Freundschaftsspiel gegen Tottenham Hotspur Football Club und Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG Das erste Spiel wird gegen Tottenham Hotspur am Donnerstag, den 9. August im Mestalla anlässlich der Präsentation der ersten Mannschaft. Zwei Tage später, am Samstag, 11. August besuchen die Region Valencia die Commerzbank-Arena in der deutschen Stadt Frankfurt.

Tottenham and Eintracht Frankfurt, rivals of the VCF

As part of the pre-season preparation of the course 2012 - 2013, Valencia CF played, the month of August, two separate friendly against Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG

The first match will be against Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday, August 9 at the Mestalla on the occasion of the presentation of the first team. Two days later, on Saturday, August 11, the Valencian visit the Commerzbank-Arena in the German city of Frankfurt.

Benfica é adicionado à oferta por Alvaro Vazquez

Benfica português pretende lançar as suas redes novamente no mercado espanhol e se junta à longa lista de equipes interessadas em contratar o atacante Alvaro Vazquez, ponta de jovens Espanyol. 
Então, o que aponta em sua página de esportes jornal Luso frente "Record", que diz que "as primeiras eleições já foram feitas" e espera-se avançar com as negociações nos próximos dias.  O "águias" são adicionados aos conjuntos e os gostos de Valência, Atlético de Madrid e Sevilla, que parecem igualmente convencido do potencial de liderança, internacional nos escalões mais baixos da equipe espanhola. 
Vazquez contrato termina em junho de 2013, que desencadeou rumores sobre uma possível venda pelo Espanyol, que poderia "caixa" com ele antes que ele pudesse deixar o jogador livre todo o "coque". 
A informação publicada na imprensa Lusa sugerem que o Benfica poderia tentar "pegar" no mercado espanhol de alguns de seus reforços antes da próxima temporada, após os excelentes resultados obtidos com a assinatura do ex-FC Barcelona Nolito. 
Entre seus objetivos é justamente um dos mais promissores de Barcelona, ​​no final Cristian Tello, embora o clube catalão no momento parece relutante em parte com o jogador.

Review in Barcelona Sergio Canales

Sergio Canales was on Thursday in Barcelona, ​​in the doctor's Cugat, to undergo a small medical review a month after his speech in his right knee. The feelings are very positive moment and the player is slowly progressing in his recovery, which will now continue in Santander, until it joins the team's preseason, but just started working a few days before the club's physios, the next day on July 9. The player had surgery a second time of rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee last May 12. Since then not the first time he has been in the consulting physician, who has been on two other occasions to withdraw the stitches and staples and check the condition of the wound, and as the visit of yesterday everything has always been fully satisfying. The player is eager to be increasing workloads, this Thursday in twitter also wished luck to the Spanish team for the match against Ireland.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dídac sarebbe venuto

Dídac Vilà faranno la loro parte per giocare la prossima stagione a Valencia. Oggi la squadra catalana si è posizionata sul mercato come la migliore opzione in atto per sostituire il suo connazionale e compagno di generazione, Jordi Alba. Il sub'21 internazionale è a malapena consapevole del fatto che ci sono scappatoie per guadagnare un posto al Milan, e l'obiettivo che avete in mente è un passo avanti nella sua progressione giocare in uno dei più grandi in Spagna. Pertanto, poiché sappiamo che Valencia va dopo di lui, Dídac non ha alcun dubbio che le migliori proposte che sono sulla sua scrivania.Dídac-giocatore della stagione Espanyol essere il maggior numero di minuti giocati, ha attirato l'interesse di altri club in Spagna e in particolare in Premier League. Sebbene alcuni di questi gruppi sarebbero disposti a pagare un trasferimento a Milano, la priorità è terzino sinistro telefonare al Mestalla. Il Mataro è entusiasta della possibilità di certificare in un club di Champions League ha fatto in questa stagione a Espanyol, dove è stato un chiaro riferimento al tecnico, Mauricio Pochettino. Per la Vilà VCF significa l'opportunità perfetta per sbarazzarsi dei suoi primi sei mesi in Italia, che potrebbe giocare solo una partita in rossonero set.Incontro in mostra a MilanoDidac agenti sono programmati per incontrare i leader di Milano all'inizio della prossima settimana nel capoluogo lombardo. Nel frattempo, Valencia può chiudere la vendita a breve Jordi Alba Barca. Vilà non è l'unica alternativa per soddisfare l'ala della Red, ma probabilmente sarà il più facile impresa dal punto di vista economico. Siqueira e Jose Angel come lui, ancor più che sul campo di gioco, ma sembra più difficile tirarli fuori delle loro squadre, Granada e Roma. Le Grenadians sono ancora chiedendo dieci milioni entro il brasiliano, mentre i romani hanno trasmesso per l'ambiente José Ángel, se si vuole lasciare Roma in linea di principio dovrebbe essere trafitto con un numero di circa cinque milioni di euro.Una volta finito di consumare la vendita di Jordi Alba verso il Barça, Valencia attivare l'operazione di sostituzione sul lato sinistro. Il desiderio di vestire in bianco e nero è Dídac, quindi il passo successivo è quello di dare sarà quello di convincere i direttori di Milano. Adriano Galliani, amministratore delegato di Milano, riceverà l'agente della difesa catalana per cominciare a chiarire il loro futuro. Il club rossonero so di prima mano l'interesse del FCR a cogliere Dídac almeno in prestito. Fonti vicine a Milano ammettere che, pur partendo una richiesta di trasferimento è aperto alla possibilità di cedere alla Vilà, che hanno aderito lo scorso anno e mezzo a quattro milioni di euro. Tuttavia, con l'impegno del club Mestalla di imporre una opzione di acquisto entro un anno purché gli obiettivi sono stati raggiunti dal giocatore.Concorso a Milano presentato per Dídac è molto forte. Oggi i quattro lati hanno lasciato nel modello: Antonini, Taiwo, Mesbah e Vila. Inoltre, Allegri, allenatore che Dídac è appena giocato, per cercare un nuovo rinforzo per la posizione, come Taiwo vuole lasciare e prevede di disporre del club sono ben Dídac o di Mesbah.

Lille n'est toujours pas exclu la signature Tino Costa

Tino Costa et Mehmet Topal restent, avec Jordi Alba, les joueurs avec plus d'options à quitter Valence cet été. Le milieu de terrain argentin reste à l'honneur de Lille LOSC. Malgré la signature de Marvin Martin, le club du nord de la France payer dix dollars pour un milieu de terrain qui avait suivi la direction de la VCF-sport, l'équipe qui forme le franco-espagnol de Rudi Garcia est prêt à payer un près la quantité de six millions d'euros pour la moitié de style Tino Costa.
La presse française, à cet égard, rapporte l'intérêt de Lille en milieu de terrain du PSG Chantome. Un footballeur, aussi, avec le voyage et l'usure sur la ligne des médias.
Cette alternative pourrait être plus économique pour Lille. Toutefois, Tino est toujours une préférence pour Garcia.
Quant à Mehmet Topal est de la Turquie a souligné tous les jours dans la possibilité que l'ancien joueur de Galatasaray Fenerbahçe touché terre au côté de Tino, qui a une succulente. «Maintenant viennent les vacances et décider de mon avenir avec la famille," a dit Topal.

Lille is still not ruled out signing Tino Costa

Tino Costa and Mehmet Topal remain, with Jordi Alba, players with more options to leave Valencia this summer. The Argentine midfielder remains in the spotlight of the LOSC Lille. Despite the signing of Marvin Martin, the club of northern France will pay ten million for a midfielder who had followed the direction of the VCF-sports, the team that trains the Franco-Spanish Rudi Garcia is willing to pay a quantity close to six million euros for half Tino Costa style.
The French press, in this regard, reports the interest of Lille in PSG midfielder Chantome. A footballer, too, with travel and wear on the media line. This alternative could be more economical for Lille. However, Tino is still a preference for Garcia.
As for Mehmet Topal from Turkey is emphasized daily in the possibility that the former player of Galatasaray Fenerbahçe landfall in next to Tino, who has a succulent. "Now come the holidays and decide my future with the family," Topal said.

So is the design of the fertilizer Valencia CF 2012/13

This Friday, June 8, at the press briefing for the start of the renewal of subscriptions for the season 2012/13, Valencia CF has unveiled the spectacular design of the pass, which the author has been the hobby. This time, a Valencia, Nicole Llado, was the author of the design, although it has picked up the son of his partner, Sergio Zamorano, subscriber, shareholder and school player of the VCF, the ideologue of the concept of it. The winner has received a full kit of the Club signed by all staff and two VIP box seats for the match presentation.

The VCF moves if you Aduriz

"If a player does not want to be, I will not try to convince her to stay." This reflection of Mauricio Pellegrino do not make it to the gallery, behind the communication is part of Braulio Vazquez in which he moved that Aduriz was open to consider a future supply of Athletic Bilbao. The two clubs admit they have started talking about the future of striker, who signed three seasons with the Biscayan box, and Sports Management has rescued and possible substitutes. But that role is going to win Paco Alcácer. Time has come.
A few weeks ago, Alberto Toldrá met Braulio intended to convey that they had to negotiate a transfer if Paco would have no role. With Soldier, Aduriz and Jonas consider staying in the first team, when renewed at the beginning of the season it was agreed that would be the first team, but not necessarily with tab, as happened with Jordi Alba few years ago, it was assumed too much risk for progression, but in the Valencia believe Aduriz can change air this summer. And that would be the third front provided you have the OK from Mauricio Pellegrino, with Soldier and Jonas. Why must receive the green light that operation? SUPER has been told, the Valencia Sports Management does not rule out adding another striker as the market is open. It has great faith in Paco Alcácer, although certainly not have the profile that you can leave Aduriz, hence will track the market and if they find a good choice in the economic-planning is not a great investment, as other have occurred
if the front that would be a change of scenery and sport Armor, would strive to accomplish this integration.
Pellegrino wants two players per position and has Paco Alcácer for spring training because he will not make any decisions about their future without seeing him train, unless it is the player who takes the initiative to leave. The striker is on vacation, very quiet, because whatever the decision made about their future will be the best for him athletically.
The brothers' relationship with Valencia Toldrá is exquisite, several first division clubs have shown interest in having Paco, but that they have passed the VCF, without taking a step further.
Braulio, consistent with Pellegrino, quietly seeking alternatives if transferred to Aduriz, although the club is very happy with it in all respects, on and off the field.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

He speculates on the possible return of Pablo Aimar

The arrival of Mauricio Pellegrino Valencia bench has sparked rumors of a possible return of Pablo Aimar, the player who defended for five seasons and half the shirt of Valencia CF and was teammate of the new Argentina coach. 
Benfica midfielder, who will remain six months contract with the Portuguese, is in doubt continue in Portugal or seek new adventures. two of the teams are interested in hiring Mexicans and Latin Eagles, tmbién computer that played Claudio Lopez. 
The origin of this rumor arose during the presentation of the coach, as it is known taste for South American players. "There are many possibilities, but one is that if the president eventually we sign good players. My desire is to come level players to form a good team. We already have a good squad but we need people to come and help, on any continent "Pellegrino said during his presentation. 
Later, during the press conference, a reporter asked about Pablo Aimar, and Pellegrino passed the question to Bob Vazquez, manager of Valencia, who said: "We are not talking about names that are on the table, we must respect clubs where they play '. 
The former Argentine international, who is now 32, has just completed his fourth season with Benfica, which has played a total of 150 games and has scored 16 goals.

Other "kid" IMMORTAL

The VCF polls the signing of Marc Muniesa

The Valencia is probing the signing of young youth player of FC Barcelona, ​​Marc Muniesa, could go next season given the Valencia team, provided that the newspaper "Sport", the Valencia team put nearly 150,000 euros the information about the young player. 
Muniesa, who is now 20 years, is very difficult to play in the first team. It is a versatile defense, which was converted by Luis Enrique at left back. It is without doubt one of the best affiliate jugdores the Blaugrana, but has the closed doors of the first team. Last season he suffered a serious injury that kept him off the field too long, but still managed to debut with the first team in a match of the Champions League against Bate Borisov.

The footprint of Di Stefano in Valencia

"I've done a thousand things in this life, but nothing moved me like this," said Alfredo di Stefano when he saw the tribute paid him former players and employees of Valencia yesterday and today, among which was the club advisor Fernando Giner.
"Coming from Valencia for this event that I never had anyone," added Bolt overcome with emotion.Moved to Madrid yesterday exgerente Valencia, Salvador Gomar, the Paco exfisioterapeuta Reig, the club exatleta Pepe Barbera; the exfutbolistas Antonio, Jon Garcia, Subirats, Giner, Arias and Revert, and the kitman Españeta.
The reason, Di Stefano honor the 25th anniversary of the ascent to the first division of Valencia, who could not attend football legend when held recently in Valencia, for health reasons.
The emotional ceremony was held at a popular restaurant in the capital and Di Stefano had no knowledge of it. Hence the surprise was total.
The representation Valencia gave many memories, among them being a team photo of the 1986-87 season, signed by all those in her clothes as Firefighter Torero.
The photomontage work of the provinces, was published in the journal pages in the course of this campaign, after he criticized the team's poor play.
Di Stefano's response was immediate. "Whoever wants to show that I go to the Firefighter Torero". No sooner said than done.Other gifts received were a Valencia jersey with the number 9 and its name, and a model of the Mestalla stadium.
The meeting was used to record the footprints of Di Stefano in a foam material such as that used in orthopedics.
Exfutbolistas Association club has done with other former players as Puchades and Antonio Fuertes.
They will all be at the Museum of Valencia.At lunch surfaced countless anecdotes and memories of that era, such as concentrations in the hotel Renasa team when he played in Mestalla, which for lack of money only rooms were arranged for players who would be holding .
Di Stefano revived unforgettable moments and enjoyed as a child.

Pellegrino wants to try to Bernat

Mauricio Pellegrino wants to see John Bernat in action with the first team this preseason. So it did get the club to its agents in the meeting yesterday at the Sports City Paterna. The Argentine has good references, I trained young player as a technical school in the B-Cadet, known progression experienced by the player in the coming years and wants Bernat part of the team in preseason to see how it unfolds and gauge whether you are truly prepared to stay in the template as a first team player. It will then, with all technical reports on the table, when the new coach of Valencia decide if John has already break into the first team or, conversely, what is best for all parties is an assignment.
Bernat Juanito's name was one that was discussed at the meeting yesterday with Braulio Pellegrino himself early in the morning and then Sporting Director with their agents, and José Vicente Fores Tárraga. The squad's future plans are unclear. Pellegrino has set a roadmap for the immediate future of football. Before taking any decision, Argentina this summer will see him compete with the rest of players. If you win the job training and playing in the preseason will be a gap in the inside left of the new project of Valencia. If you can not convince, will seek the best solution for the player and the club.
And that means output in the form of transfer for the player at the highest level curta in his day and made the Guaita, Pablo, Jordi Alba and company.
What would be your fate? Bernat agents confirmed yesterday at the exit of the meeting that there is interest from several clubs and Rayo Vallecano is now the Premier League club that is best positioned to gain the services of the player. A SUPER interest already published on 30 May when the own rayistas Sports Director, Philip Miñambres, confirmed the interest in soccer. He is a player we like, but we will wait for a bit.
We are also awaiting the arrival of a new coach, "he said.
However, the locals are not the only ones who are very aware Bernat to reinforce the left by an assignment. This newspaper has learned, also Real Betis and Espanyol have followed the evolution of football in both the first computer and the Mestalla in Second B. The player is now enjoying his vacation outside of any movement.

Alberto dies Toldrá

Alberto Toldrá, a pioneer in the representation of football in Spain, died today in Valencia at age 71 following a long illness, family sources said. 
Alberto Toldrá Monzonis represented, among others, the Chilean Ivan Zamorano and Panamanian Rommel Fernandez, as well as players from those found Raul Gonzalez, Luis Enrique Martinez, Santiago Canizares, Jose Francisco Molina, David Albelda, Michel Salgado, Salvador Gonzalez "Voro "Gaizka Mendieta, Juanjo Maqueda and Fernando Giner. 
Toldrá started its activity in the world of football in the late sixties and has maintained a close relationship with players from different countries and almost all the clubs in Spanish football.  Initially he combined the representation of other professional players, and finally focused solely on his work as a football agent, a task that continued their children. 
His remains will be tomorrow at 10:00 at the municipal morgue until 16:30 Valencia, time that will be taken to the crematorium at the cemetery Valencia.

Llorente Bankia to delay trading in credit

The Valencia CF win a few more months to try to close the urban operation that allows settling the Mestalla mortgages and get funding to complete work on the new stadium. That was yesterday by President Manuel Llorente.
First Bankia offices in Valencia, where he was gathering information. Later, after the submission of Mauricio Pellegrino, traveled to Madrid to try to close as soon as possible deferral of the 225 million that expires on June 26.
They did a year ago, but then there was less uncertainty, the relationship between the VCF and Bancaja was much closer and more direct than now and all parties were generally more optimistic.
Refinanced debt for one year with the same conditions until then Euribor +2.5 points, thinking it would be time enough to settle the problem, but that has not happened.
A few months ago that the club understood that, however well they were things, future operating Bankia not arrive in time to cancel the credit, much more after the problems experienced by the bank. So they went to work for a new innovation of credit which in principle would be close to fruition.
The postponement of the credit for another year, which is the purpose for which it has worked, is a lifeline that will allow the club to continue working to liquidate by operation designed by the firm Newcoval. In return, you will pay a year between 15 and 16 million euros in interest. It also has a notary fees, registration, agency and bank charges are quite important in charge of Valencia.
The FoundationThey are two separate issues, but the president's agenda and Bankia is also responsible for finding the best possible solution for the VCF Foundation credit for signing the majority stake in the capital. The difference is that the Foundation can not assume even the interest.

The VCF Foundation takes an equity stake of 2.5 million

Valencia CF Foundation will be released soon on sale of shares worth 2.5 million euros, said today its chairman, Tarsilo Piles, who also noted that "there is no doubt" that will meet the next payment of interest the loan was granted to purchase securities of the club.

This was said after his meeting at the Department of Finance to the Minister Max Buch, which was accompanied by the president of Valencia, Manuel Llorente, and lasted for over two hours.

"We have explained to Councillor our line of work. We at the time we pay a fee, start thinking about next," said Piles, who recalled that the maximum amount by which the Foundation is legally authorized to sell
shares each year is 2.5 million.

He explained that the sales period will begin before the start of the summer and had been communicated to the other actions of the councilor could not tell at this time.
"The meeting was successful," he said.

Valencia CF Foundation has to pay over the next three months an amount close to six million euros, 3.5 times more than it can enter through the upcoming sale of securities.

This payment must be performed in interest loan of 75 million guaranteed by the Government and received three years ago Bancaja for shares in the capital increase of Valencia CF at that time was established.

Last Friday, Deputy Consell Jose Císcar, said that he would hold the meeting that took place today, five days before that held the patronage of Valencia CF Foundation on Monday.

Císcar said Friday that occurs the expiration of the payment of interest on the loan owed to the Foundation are Bankia three months and then considered at the meeting that took place were to find solutions.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Let's get down to business as usual, we have said many times whores fucking on this blog that had to tie Jordi Alba and Adil Rami, how many times balls?Nothing, I just hope that Sir Alex Ferguson ahead to FCB to not see my friend Jordi with the same colors that my friend Villa and me want to vomit every weekend .... but could be worse, could if any booked Portuguese from the capital of Spain, no, garlic and onions to the meringues.
Do?, Signed or not Gargamel, too expensive, look elsewhere .... looking assigned Braulio, man that you find, the money is for me, players are only bargains and those who are good are sold and more pasta mi. -There will come a day that politicians, judges and executives go to the fucking guillotine?
THE Gargamel
Smurfs I just want, I want to handle puppets, I charge more and we are the champions over the other league, another Spain, Francisco Franco is not you? , I do not care a Hitler than a Stalin, is that they were good people, this is killing more people MAFIA democratically in a fucking dictatorship and people still talk, we are fools or fuck us?Well, Llorente Gargamel is "good" ..... the great president that unifies Valencia.CF Bankia with ...... mother of the lamb.
Do not promise anything as you leave ..... Mauricio "chillon" I will "largar" sooner than Quique Sanchez Flores, Gargamel and Braulio want a Unai, a silent type who swallowed them all and ultimately found the Peace in Moscow. -Luckily, I do not think you have it.
lose money in the Valencia.CF, I always want to be near the Mestalla, there is no contamination, you can breathe, you feel the heart and speak up, no shit like on Avenida de Aragon, there is relaxation in Paterna , peace and football, please let me keep growing family with my Mestalla, ok?
See you in Berriozar. -