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Friday, June 15, 2012

Castella: 'I hope to see the new Mestalla football at the end of 2014'

Matthew Castella, president of Sports of the Government, said he hopes to watch football in the new Mestalla stadium at the end of 2014, if as has been confirmed from the Valencia CF stadium works resume in the fall.
"If so, and the estimated completion time in twenty-four months is confirmed, it could be," said Castella, who believes that, regardless of field issues or economic, this chance will generate great enthusiasm throughout the Valencia CF, for which see his team in the new field will be a great encouragement.
 "I think the project will have two positive consequences, since the one hand contribute to the modernization of the city with a sustainable project and on the other, will become a tool for the club to generate wealth that can not generate its current stadium, "he said.
This was stated after the last meeting of the Board of the Foundation Valencia CF, in which the club president Manuel Llorente, informed of the current state of progress of works and the recovery plan after two years in the there has been no activity in the field. Castella said the future of the new stadium is channeled by the club, which has worked since the arrival of the current board of directors from different points of view to resume the project.
"I mean both the future of the current Mestalla stadium, as the sports city of Paterson and the club's relationship with the various political groups with which Valencia is in contact these days," he said.
Castella also important for the influence of the stadium as an incentive for the economy as it will work, generate business between suppliers and will be an incentive for many. Similarly, the Deputy Provincial Sports, Miguel Bailach stressed the importance of being informed that Valencia "hands" of the state of affairs and that following the information has become clear a path and a line of action to revive the project regardless of the difficulties that may arise. Speaking to EFE, Bailach Castellá coincided with when the new stadium will be an essential tool for the viability of the club, as both agreed that without it the future of the entity is more complicated. The provincial deputy also said that the revival of the works generate "economic activity and excitement" around a flagship project for the city and for the sport.

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