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Friday, June 15, 2012

Holidays for Guardado

The highest-profile signing of Valencia for next season, Andres Guardado, has finally begun their holiday. The Mexican player, will not be in the Olympics with the Aztec, yesterday enjoying a deserved rest at home after a year of football to the brim. In the last 365 days in the calendar of 'The Prince' has only been a month without football, July 2011. In that time, apart from the usual burden of games for Depor, lefty accumulated thousands of miles by air to participate in the 'Tri' stakes in a host of classification, friendly or Gold Cup horse between Mexico City and different U.S. cities.

VCF players at Euro including Rami and Portuguese-Costa and Pereira will join later than July 9, the date set for the start of training camp at Sports City. The exact date of the return is to be determined, depending on how far you come with your selections. In addition, men like Feghouli and the same Guardado, who have been playing qualifying matches for the 2014 World Cup, again a few days too late. In principle, either due in Paterna until the end of the week from 9 to July 15 or the same Monday 16.

Valencia have decided that Guardado has a full month of vacation in order to charge the batteries and disconnect completely after a campaign in which he played 47 official matches, approaching the 4,000 minutes on the pitch. Of course, presumably, that of Jalisco have to take a break from his vacation to be presented in early July. It is the planning of the VCF with Guardado.

Rest, between home and the Caribbean
Once in San Salvador the qualifying match for Brazil 2014, Guardado returned to Guadalajara starting with such rest beside his parents and siblings. Andrew alternate day in the state capital of Jalisco with the stay in the Mexican Caribbean, where it has a house in Puerto Vallarta tourist, take the opportunity to be there with his new girlfriend, who probably accompanied him with his brother Alexander, in his first weeks in Valencia.

Finished the holiday, the Mexican can get immersed in their integration into Valencia. At the express wish of coach and sporting director Pellegrino, Braulio Vazquez, the Mestalla club negotiated with the Mexican Federation that was not in the London Games which start on July 26. Initially, Mexico had him among the three players over 23 years. However, the sports management asserted that the Contest is not covered as a FIFA date and got Guardado is not going to see broken in half his first preseason with the VCF. Circumstance that may be key in adapting to the team, especially when the end was just resting in the last year and a half.

Friendly on August 15
Guardado is not in the list of Olympians who will the federation official Aztec in the coming hours. The names of the major chaperone that have transpired are Salcido, Peralta and Corona. However, in mid-August could generate a problem, if the Federation calls for the player's match day 15 in Mexico City against the United States. Remains to be seen if the Aztecs have the player for a friendly three days ahead of the start of La Liga. Since Valencia is hoped that common sense prevails and Mexico, as it has in the past, players have only local and do not quote the 'Europeans'. However, the VCF will talk to the Federation to remain so and Saving 100% in Valencia.

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