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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pellegrino: 'Dream, dream all, like a child'

Valencia CF SD presented his new coach for the 2012-13 season. Mauricio Pellegrino has shown distended with the press and even has the touch of humor when asked about whether there podibilidades it reaches a South American player: "There are many possibilities, but one is that if the president 'long', we sign good players.
My desire is to come level players to form a good team, we already have in the template, but we need people to come and help in any continent. " By putting a name on the table, Aimar, the Argentina coach said: "Braulio talks", to which the coordinator of the technical secretariat said: "We will not mention names are on the table, We must respect the clubs where they play. "Strengthen the positions, stressed: "There are several, sometimes the market goes against the coach, the coaching staff and economic interests.
Despite economic difficulties, the team has proven to be competitive in the marketplace and what we do, we will bring the best we can. "Pellegrino began his remarks by noting that a new stage in the Mestalla club, different from when he played "the challenge for me is wonderful." In terms of objectives, the Argentine said: "The short term objective is that the team reaches the maximum, and long-term as well, I associate the targets with the wishes that certain something, I think in training each week to play every Sunday, dream dream all as a child, and that's really my desire, which moves me to be here. "When asked about what the feature Pellegrino Valencia, he wanted to please everyone: "What is important are the intentions, I have intentions to attack and defend, as rival players will attack or defend and criteria, the team will remain a team that will continue to seek to win games, but will have the tools to cope attack and defense. " "Expect to see the equipment, experience is an asset that I will not doubt, but I have a technical staff with experience in many countries and I can say I am ready, eager to ask them to wait and see the first matches. intuition has played but also the objectivity of the club at the time of hire. "Pellegrino has launched another message to be returning to his hobby: "It starts a new process, and certainly with the support of the Tier Jove and always encourage the rocks, the team will continue to star on the field."As to whether he bothered not be the first choice of Valencia CF to the bench, Pellegrino has been clear: "The elite teams are always looking to many people, the Valencia team deserves Top talk to many people, it happens in teams level, that I do not care.
"Jordi Alba theme, Valencia CF coach said: "George has been one of the best players this season, the reality of the club before an offer has already proved important in previous years, which have been level players and yet the team has remained competent. If you are George, will be a footballing worth, but people at the club already removed in case ".
Tino Costa, one that has struck an output, said: "I have not personally spoken to any player is a player of Valencia, and I value as important to all players in the squad."Pellegrino, which combines the training behind closed doors with other audiences because "there may be showing your cards all the time", is aware of the teachings of Rafa Benitez: "All persons who were part of my life have had an influence on her .
Rafa as part of them also has been a privilege to play with him, I learned a lot and I thanked him personally but I'm not Rafa Benitez, I'm a different person. I am a product of my experiences. "Finally, whether you think that Valencia will give more competition to Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the 'Skinny' had replied: "It is real, objective, rational, but football has some uncertainty, unpredictability, I do not know what will to happen this season, but going to compete with Barcelona and Madrid, has sometimes been shown that money does not arm a team. "The new coach of Valencia CF, Mauricio Pellegrino, was presented Tuesday officially in the newly opened room Puchades Antonio, at a packed news conference.
The event has come also the president, Manuel Llorente, a representation of the Board of Directors, and Fernando Giner Tarsilo Piles, sporting director Braulio Vazquez, VCF Foundation and president of Penyes Agrupació, Blas Madrigal. In addition, they were in the act the rest of the coaching staff of Pellegrino: Carlos Compagnucci i Xavi Tamarit, assistant coaches, and Gabriel Macaya, trainer.
Before giving the floor to Pellegrino, the president of Valencia CF, Manuel Llorente, and Sports Director, Braulio Vazquez welcomed the club in the Argentine and made his mark as a player. Llorente said that "Mauricio Pellegrino will be the cornerstone of the new Valencia CF. We are very excited and asked the union of Valencia CF, for sure that with hard work and effort the illusions of love are met," he stressed. Meanwhile, Brad also wanted to emphasize that "it is an honor and a pleasure to have with us Pellegrino. Knows the club, the city, objectives and ethos of the club, was a leader in the field and now has been formed to be a great coach. sure you get success, "he said.

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