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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pellegrino examines the signings with magnifying glass

"With Unai was easier to make a signing." This reflection is heard in the noble Valencia each time you put on the table the name of a footballer the future, and not because the 'Skinny' castling Pellegrino and say "no" to all names posed Braulio Vazquez, but because before giving the green light close look at his entire career to know in detail what the player on and off the pitch that you can have your orders. Without having a blank check for additions, the Sports Management is required to minimize the margin of error in the signings and now they are tracking the market to find a substitute Aritz Aduriz and Jordi Alba. Without the approval of Pellegrino no green light to the signing, but he makes a thousand calls and check the videos that he deems necessary before giving the final ok.
The Sports Management would very much like the attitude of 'Skinny', which has no qualms about making the calls that are considered necessary to find information about the footballer. One example happened to a player who had a knee injury, since the technician spoke with a friend to give him details of how he had recovered and assess other issues. One of the themes contained in the manual of the Argentine coach is that the "football is football 24 hours a day," and then he also put a high commitment to meet the player beyond the particulars given by the Sports Management headed by Braulio.Parallel to the study of possible additions, the president of Valencia's outstanding efforts to be undertaken with the club for the transfer of Jordi Alba. Not considered another option. Yesterday morning waiting for the call Manuel Llorente FC Barcelona and even from within the club ensured that there was no meeting with the Vice President Josep Maria Bertomeu Barca also hinted that negotiations are taking place by telephone or the document exchange. According to the roadmap marked by the two clubs, the weekend before they wanted to go forward in the negotiations that will lead to Jordi Alba to wear at the club, although in no hurry Valencia and appreciating that the player is playing in the Euro. Of course, this situation will not serve to open negotiations with another club, but to scratch something that team president Sandro Rosell. What I do not want is to relay the negotiation but it will be no agreement is an open secret, as with the transfer of Athletic Bilbao Aduriz. The two clubs have agreed an advanced stage but the VCF is saved that letter to negotiate the substitute without disclosing the agreement Aritz.

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