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Friday, June 15, 2012

Pellegrino: 'Silence is very important to me'

It has very clear ideas and he listens but says sometimes prefer not to hear anything. This is the 'Skinny', the man chosen to return to engage the fans that chanted his name after the Champions League final in Milan in 2001. It is a moment that is engraved, now opens in a new facet for which has been prepared since 1999.When the photograph was taken with the league title with her two children on May 23, 2004, did you think he would return to Valencia as a coach?-At that time there, but sometimes, when I went to the bench or out for a while before seeing the country I sat on the bench coach, always looking from there as an aspiration, a desire.- What is the memory that has in mind his time as a player-white?-The first few days, because one comes with a large lens, trying to see everything in every way, placing all their hope and their desire to do well € I remember the first full training to their faces, then was transformed into commonplace, but hey, I could say everything. And there is another thing I remember with great fondness, as was the team's arrival to Valencia after the Champions League final in Milan, at the airport, was the first time the fans sang my name, never had. On arrival everyone was singing my name and was wonderful.-Surprisingly, the moments that are not exactly remember experiences linked to success.-Each one is as it is, sometimes things look or feel things. It goes with what you feel in your body, but in reality both the triumphs and defeats are always part of the package, and when we look past day or time, has no value we thought he had. There's something about the sport that goes beyond winning or losing, fortunately so, what happens is that we realize later.-He said in an interview in The Graphic, which just hang up his boots and received his first offer to be first coach, whence was it?-From Argentina, just fell back, it's true. I had a chance, but he was taking the Level-3 coach and was very tempting, because it was Velez Sarsfield, a team that I feel much, for me is the best club in Argentina. I'm a fan of them, but then I thought it best to continue that process and to this day seven years have passed.- Have you thought in recent months as a professional footballer as a coach? When did that decision?-The enthusiasm for coaching comes from before, because I started studying in 1999, after two years to get here, then in my head and thought he could get to be excited about it or find a profession in the future I would like . I never knew accurately, but now I can say is something I love doing.- As a player and gave feedback to the coaches who have had?-When asked what he thought fit or do you talk to them. That comes a little earlier, when we were children in those processes of teaching you what to say and do, but over time, that changed a bit. Coaches also are changing their style of communication are more open, to receive and give feedback continuously, and at least I thanked him very much. First, because when you have a question to question and clarify it, learn twice.- Will you be well on the bench?-Sure, the learning is constantly evolving. Luckily, I'm not the last week, people of ideas we are changing constantly. The theme is taken out and left the customs and habits that bring our judgments we permanently try to put the arguments on the table without any filter.-Have you had experiences in Argentina, Spain, England and Italy, what football has impacted more than face to his role as coach?-The truth of all, for me there are no better or worse, are different. When you see a game on television, such as a party in Brazil that you can play slow, but after going there and for 40 degrees in the shade, with a humidity of 89 percent. To discuss this give the example of the Club World Cup in Brazil in 2000 were clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Corinthians, the Necaxa € and Manchester lost 1-3 against Basque Range or draw against Necaxa. It's like if you put a team to Mexico to play in Newcastle, raining and four degrees below zero. To speak first have to go to the site, because knowledge of the medium is very important.- Will you be Pellegrino a mixture of all that culture of football?-I have to adapt to the players and they to me, that is to reach a balance where we find performance, where I, from the organization may enhance their individual capacity.- What makes for well preserved and can still call him 'Skinny'?- (Laughter) I do some sport, I do it because it gives me peace of mind. When playing sports, when you're stiff after the towel in the shower, you feel a great happiness. Every so often I still do, I go jogging, I bike, I walk with my wife € anything unusual.- No diet?-No, I'm a good eater, but I try to take care a bit.- Did not play football?-Game recently, when I go to my people, Lions (Argentina), in summer he disputed that a party with my friends €-Sorry to cut him, but his brother Maximilian ensures that they are winning € Can you confirm?- (Laughter) My brother has a team, we take ten years, we are people of 40 against 30, but we can never win.- Where to play?-In the club where everyone in the town grew, we are a town of 8,000 inhabitants, and there are two very nice equipment. Mine is called Club Sarmiento (the other is the Lions Club and B. DAS), we say 'Hell', we are the greatest team of all of Southeast Cordoba. And we have the world's largest trophy-called-Friendship Cup, a trophy that is six feet, a wonderful cup €- In the band we will see him in a suit or a tracksuit as Marcelo Bielsa?'That's not going to be something relevant to me.- Do you like music?Yes ground floor to the radio a lot and turn around because sometimes silence is very important to me.- Is interested in other sports to gather ideas and make plays in strategy or circumstances of the game for his team?'Not really, but I like the spirit that have rugby teams, at least at the amateur level we have many things in football do not have.- Is that what you want to move?-Certainly, everything can move and take the best of all things. It's something I've always admired, I've been asking and looking.- Was that Hector Cuper was rugby training?Yes, but in a more informal. More than training, I mean moving the team spirit.- Do you read?Yes, I like it.- Have you read the book of Emery 'Winning Mentality'?'I have not been up to, but I know that is because I got an abstract.-He always listens with a calm voice, have you ever thrown a fight with someone?Yes, of course, I'm pretty enough renegón and I get cranky. I get angry enough.- Do you get angry?-I have pretty bad mood sometimes and try out playing sports, hitting a scream, slamming €- How has your family back to Valencia?'I get along is not easy for my kids especially, because we went to Valencia for almost five years and the oldest was about seven, now 12 and the head is not the same, but it is a place not known. I hope we can be happy.

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