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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Present and future striker

Neither the soldier nor sold to Valencia will make the transfer slip to Paco Alcácer. Both adorn your resume with a lot of goals, they are always among the best in their categories and both belong to Valencia, the club where they will be many years. With the renewal of the national top scorer of the First Division until 2017, that in the coming days will be made official, and closed in the early season of the pearl of the quarry, to which agreement has been established in 2016, Valencia said the goal for the coming years. Braulio Vazquez is vital to have on your computer to one or two players that will ensure more than 20 goals a season, know that it is not easy and although the FC Barcelona striker has attempted to include the Torrent in the handover of Jordi Alba, the response of both President Manuel Llorente as the player is concise and clear: "NO". What I will do the Valencia instead to discard some of their best players is just the opposite, ie, reinforced with a forward bridge between Soldier and Paco, with full guarantees to cover the departure of Aduriz.
Since July 2005, when he moved to Valencia from Zaragoza's David Villa paying the 12 million that marked his clause, the club has always had a black and white to ensure scoring over 20 goals. What was the Guaje for five seasons and this role is assumed Soldier, which has two at the highest level. At 27 years is in full professional maturity and press hard Paco Alcácer quarry, which will meet August 19.
Fixed at the lower of the Red, in the Valencia lovingly cared each of its steps to create the conditions most suited to their progression, and hence will make the preseason orders Pellegrino before seeing if you start exercising 2012/13 with the first team or a transfer is studied. It may seem counterproductive to be one of the club with big bets that open out, but what is clear to both the Sports Management as the 'Skinny' is not going to give you all the responsibility if there is a problem in respect of injury to Soldier, to this day a permanent fixture.
And for that reason it is tracking the market to sign a striker with enough experience to replace '9 'black and white several consecutive games at the highest level if necessary.The reports made on the current squad occupy the front of the Soldier, Aduriz (with a question because unless I change my mind played at Athletic) and Paco Alcácer, since Jonas is considered a second striker full guarantees. For the complexity, there are doubts that Brazil can only be with reference continuity in attack.
Not going to sign a striker either, hence you are evaluating an effort to make incorporating economic, always according to economic parameters required by the situation of the club. But that position is given much importance.
The intention is to obtain the transfer Braulio left side (whether to include a purchase option), today Dídac Vilà is preferred to use part of that investment in the acquisition of a striker in the terms Directorate of Sports "is reliable." It is an easy target because there is not a blank check, but that Valencia will not precipitate, being aware that it has hit the signing of striker who is between Soldier and Paco Alcácer, present and future of the VCF , two rams that have been the object of desire of the big clubs in Europe but want to stick with the club.

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